Mariam Nawaz Sharif: Illegal admission in a medical college and migration to King Edward Medical college exposed… Double standards!!!

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  1. Why Hannif Abbassi did not ask for an inquiry of the violations of the rules rather than the distribution of the pamphlets, he always do too much ‘trnaaaa trnaaa……hoyeeee…hoyeee’ why is he stop now, what would have his response, if Asif Zaradari’s daughter would have been instead of Nawaz Sharif’s?

  2. Noon walay munafiq loog hein. They does not care abt principl;e. They make dirty games aginst Sajjad Ali Shah.

  3. I used to be a FSc Student at the Kinnaird College for Women, Lahore in 1991. The merit of Kinnaird was very high at that time, absolutely beyond the reach of this girl, Mariam Nawaz Sharif. Can an investigative reporter, such as Ansar Abbasi, dig into that affair? Perhaps he won’t because he receives his salary from Mian sahib.

  4. Finally the national cheaters are being exposed.How strange they look talking of principles and law, where were their prinicples when they awarded medical admission to the daughter,where was their pain for democracy when they didnot find a single person from Punjab assembly for chief minister ship of Punjab.He followed the General’s footsteps.Like Gen Musharaff got Shaukat Aziz elected from Attock by pleasing Khosaas, Nawaz Sharif Followed the same exapmple and got Shahbaz win the seat by pleasing Amir Mehmood of Lahore and Khoosaa.And they talk on justice? Where is the well accepted agreement (that was the first agreement indeed between any political force and Gen Musharaf) which Nawaz Sharif accepted on media.Show the people whether the agreement was of five years or ten years or forward a plea in Supreme court.Hey Mr Nawaz Sharif ,you talk of independence of judiciary but please before doing that ,atleast eliminate the culprits of Supreme court attack case from your party.But I know you wont do that .Your mentor was the worst dictator in Pakistan(Genaral Zia) and you are no less than him.How will you promote the merit,you have yourself reached here on Zia’s lap .We are fool to expect you anything.Still you are trying to worsen the situation by playing Ajmal Qasab drama.Dear Mr Nawaz Sharif, we people of Pakistan beg you to please not to destabilize our country.We know in any hour of trial,you have your home and business in Saudia Arabia and you will flee in minutes but we donot have anyother place to live. Please stop playing your henious designs and let us save PAKISTAN

  5. hanif abbasi(actually thund tribe, thund means a group of low tribes, unfortunately the “kammis” of nortjh punjab; thunds have become abbasis), is a person who changed his loyalities from jamat islami to PML (N) before elections…pindi people know this “opportunist drama baz, ” who is famous for selling number 2 drugs…he is just a “personal nookar” of nawaz sharif…maryam nawaz was not only given illegal admission but the story (true rality) of her marriage is not hidden from the memories of the people..hanif thund, should try to check that again they are crying against daughter of CJ and article distributed…they should read the article and curse their lier, munafiq leader, nawaz sharif…who kept on lying for many years about his deal with previous government with gurantee of other nations…later paPER WAS SHOWN PUBLICALLY BY hariri’S SON…SO MR THUND ABBASI..HAVE SOME SHAMME BEFORE TALKING AGAINST FARAH DOGAR…BCOZ MARYAM IN HER ACVADAMIC CARRER AS WELL AS PERSONAL CHARACTER IS A BLOT ON PAKISTANI SOCIETY… SAMIA SAUDI ARAB

  6. As far as Mian Sahib is concenred ! we shouldnt give respect to people like him ! He is now a days in contract to create anarchy in pakistan ! he is opposing the Cheif Justice cause he isnt his Man ! he did a awesome job against him ! but failed in the end ! what he did for his own daughter is shameless as a leader ! i want to slap ansaar abbasi on his face why he didnt quoted this act of shareef as well . perhaps he is getting a smart amount from him.

  7. how can any wrongdoing by nawaz sharif absolve dogar? the state is responsible for catching as many thieves as it can, regardless of the size of the theft. remember, nawaz sharif is not a civil servant, but dogar is. the state’s responsibility to deal with him is, therefore, twofold. Of course, the chargesheet against nawaz sharif is long. but the people of pakistan must not forget the beneficiaries of the NRO! in any case, failure to punish a crime or misdemeanour is no justification to ignore punishing another, as per altaf hussain’s logic.

  8. Mr Sadozai said: “remember, nawaz sharif is not a civil servant, but dogar is”. And that is why we must pardon all the sins of Nawaz Sharif? Don’t be selective in your application of principles, Mr. Man of Principles.

  9. Its absolutely painful for me to say but yet it goes without saying that Iftikhar Chaudry and Justice Dogar have both sworn in by LFO .They have all similarities .The only difference between them is one is from PUNJAB and the other from SIND and Nawaz Sharif has spent alot to play his drama on Iftikhar case.

