ANP deal with TNSM in Swat: A critical perspective

Can ANP afford to offer more sacrifices against a ruthless enemey (ISI-Taliban allaince)?

ANP to uphold Swat peace deal, says Asfandyar
Saturday, February 21, 2009

By Tauseef-ur-Rahman

PESHAWAR: Central President of the Awami National Party (ANP) Asfandyar Wali Khan on Friday said his party would prefer quitting ministries to withdrawal from the Swat peace deal under pressure.

“We’ve a commitment to the Pakhtun nation about the restoration of peace on their land and will not pay heed to the reservations of the Nato about the deal,” Asfandyar said while talking to media persons at the residence of late MPA Alamzeb Khan, who was assassinated in a bomb attack in Momin Town, last week.

The ANP chief said he was more concerned about safety and security of his people than what other forces believe or think. He said the ANP would abide by the peace agreement in Swat and would fulfil the commitment made by the party with Pakhtuns for the restoration of peace.

He said the United States had accepted the peace deal which was evident from the statement of Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. He said the deal was in accordance with the Constitution of Pakistan and they would convince the world and address their concerns.

Answering a question, the ANP chief said the provincial government had yet to send the draft of the Nizam-e-Adl Regulation to President Zardari for approval.

To a question about amendments to the Constitution, Asfandyar said the matter would be sorted out soon after getting two-thirds majority in the Senate.

Earlier, Asfandyar Wali met family members of late Alamzeb Khan and offered Fateha for his departed soul. (The News)

I am shocked

I am shocked at the ANP government in the NWFP for agreeing with a banned TNSM party for the resolution of the conflict in the area. How can one negotiate with a banned entity? If the TNSM imposes its brand of Sharia, it would be terrible for secular parties of Pakistan since only fundamentalists would be elected from that area. And there would be no room for the women of the area. Rather than roping in the leaders of the TNSM, the government is talking to them. What guarantee is there that this wouldn’t inspire religious zealots in the other areas of Pakistan? Parties like the ANP and the PPP shouldn’t support such things. This would only give official cover to the banned parties to start the Talibanisation process with more fervour and enthusiasm. It is quite sad that the government has changed its stance. These laws would be another blow to the already fragile situation in Pakistan. Our economy is on the brink and the country is on the anvil of civil war. Appeasing terrorists who blow up schools and chop off people’s heads is no way to solve our problems; the writ of the state should not be compromised. If the laws were brought into place, it would mean that there would be two kinds of laws in the country. If we concede this, we will go on conceding and there would be no hope for this nation and the country will disintegrate. The government keeps on rambling about democracy and how democratic Pakistan is. If that is truly the case, then why weren’t these laws and this deal discussed in the provincial assembly? This should have been brought into the assembly and then discussed. I just hope that good sense prevails and the laws are not implemented. (Fawwad Shafi from Lahore, The Frontier Post)

Some relevant comments

Utmankhel1 said: Whether the deal works or not is decided in GHQ not by Fazlullah.

From the look of it, this does not sound an agreement by any standards. It seems more like Sufi Mohammad is feeling guilty for his role in starting this bloody game and now since he is dying he wants to undo some of his dirty work.

So far as ANP is concerned, well they did not have any option left.

1) They sent army to curb militancy, Army did the opposite; out of the 2700 killed in Swat, 100 are militants while 2500 are civilians. There is no point continuing the military operation.

2) Taliban’s representatives like Imran and Qazi were shouting full throttle for dialogue, and the right-wing media was out fully supporting them, so ANP had to do that.

3) ANP is trying to strip Taliban of any legitimacy in their demands. Sharia was one, though everybody knows it is strategic depth and not shariat which is the motive.

AClarionCall said:

This agreement is only to buy time before Taliban terrorists re-group themselves. Imagaine an agreement on a blank piece of paper. What a Joke! Pakistan ka Khuda Hafi

Utmankhel1 said:


sal said: You never negotiate from a weak position. This agreement is no different from the past agreements done in North Waziristan etc. This just gives the extremists time to re-group and advance.

Another thing to ponder, if we go around telling the world that we are secure and we can maintain and protect our nuclear assets, what kind of signal this surrender sends to the rest of the world. We just gave up our territory to a group of thugs. If we can’t even control these worthless Taliban germs, then how are we to protect our nuclear assets in case of an invasion from a foreign country. Why should anyone believe us that we are competent when we obviously are not.

