Get well soon, Altaf Hussain

Daily Times has, today, reported about MQM leader Altaf Hussain’s serious illness and the reason why he was not able to meet President Zardari during his last trip to London. According to another blog (Jazba), Altaf Hussain suffers from liver and kidney ailment due to which he might have been shifted to a hospital in Germany.

We wish to convey our good wishes to Altaf Hussain praying for his health and swift recovery. Notwithstanding some reservations about the MQM’s style of politics, we very much appreciate his and his party’s role in the Constitutional Reforms Committee, as well as their stance against growing religious extremism in Pakistani society.

Altaf seriously ill, spokesman denies

LAHORE: The mysterious absence of MQM chief Altaf Hussain from the political scene has raised several doubts about his health, with sources claiming Altaf is currently undergoing treatment in Germany. However, an MQM spokesman expressed his ignorance of such reports. The exact nature of Altaf’s illness is not clear as yet, as MQM spokesman Salahuddin did not deny or confirm the rumours.

He said Altaf was out of London and his location could not be disclosed due to security concerns.

The spokesman said Altaf had addressed the party on March 16 and was in good health at the time. Sources disclosed that PML-Q President Shujaat Hussain had recommended a homeopathic doctor in Germany to Altaf. Former prime minister Shujaat and former Senate chairman Waseem Sajjad have both been under the doctor’s care for some time. The MQM chief also did not meet the president during Asif Ali Zardari’s last trip to the United Kingdom. The sources said that since that time, Altaf has been under treatment. It was reported that Altaf had ignored the president, however, MQM denied this impression. A party spokesman said at the time that the PPP and MQM had cordial relations and Altaf had not met Zardari because he was not in London. staff report

Source: Daily Times



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