Imran Khan blames lawyers for not consulting politicians

It seems that lawyers have smelt that the ISI’s new poodle Imran Khan might try to use the Long March to promote his pro-Taliban and anti-democracy agenda…

Imran blames lawyers for not consulting politicians
Updated at: 0200 PST, Friday, February 13, 2009
LAHORE: Chairman Pakistan Tehrik-e-Insaaf (PTI) Imran Khan said government is engaged in disrupting lawyers-politicians coordination to make lawyers’ movement unfruitful.

He was speaking at Lahore District Bar here. He regretted, despite the fact that lawyers’ leadership failed to include political parties while taking resolve of long march to be staged from March 12-16, political parties have decided to actively participate in long march shoulder to shoulder by lawyers.

Chairman PTI hoped Pakistan will become such a state on March 16 which, father of the nation Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah dreamt of.

Imran feared corrupt figures of our society will continue to resist against independence of judiciary in Pakistan. (The News)

Some relevant comments:

shamwariz said:

Imran and Sharifs are in Fix . Imran wants to ride on the liar Movement to clinch to the power. He used twice these techniques in the past but he failed miserably. First he Joined Dictator Zia then he jumped on to the bandwagon of Musharraf but he failed. Now his vice-president is Hamid Khan who is leading figure in liar movements. Imran doesn’t have the following to manage Dharna himself so he wants Sharifs men on whose strength he could fulfill his agenda. Sharifs are in fix because they are bound by the deal with international brokers who managed them out of country and brought them back, they are tying their hands, Second biggest worry for sharifs is that their power base is in Punjab and same is the case for Imran, Qazi and liars. Sharifs don’t want to share their powerbase in Punjab with anyone. If Sharifs join Imran, Qazi and liars then they have to share the powerbase with them. Sharifs have a Government in Punjab and would like to to prolong the judges issue till next election so they could use it again in next election for their success but on contrary Imran, Qazi and liars missed the bus in boycotting these elections so they want to bring down this system as early as possible so they could use public emotion behind liar Movement and get to power as early as possible.

dara said:

Good reading into issue, don’t worry about imran Khan supporters they are living in some kind of their own world.

If Imran khan has support in public then why he is so worried about other political parties?

What if Government reinstate Ch Iftikhar , then what issue Imran Khan has?
What pro gramme or manifesto Imran Khan has ? what solution does he has for Talibanization ?

The judicial system needs to changed through constitutional amendment , reinstating or appointing Ch Iftikhar is no solution. He was reinstated as CJ through a supreme court decision, and after that while he was CJ supreme court through a decision let Musharaf run election in uniform.

Imran Khan has no pro gramme or clear agenda, he is using lawyers movement as crutches to get to power , such a parasite.