What we need is a sustained effort of a media blitz against the extreme ideology promoted by these loonies, a re-education of the masses about basic concepts of jihad, tolerance, Adal -o- ehsan, etc. We need to teach our idiot brothers and sisters out there that no 70 virgins are waiting for them if they blow themselves up and kill even one innocent person. At the same time, instead of maligning out military and security agencies, we need to use them to infiltrate the mosques, and madrasahs that are operated by the militants and identify the leaders and the next in command and the next in command and the next in commend and finish them off. Instead of coming in to our towns with roaring tanks an blazing guns, we need to use reconnaissance, and sharp shooters to eliminate them one by one. All the same time educating and propagandizing the true intentions of the militants to the masses. Of course a little governance and job creation would also help the local people.

The reason why we remain silent when the extremist talk about our faith with their perverted interpretations si quite simple. It is unchallenged because somehow, deep down, we too believe that perhaps music is haram, that singing is haram, that maybe, women should stay home behind curtains. After all, we all have read or heard about those ahadith, haven’t we. It is the twisted interpretation of these ahadith that is the culprit. Unless we equip ourselves with the correct interpretation and the knowledge and at the same time, garner the courage in ourselves to reject a false and weak hadith that is polluting everything, we stand to loose our country to these anarchists.

AClarionCall said: @Utmankhel1

Have you ever thought who is making Talibans stronger?
Have you ever thought who is supplying Talibans arms and logistics?
Have you ever thought who is giving Talibans financial support?
Have you ever thought who is providing Talibans moral support?
Have you ever thought who is behind Talibans?

Have you ever thought why our nation is fast becoming pr0-Taliban?
Ask yourself these questions first then you will realise why Talibans are so strong (and getting stronger) and have become such a headache for our society. W need more than a Panedol tablet to get rid of this headache. I bet this weak agrrement will be an another futile exercise to bring peace in entire NWFP and FATA.

Wrong policies of last 30 years have given immense boost to extremism throughout our country especailly NWFP region where so-called champions of Islam have used it for their own vested interests. Our nation as a whole has become hostage to misleading slogans of Islam where decency and tolerance have no place. Suicide murderes are praised and their inhuman acts are justified through absurd arguments using Hadess and Quran. There is a shower of sympathy in our society for people who are burning schools and blowing up mosques even fuenarls. If one does not follow a particular brand of Islam will be declared Kafir by another group. This is the pyche of our nation where people fear to oppose Taliban brand of Islam. Our limited knowledge of Islam is a big drawback for this nation. 90% people have read Quran but never understood it because they read it in Arabic not in Urdu. Unfortunately we are losing a whole generation of our youths in the name of extremism and the writing on the wall is very disturbing for the future of this nation.

May Allah bless Pakistan


Sorry if i misunderstood you. I have been following Swat’s situation and ANP’s stance on that. I was critical of the first deal that ANP did with Fazlullah in April, because i knew the nature of those militants and my view point was that the deal provided them with legitimacy, which they did not deserve.

I am supporting ANP on this deal for few reasons.

1) ANP had no way out. Army was not willing to eliminate terrorists and were deliberately causing huge civilian casualties. So ANP was failed by army and with each passing day the sufferings of ordinary people were increasing due to that military operation. So ANP was left with only two options;either invite NATO or try something else. Sufi Mohammad is the something else.

2) Sufi Mohammad, so far as i read him, is fully on-board with ANP and is sincerely trying to solve the problem. By sitting opposite to Fazlullah he will definitely weaken his standing in eyes of people.

3) In case the deal fails, ANP will be at the previous position, so no loss.

4) These negotiations will shut the barking mouths of Qazi Imran Khan, who were bent upon misguiding people.


totally agree with you ..yes i have seen people in media justify every inhuman act…Hamid Mir is one, Javed Ch is another idiot and there is a group n iSI and ex generals who support talibans..i am sure that sooner or later whole NWFP will be under control of Taliban with the help of some present and ex ISI Mullahs and some media guys who present suicide bombers as heros

fanatic …….

I think it’s already under control of the militants. They can drag anyone out of his home and kill him.

The only thing we need is to aware people of this drama, although, most of them already know it. Anyways, the night is not gonna last for ever. This ISI/Army is doomed sooner or later.