Ansar Abbasi: LHC judge accused of close links to underworld – Nanno Goraya’s statement? or Nawaz Sharif’s disqualification?

Investigative journalist or police tout? From Nanno Goraya to Ansar Abbasi

LHC judge accused of close links to underworld?

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

By Ansar Abbasi

ISLAMABAD: A sitting senior judge of the Lahore High Court has been accused of deep links with the underworld and a report has been sent to the Lahore High Court (LHC) chief justice who is considering taking action against him.

The LHC chief justice has been formally informed by the Punjab police of extremely serious allegations made in his recorded statement against the judge by a notorious wanted don, Faiz Rasool alias Nanno Goraya, who was killed in a police encounter on Jan 17, 2009. His death was celebrated by the people of Gujranwala who showered flowers on the police for eliminating a deadly criminal.

Goraya was wanted for many years and had head money of Rs2 million and was arrested a few days ago when the Shahbaz Sharif government sent special police teams to the Gulf and later to Malaysia to nab him in collaboration with Interpol. He was arrested in Malaysia and brought back to Pakistan and then recorded his statements in which he implicated the LHC judge.

Later, the don tried to escape from police custody, an encounter ensued and he was shot dead.

[By the way, note the uncritical acceptance by Ansar Abbasi of the ‘police encounter’; the same Abbasi objects if Pakistan Army and the USA eliminate Taliban terrorists in similar ‘encounters’ through drone attacks and military operations in FATA. Is Ansar Abbasi an investigative journalist? or a police tout?]

The startling revelations of the underworld don show in detail how this sitting judge of the LHC offered Goraya to quash all his cases in one go. But Goraya, who claimed he did not remember how many persons he had murdered, replied that he had to kill many more and would approach the justice only when he had killed all of them.

“Upon this the justice said: “Why do you bother to kill your foes, we can get it done through the police.”

The don, in his legally recorded testimony before he died in the encounter states: “I said that killing someone with one’s own hands has its own taste. The justice smiled.”

The statement of Goraya has been seen by LHC Chief Justice Sayed Zahid Hussain who is now mulling taking action against the judge, sources close to the chief justice confirmed.

Gujranwala Regional Police Officer Zulfikar Cheema when contacted confirmed to this correspondent that Nanno Goraya’s statement regarding the sitting LHC judge has been sent to the chief justice. When attempts were made to contact the chief justice, The News was told to wait for a day.

The concerned justice, however, when contacted was not available at his residence while his wife who received this correspondent’s call said the judge had gone to Bahawalpur. She promised that she would convey my name and number to the judge as soon as she contacted her. After an hour when the lady was again contacted and told the purpose of the call, she disconnected the phone abruptly and then never picked it up again despite repeated efforts.

According to the documents available with The News, Goraya reveals many things regarding his criminal life, mode of commission of crime, operational network and his contacts.

The text of his statement concerning the judge, now with the chief justice, reads: “I used to live in Dubai, where I had very intimate terms with Ashfaq Bajwa.

One day I went to see Ashfaq, where Justice xxx was already sitting. The justice enquired about me from Ashfaq. Ashfaq smiled and said he is Nanno Goraya from Gujranwala. Upon this I asked Ashfaq about Justice xxx. He said this is Mr xxx xxx, judge of the Lahore High Court, a very influential figure whose word becomes law. Justice xxx smiled and had a chat with me for an hour. He told me not to worry and he would take care of me. The same night we left for a night club. In the club, we ordered Scotch whisky and fruit. Justice was happy to sit between Ashfaq and me. Then the promoter came and asked which songs we liked. The Justice wished to hear “mainu note wakha mera mood banay”. We kept on swinging, drinking and eating fruit. Then all three of us started throwing money on the female singer on the stage. Then the justice wished to listen to “way gujra way”. After this song the justice asked about my choice. I readily said, “nayak nahi khal nayak hoon main”. We all danced on this song. Mr xxx (justice) said, Goraya, you are the judge and not a proclaimed offender. He said he had the power to grant me bail while sitting in a bar room. He said he was friend of friends and enemy of enemies.

“Justice xxx said he could quash all my cases in one go. I said still I had to kill many persons. When I would kill all of them then I would request you to quash all my cases. Upon this the justice said, why you bother to kill your foes. We can get it done through the police. I said killing someone with one’s own hands has its own taste. The justice smiled.”

