Ansar Abbasi was the first one to malign Chief Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry… Watch Capital Talk 12 Nov 2008; read this analysis…

Ansar Abbasi was the first one to malign Chief Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry… Watch Capital Talk 12 Nov 2008 for evidence.

The JUI Senator Dr. Soomro asks Ansar Abbasi in this program:

“Tell me, whether your earlier report about the corruption of the Chief Justice was true? or whether your current stance in support of the Chief Justice is true?”.

Did Ansar Abbasi have an answer?

No. He is a shameless blackmailer.

In 2006, Abbasi released a news report alleging Chief Justice Iftikhar M. Chaudhry of corruption and nepotism (in regards to appointment of his son as an ASP).

Listen to Voice of America’s Program ‘Round Table’ (13 March 2007) in which Ansar Abbasi admits that he filed the news report about the corruption of the Chief Justice. You can find an audio link to the radio program on the following website. Skip to Minute 22:30 and listen to Ansar Abbasi’s admission:

However, since Abbasi’s agenda is larger than that, i.e. to support Taliban and Al-Qaeda, he later on decided to side with the Chief Justice, when in 2007 Chief Justice was suspended by General Musharraf. Abbasi’s main aim was not to support the Chief Justice but to criticize Musharraf because Musharraf was at that time a thorn in the side of the Taliban and their supporters.

That explains why Abbasi is extremely bitter towards PPP, ANP, JUI, MQM and all those forces which are currently in the government which is conducting a successful operation against militants/terrorists of Taliban, who happen to be friends of Mr. Ansar Abbasi.


Capital Talk 12 November 2008


shereeen says:

most of us are blaming molvies, but people here on this forum are not questioning Ansar Abasii’s hypocritical conduct regarding “Chief justice issue”, “he first called him most corrupt and then he contradicted himself”. even professional conmen donot do that, it is indeed unfortunate that the proven liars have full backing of the media and people like us just fall for it without questioning it. to put it simply how would u feel if i kick u and than dictate ur reaction too.


ashahid Says:

Ansar Abbasi was the first person in 2006 who gave the news about the corruption of CJP in regards to the appointment of his son as ASP.




February 4, 2007 · Filed under 6: Beyond model town

Dr (so called) Arsalan Iftikhar, mighty son of Mr Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry, Chief Justice of Pakistan, who has grown now as a monster, joined Health Department as Medical Officer at Quetta after doing MBBS from Bolan Medical College (on a managed seat). Young Dr Sahib appeared twice in CSS examination but failed as he had secured only sixteen marks in English paper. Well! how could bright son of a genius Chief Justice fail – must have been some error with FPSC, hence a Writ Petition was filed at Baluchistan High Court against FPSC which is still pending.

Baluchistan Judiciary under-estimated impulsive nature of their old colleague (now Chief Justice of Pakistan) who could not take in-ordinate delay for a favourable decision, so setting-aside all rules and regulations through an undeclared “Suo-Motto” action, he not only managed deputation of his son to FIA as Assistant Director but arranged his training as well at National Police Academy alongwith
PSP officials and later, on completion of the training, got him attached with Punjab Police where he is performing sensitive duties as ASP (under training) of Model Town Circle Lahore and wearing dashing police uniform with PSP ranks on his shoulders �

WELL DONE MR CHIEF JUSTICE for an efficient career planning for your bright son, but unfortunately through back doors. Judiciary’s Samurai and his son did not feel enough satisfaction with all these illegitimate conquers, so young ASP has started
conducting himself like a “Sarkari Bull” whereas his father softens up environments by pressuring Punjab Police hierarchy through different blackmailing methods, on “Tip Offs” by Dr Arsalan. In the same context, on 21 December 2006, IG Punjab Mr Zia-Ul-Hassan was summoned by CJP and publicly disgraced (in presence of Advocate
General Punjab,lawyers and senior police officers) but IGP retaliated by paying back in the same coins. Publicity hungry CJP, for once, instructed his media handlers to ensure black-out of this incident.

Recently, for shedding off his boredom of police duties, young ASP (so called) managed a Counter Terrorism Course in tourist city of Turkey i.e Istanbul against Punjab Police seat. Hopefully, had good feel of colourful and relaxing environments, at poor tax-payers expense. MR CHIEF JUSTICE AND DR ARSALAN , KEEP IT UP BUT FOR HOW LONG. AS PER LAW OF NATURE, ONE DAY IS NOT YOUR DAY.

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Thursday, March 15, 2007
Of politicians and journalists

During the VOA broadcast Ansar Abbasi admits to the fact that he had knowledge of Justice Iftikhar Chaudry’s son’s malpractices and had filed a report about it which was not published by his paper (The News). The government for some reason silenced them at that time but a few months later the same report was allowed to be published and became a basis for the ousting of the CJ. Now this piece of information may indict the government but it also brings into question the ethical level of the newspaper publishing house that allowed itself to be silenced thus. As does the coloured reporting of this incident by both The News and Geo.

This by no means is meant to defend Mr. Wasi Zafar’s behaviour that was undoubtedly unseemly for a Minister but it is to put things a little into perspective. I think the reporting of the above incident has not been entirely unbiased and accurate.

Abbasi’s tone in the VOA show (even before the abuse was spoken) is also confrontational and insulting.

Neither one of the two employ any diplomatic language Abbasi calling Zafar a genetically problematic person and so on which he could justify because of the abuse hurled at him which in turn the Minister could justify because of his earlier ‘perceived abuse’ and it can only end up being a chicken and egg debate.


Also read the following op-ed by Abbas Ather in which Mr. Ather exposes Ansar Abbasi’s allegations against Chief Justice Iftikhar Chaudhry:



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