Pakistan doesn’t need foreign enemies, the Military is enough – by Khalid Humayun

In recent past, 24 soldiers at Salala check post near Afghanistan were shot down by a direct and deliberate attack of NATO forces from Afghanistan.

On last Wednesday, Taliban released a video of killing and beheading 17 Pakistani soldiers. The video brutally showed seventeen severed heads, while face veiled and armed Talibans standing there with victorious mood. The clash/encounter happened in Northwestern district of Upper Dir. Military spoke person confirmed this sad incident.

Another unconfirmed report is that Tirah valley between Kurram and Orakzai and having common borders with Afghanistan, has fallen to Talibans. This is based on the reports that some 18,000 families have migrated from that valley to Jamrud.

Zabiuddin Ansari alias Abu Jandal alias Abu Hamza has been handed over to India. Both Pakistan and India governments had demanded handing over this person to them. Pakistan wanted him back on the pretext that since he had tried to enter Saudi Arabia on Pakistani passport, they would handle with him in Pakistan. Indian request was that this person was the master mind behind Mumbai attack and he is the most wanted person in India. After hearing both sides, Saudi government found it suitable to hand over Abu Jandal to India. The plea of nearest and dearest Pakistan was not considered by any means. Was there an American hand behind this? There is no confirmed answer to this but putting all recent events summed up, there emerges one bitter fact, USA has certainly shifted their policy towards Pakistan. During the last seven years or so, all allegations leveled against Pakistan has only been denied and thought it enough.

There are preparations for negotiations between Talibans and USA in Qatar in which, in all probabilities, Pakistan will have no say whatsoever. On the contrary Taliban spokesperson has denied that this negotiation is going to take place on the behest of Pakistan.

Based on the above, in my perceived opinion, in Pentagon a decision has been taken as what is to be done with Pakistan – boomerang. USA firmly believes that Pakistan military had been playing double game with them. Now they have decided to cook the same dish for Pakistan. With the help of Afghan Talibans and with the help of lucrative shine of dollars they want to de-stabilize Pakistan. Pakistan’s only trump card (stopping of NATO supplies) looks a peanut in comparison to what could befall the country.

More gloomy scenario is envisioned as USA, perhaps, stopped all arsenals, spare parts and economic supplies to Pakistan like an undeclared sanction. Not only Pakistan’s fighter/bomber F16s would start remaining grounded for want of spareparts replacements but Army’s firing power in South Waziristan would also lessen with the passage of time. So, slow poison has also started. No country would attack Pakistan, but state sponsored terrorism would be returned back to Pakistan. USA will, as usual, continue to play the international Robocop role.

30 years terms for Shakil Afridi would be condmned by USA time and again, but after all Shakil Afridi is not their citizen. Their target has been achieved that matters more for them. Judiciary is playing better than all the opposition parties. But then, Malik Riaz surfaced and CJ reopened missing persons case. Now top brass is undecided to support the judiciary which is serving their anti-government cause or to support Malik Riaz who has very strong links in military’s rank and file.

I eye the whole scenario that has developed as a natural outcome simply because foreign, internal, economic policies have remained hijacked by our Military. They have the guns so they are wiser than these bloody politicians. Throughout the political history of Pakistan, politicians were and are shock absorbers for all the misdeeds of wiser top brass. Keep on blaming the civil governments for every bad result, but I think defining moment is now round the corner. Why would the foreign powers take the pain to break our country when we ourselves are hell bent to break it? The status of front state on war against terrorism and possession of nukes have lost their voodoos on Western powers as they have practically and mentally prepared themselves for any contingency.



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