“When we finished drinking, the justice lost his heart for the dancing girl. The promoter said she would not be available tonight. Ashfaq gave 15,000 dirhams to the promoter and we succeeded to get that girl. Then we escorted the justice and the girl to a hotel; where they spent their colourful night. Ashfaq and me went back to the flat and slept, as we were totally intoxicated. Next day we went to the hotel to see Mr Justice who was very happy to spend the night with that girl. He was very impressed by her sexuality; he admitted this frankly.”

“In the afternoon we went for shopping. I bought a diamond set for the wedding of Justice xxx’s daughter. I also bought him a Rado wristwatch. He wanted me to give him a pen and I also complied with his demand. All this shopping cost me thousands of dirhams.†The justice was fully charmed with my hospitality. When I commented that today, the justice and the proclaimed offender have been united; he appreciated my remarks with a positive nod.”

“In the evening we drank again. Justice xxx said to Ashfaq, Nanno drinks a lot. Ashfaq said he has been drinking since childhood. Justice said, Nanno you are a bigger drinker than me. Then he started remembering Khalid Lone and said Khalid Lone introduced me (Nanno) to him. I said Khalid was like my father. The Justice said that he was like Khalid Lone to me.” (The News)


Some Relevant Comments:

By Secret-Informer

Abdul, don’t be fooled by the black-mailer Ansar Abbasi. Do you know that all he has provided in this “piece” is circumstantial evidence, most probably received as a result of torture by the “Punjab police”; while the one to whom the statement has been attributed has been killed in a “police encounter”. Now the Police and their paid journalist Ansar Abbasi can attribute anything to the deceased criminal; who will refute and why?

The real story, my friend, is the fact that this judge (his name is Bilal Khan) is being defamed because he was the one who disqualified Nawaz Sharif from participating in elections.

Ghost Of TK said:

Let me be the devil’s advocate here:

1. Circumstantial evidence, possibly recieved under duress and police coercion (in-admissible methinks?)

2. “Accuser” has been conveniently killed in a “police encounter”.

3. Innocent until proven guilty.

But the details do seem juicy, and our “justice system” is rotten to the core no doubt!!

Therefore, the need for reforms… Getting just one justice won’t do the trick.

The “azad manash” judges that Aitezaz Ahsan used to crow about so much have been caught red-handed soliciting the government for NOT 1 but TWO plots in Islamabad after they re-took the oath!

What fvcking vulturistic country do we live in?

ZanShamwari says:

This is another example of corrupt and yellow journalism always coming from Ansar Abbasi. Why doesn’t he question the death of Nanno in Police encounter, when he was killed being in Police custody.If Nanno was alive then it was easy to judge. All these cocked-up stories are published when the actual person is not alive. how to ascertain what is true, Actually the Police headed by the most corrupt officers wanted to hide their crimes and crimes of other influential so they Killed Nanno. IT ALWAYS HAPPENS LIKE THIS. I am sure Ansar Abbasi is one of the persons who have been Benefiting from Nanoo and now together with police knows all the inner stories. He must be arrested and taken to task. Ansar Abbasi is leader of Land Mafia in PINDI and Islamabad. He always spreads such stories to black mail so no one catches him.

ZanShamwari said:

I do agree with Ghost of TK remarks and while browsing through other comments it was most fascinating to know that it is the same judge who disqualified the Nawaz Sharif. Here lies the main Point and tells the whole story. I am not supporting the Judge but the circumstances are very juicy. The main witness is killed in the police encounter by Punjab Police in Gujranwala just under the Noze of Takht-e-Lahore whose crown is on the head of the best administrator Shahbaz Sharif. Shahbaz Sharif was famous for Police encounters on his last assignment as CM Takht-e-Lahore. Nanno is captuted from Malasia by Inerpol brought to Pakistan and after lying in the Police custody for couple of days the evidences are gathered to scandalize the Judge who disqualified N-Brothers.

Nanno is killed in Police custody. The evidences are sent to CJ Lahore court and only Ansar Abbasi knows all the evidences.

Just look at the past history of these brothers.

1.The nude pictures of Benazir and Nusrat Bhutto were splashed all over Lahore in the eve of 1988 elections. Now the same Benazir id their heroin.

2.The Supreme Court of Pakistan was attacked by the hooligans brought from Lahore and launched from Punjab house. Now they champion the free judiciary.

3.Family pictures of Salman Taseer are distributed in the Punjab assembly.

