The Iron Man of Pakistan (H.E. Asif Ali Zardari) – by Farhad Jarral

PPP Leadership has always faced hard time and a huge propaganda. Since the day Asif Zardari decided to tie the knot with Benazir Bhutto, the media and Zia’s cronies started a string of malicious propaganda against him which has been carried forward and is being pursued by those who are against the democratically-elected President of Pakistan.

Political parties that oppose him, propagandists and cynics use the pathetic method of slandering, maligning and criticising him for no reason even on insignificant reasons such as his grins, what he wears and even the way he speaks which are all unimportant reasons that neither affect his political career and abilities nor are they fatal flaws that put the nation to shame. Over the years, articles and ‘evidences’ have emerged of his to-date unproved ‘corruption’ for which he stayed in prison for 11 years and was tortured there, both mentally and physically. After he was unanimously and democratically elected to the office of the President, his trips to Dubai and London were highly censured disregarding the fact that he had to play the role of both a mother and a father to his 3 children after the tragic assassination of his wife Shaheed Mohtarma Benazir Bhutto, those trips were simply planned for him to pay his children attention and spend time with them. He had already been riven from his family when they needed him the most, during his children’s childhood and their moments of pride and joy. He remained as a man of steel in his stints in jail, even with deteriorating health; he refused to acquiesce with the remnants of dictatorship, fought the Senate Election and emerged as the ‘Nelson Mandela of Pakistan’.

Since the PPP-government was formed, a particular group of people are on the search to find reasons to spread hate against President Zardari and defame him. Almost all kinds of incredulous things showed up to destroy his image and lower him in the eyes of the nation. These include, a piece of writing that was published on the Internet full of spelling mistakes, claiming to be of Asif Zardari’s just to defame him. After the break-up of the PML-N – PPP Coalition, ‘reports’ were released of his ‘mental illness’ and his ‘suicidal behaviour’. Which were nothing more than a pack a lies that were made up to prove injurious for his reputation. Even the media at times, attacks him unnecessarily and often people in the media cross their limits when talking about him. On the other hand, he is hardly appreciated for his efforts such as NFC Awards, Benazir Bhutto Income Support Program, President’s Waseela-e-Haq Program, Health Insurance Program (Waseela-e-Sehat), National Commission for Human Development (NCHD), G-B victory was an eye opener for those who were behind dirty games against President Zardari, War on Terrorism (Operation Raah-e-Raast and Raah-e-Nijaat) to make Pakistan a peaceful Country and at last but not the least the signing of 18th Amendment Bill to share all powers to Prime Minister of Pakistan and the Parliament.

Still President Zardari is facing an infuriate right that denies the legitimacy of his presidency, that eagerly seizes on every wild rumour manufactured by the right-wing media complex. Still The President is facing an unending procession of wild charges and fake scandals, dutifully given credence by major media organisations that somehow can’t bring themselves to declare the accusations unequivocally false. Still The President is facing an opposition that “cannot be appeased” for “the truth is that the attacks on the president have no relationship to anything he is actually doing or proposing.” It is a tragedy, that the media and propagandists revile both the PPP and the President for not even one logical reason except for the fact that this party gave incomparable and infinite sacrifices for this nation, its peoples’ rights and Pakistan

But we know President Zardari has capability and the powers to deliver as he has thought of a true leader which are first two years of planning, next two years to deliver finally the last year to go door to door and ask for votes. Hopes of masses and the voters of PPP are bright and they know that their leadership has ability to deliver the best to them. InshALLAH this legacy of Bhuttoism will remain forever and Peoples Government will fulfil their promises and aims of their Martyr Leaders.

Jeay Bhuttoism, Pakistan Khappay !!



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