No more advice, please

Journalists and analysts are very fond of constantly giving advice to the PPP leadership. According to them, PPP leadership needs to embrace their advice in order to become the true voice of Pakistani liberals presumably so that members of a certain class who currently consider themselves too liberal to support any Pakistani party will start supporting PPP.

Of course until that advice is followed, these journalists and analysts will continue to attack PPP leaders as not being good enough for their high standards. Thus it might be worth considering what exactly this advice is.
For example, the advice offered today by Gibran Peshimam, of The News starts of by saying that although President Zardari made a pretty good start by allowing the 18th amendment, his speech in parliament was an opportunity missed. Reading on, one realizes that Mr. Peshimam’s advice to President Zardari is that at the end of his speech he should have resigned from the Presidency after giving up his powers under 58 2(b). Mr. Peshimam has also taken the trouble to write a new ending to President Zardari’s speech which contains the following brilliant statement:

Therefore, on this historic day – a day on which we are on the verge of eliminating this threat – I announce that I, Asif Ali Zardari, an activist of the PPP and a servant of the people, will resign from the presidency once we are free of this danger by the end of the week.

According to this journalist, this move and this move alone would demonstrate the long-term vision of PPP and all the individuals who are unconvinced of PPP’s sincerity would finally accept PPP as a genuinely liberal national party. It’s interesting that to people like this journalist, the only thing that the PPP leadership must do to earn his respect is – to resign.

Please Mr. Peshimam, no more advice. Or if you must give advice, why don’t you find another party to advise? PPP is doing fine without your advice.



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