Ghost Of TK said:

I don’t have any sympathies for these vultures who occupy our “upper” class, “ruling elite”, and the Feudocracy (Secretaries downwards, Superior Judges on down, Jurnails on down, Hereditary politicians and their fat fvcking children), but this is trial by media and stinks exactly as much (if not more) than smear campaigns launched by political fiefdoms against each other (MQM vs IK, PML(n) vs IK, PML(n) vs PbbP, PML(n) vs. PML(cb) , PML(n) vs. Salman Taseer, JI vs PzabP etcetera etcetera ad infinitum)

Should this get front page on “The News” ???

aristotle says:

yes , ansar abbasi always blackmail these honorable and saintly personalities and they r accept it .. i mean they always like to be blackmailed by ansar abbasi, why?? why they don’t take action against him? why they want to try a deal behind the camera, under the table or closed doors? why they don’t go into court against him? I think a sitting judge can easily do it.. but he would not … he will try to make a deal.

we all Pakistanis should take notice and feel pain and sorrow on this situation regardless our political affiliation and journalism approaches or philosophy … being a nation we all have to sit and think over it that where we r heading????????

@Mr ZanShamwari u have a point and I regard ur views but I assure u that plz don’t worry, if judge sahib is innocent then he will take up this issue in a better way.

ZanShamwari says:

You have rightly said to be a true Pakistanis. If Ansar Abbasi was a true Pakistani he should have written against those people who Killed Nonno who was arrested him from Malaysia by inter pole, brought to Pakistan and after two days he is killed in Police encounter. He must have investigated the motive of Police. Some one doesn’t have to be a supper genius to know the motive of Police who killed Nanno under custody had vested interests to hide. If now Ansar Abbasi is writing about a judge being involved it looks Ansar Abbasi is part of that conspiracy which killed Nanno and now publish a story against a judge. I am not supporting that judge I know all the 3Js, i.e. Judges, Generals and Journalists are the biggest Mafias.

Secret-Informer says:

Do you know that in January 2008, it was Justice Bilal Khan who reprimanded unruly lawyers of the Punjab Bar, forcing them to exercise civility. Actually he suspended the licences of the Bar representatives, for passing a resolution that lawyers don’t recognize present PCO judges as judges of the court.

Although the decision was later reverted by the Lahore Chief Justice Zahid Hussain through a meeting between Bar and five judges, however, it forced lawyers to stop their ‘ghunda-gardi’.

Related News Items

PML-N Chief Nawaz Sharif barred from by-election
Tuesday, June 24, 2008 (11:44 PST)

LAHORE: A three-member bench of the Lahore High Court on Monday disqualified PML-N Chief Nawaz Sharif from contesting the by-election while provisionally allowing his younger brother Mian Shahbaz Sharif to continue working as the Punjab chief minister.

LAHORE: A three-member bench of the Lahore High Court on Monday disqualified PML-N Chief Nawaz Sharif from contesting the by-election while provisionally allowing his younger brother Mian Shahbaz Sharif to continue working as the Punjab chief minister.

Announcing a unanimous short order, the bench, comprising Justice Abdul Shakoor Parracha, Justice Syed Shabbar Raza Rizvi and Justice M Bilal Khan, referred the petition against Shahbaz to the Election Commission of Pakistan to constitute an election tribunal to decide his eligibility. However, the bench turned down the request of the petitioner to bar Shahbaz Sharif from holding his office.

Earlier on May 5, an election tribunal, comprising two judges of the LHC, had given a split decision on the objections against the Sharif brothers. Noor Elahi, an independent candidate from the NA-123, Lahore, moved the petition against Nawaz Sharif. A freelance journalist, Shahid Orakzai, and a voter, Syed Khurram Shah, filed a petition challenging the unopposed victory of Shahbaz Sharif from the PP-48, Bhakkar, and his candidature for the PP-10, Rawalpindi.

During the hearing on Monday, PML-N Lawyers’ Forum President Khawaja Mehmood said he had objection to the presence of one of the members of the bench. Justice Parracha asked him to file his objection before the office of the court, which could be heard on Tuesday (today).

Earlier on Saturday, a full bench, consisting of Justice Fazal-e-Miran Chouhan, Justice Hasnat Ahmad Khan and Justice Muhammad Ahsan Bhoon, was dissolved after Mehmood objected that one member of the bench was a close relative of PML-Q President Ch Shujaat Hussain while the other judge was closely associated with PML-Q Senator Dr Khalid Ranjha.

Raza Kazim advocate, counsel for the petitioner, Khurram Shah, who had challenged the qualification of Shahbaz Sharif for contesting the election, said he had filed an amended petition for which the bench could issue notices to the respondents to meet the required criteria.

Though the bench did not issue notices on the amended plea, yet it heard all sides, including a deputy attorney general and lawyers defending the candidature of Shahbaz Sharif. Kazim said his objections had not been taken into account when the election tribunal handed down a split decision on his client’s objections against Shahbaz Sharif. He added the election law provided for the formation of a three-member tribunal in case a two-member tribunal failed to decide appeals unanimously.

Ashtar Ausaf and Khawaja Haris advocates said the petitioner had not made arguments before the tribunal and could not seek a decision in his favour because he had no locus standi to challenge the candidature of Shahbaz.

Kazim argued that he was not praying the court to disqualify Shahbaz Sharif or annul the notification of his victory, but a direction for the completion of the process of scrutiny of a candidate. “The process of scrutiny was not completed as his objections remained unheard,” he added.

He pleaded that according to section 5 (a) of the Peoples’ Representation Act 1976, his client, a voter, had the right to challenge the candidature of Shahbaz Sharif. He added the tribunal, under the section, would have to adjudicate on objections against a candidate even if the objector was not a candidate.

When advocate Akram Sheikh, on behalf of the Punjab Assembly speaker, started his arguments, he had a conflict with Justice M Bilal Khan when he (Sheikh) tried to narrate his skills in contesting election matters. The judge asked him to be precise. According to the judge, Akram Sheikh sang his own praises whenever he spoke and was also very loud.

Akram Sheikh, addressing the judge, said he should not be personal and must use dignified language. “And if you say I am loud, I will say you are louder than me,” Sheikh said. Then Justice Parracha intervened and ordered to resume the proceeding.

Resuming his arguments, Sheikh said section 5 (a) did not contain the word ‘person’ but referred to ‘source’, and asked why Justice Bilal had said the section contained the word ‘person.’

Justice Bilal
told the counsel he did not refer to the word ‘person’ and he should not address judges in such a manner. Later, Deputy Attorney General Raja Abdur Rehman opposed the petition of Khurram Shah and requested the court to dismiss it. He said the petitioner was not an aggrieved person, so his petition should be dismissed. After his submissions, the bench rose to announce a verdict.


It was Justice Bilal Khan who had stopped the Shahbaz Sharif Government from political victimization of the PML-Q workers and political leaders in Gujrat:

Bilal Khan linked to Wajahat Terror Force

Background of political victimization in Gujrat:

Dawn, 21 September 2008

Action against Wajahat force continues

By Our Correspondent

GUJRAT, Sept 20: A search operation to arrest the activists of Wajahat force is still under way in Gujrat as a PML-Q spokesman has claimed more arrests during the last 24 hours.

Reports said Gujrat Saddar SI Amjad Husain got three-day remand from a special anti-terrorism court for the 20 activists who were arrested on Thursday during a major crackdown. Since then a number of workers had gone underground to prevent their arrests.

PML-Q spokesman and private secretary to MNA Wajahat Husain, Hameedullah Bhatti, told Dawn that former Barilla Sharif union council nazim Chaudhry Asghar, Ghewranwali UC ex-nazim Chaudhry Zulfiqar and MSF district president Zahid Bhatti were arrested on Saturday in some already registered robbery and theft cases in various areas of the district.

Police is still unable to arrest main office-bearers of the force, including its district president Shehzad Gull, a UC nazim, and tehsil president Adeel Arshad who is wanted in many other cases of heinous crimes.

Sources said Adeel Arshad had fled to Europe to avoid his arrest and many others were still at large.

They said raiding teams from Mandi Bahauddin and Gujranwala had been called as it was feared that local police had leaked information to influential activists. Sources said former Punjab chief minister Pervaiz Elahi and Wajahat Husain talked to the detained activists on cell phones of the visitors. Wajahat Husain has also constituted a free legal aid committee for the arrested workers.

Meanwhile, PML-N district president Malik Hanif Awan and secretary-general MPA Haji Nasir Mehmood in a joint statement appreciated the police operation against the Wajahat force and denied that the action was political victimisation.

They also denied PML N role in the police crackdown on the force.


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