    How you call Nawaz Sharif national leader.Did he get a single vote in SInd and Baluchistan .The only support he got from Pakhtunistan is the Hazara Patti .So those who consider him as a national leader are either salaried by him or their vision of PAKISTAN is limited to Punjab only.We have done the same with Bengal.ALLAH Pakistan ki hifazat fermaaye


  10. But the confrontation is already in the making. The PPP is referring to the case of the “non-merit” admission of Miss Mariam, the daughter of Mr Nawaz Sharif, to a medical college 15 years ago when he was prime minister. Shockingly, a pamphlet containing the details of the case and a caricature of Mr Sharif was distributed in the National Assembly, which prompted Prime Minister Yousaf Raza Gilani, a former speaker of the National Assembly, to read out a rule which banned distribution of material without the permission of the speaker.

    The case of Miss Mariam Sharif is “different” in the sense it did not involve a judge of the apex court and, as the PMLN spokesman explained, “no rules were violated” while managing the transfer Miss Sharif from a medical college in Rawalpindi to one in Lahore. One must recall that the controversy started when Mr Nawaz Sharif “disclosed” in a TV interview that an unnamed person had approached him on the issue of Justice Dogar’s daughter’s admission and had offered “lifting of cases” against him in return for his giving up the pursuit of the case in parliament. That caused a flutter of denials from the PPP and calls for the disclosure of the identity of the person who had approached Mr Sharif. Governor Punjab Mr Salmaan Taseer joined the fray by saying that Miss Sharif’s “transfer” was done in one month, implying that Mr Sharif had bent the rules quite blatantly and he should not raise the matter of Miss Dogar.

    Earlier, a more “relevant” reference was also made to the “non-merit” or “sifarish” handling of the career of Arsalan Chaudhry, the son of the deposed judge Mr Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry. But the lawyers’ movement quickly ruled it “irrelevant” to the point of law raised by the National Assembly Standing Committee on Education. Mr Sharif, during his TV interview, had talked deprecatingly of the Supreme Court of Justice Sajjad Ali Shah while condemning the “assault” of President Musharraf on the court of Justice Chaudhry, quite ignoring the fact that his own government was also rightly accused of “assaulting” the Supreme Court during its last tenure.

    Mr Sharif’s reference to Pakistan’s descent to the status of a “failed state” becomes relevant if one trace’s the breakdown of the state to the way our politicians are treating the judiciary. Mr Sharif himself has refused to answer the summons of the higher judiciary where his cases are pending. His partyman MNA Mr Amjad Sher Ali, head of the Standing Committee on Education, has refused to present himself before the court. A whole lawyers’ movement says it won’t recognise the present judiciary as legitimate till the judges deposed by the Musharraf regime are reinstated. (Eighty-five percent of them have been.) And the judiciary is passive in the face of repeated contempt to which it is exposed through court lockups and verbal violence every Thursday.


    Can we still believe the words of Nawaz Sharif,the person who was constantly preaching that he did not have any agreement with Gen Musharaff and in the end he himself unvieled the truth.You know these Sharifs are family oriented people ,surviving in politics based on their wealth ,giving high salaries to journalist to keep them alive.When he was leaving for Saudia Arabia where was his pain for people of Pakistan or even of people of his own party.He left them all in crisis to have holidays in Saudi Mahal.And what rubbish he is talking about Ajmal Qasab and militants.He has been financing so called Jihadis.Infact his political father Zia has laid all seeds .Mohterma has lost her life ,even Gen Musharaff narowly escaped two life attempts but Do you know any leader of PML(N) to whom militants have posed life threats?If now after his political summersault he begins to believe that the problem lies in our home,Why didnt he join hands with Musharaff who had the capability to crush out the militants?
    An indeed example of hypocrisy Mr Sharif

  12. Right said, Shumail. Media is only after money and who can pay them more than our filthy rich Sharif brothers who are known to have received large sums of money from Saudi princes including no other than Osama Bin Laden.

  13. according to azeem1:

    nawaz sharifs daugther was migrated from army medical college to king edward medical college in relaxation of all the rules. she is the only beneficery of such a relaxation in the history of army medical school.

    most of the special sons and daughters either dont complete the medical degree or dont practice medicine afterwards, because they r born to rule not to serve. same is the case with nawaz sharifs daughter, that seat could have been utilized by a deserving canidate.

    she was junior to me and special people used to do such things openly, media was not that active in those days. since capt safder (through saad rafiq) was defending nawaz sharif in kashifs show thats why want to mention facts.

    I would also like to tel u that zia ul haqs daughter was failed in the first professional of MBBS. Dr. nawaz was the examiner. a special suplimentry exam was arranged for her after sending dr. nawaz abroad for a study tour, and she was declared passed.

    nawaz sharif was head of the state with “heavy mendat”.
    yesterday ahsan iqbal was sayin that she had a mutual trnasfer which is lawfull. another lie. mutual migration is possible between the colleges of punjab university. not from army medical colege.

  14. Loosers are crying.. Infact trying to spit at moon but unfortunately for them that people of pakistan are least concerned about the past of Mian Nawaz Sharif.. He has emerged as the undisputed leader of Pakistani People.

    Adnan Butt

  15. Well really he is undisputed leader of Pakistan if Pakistan is limited to Punjab which is going to be new lines in maps of world soon if three provinces are treated like Bengql hqs ben treated;Latest election results showed he is leader of Punjab without any representation in Sind and Baluchistan

  16. PPP lost people credibility in current era, because of claim-ix corruption in every department. Look, When HEC doing its job, PPP ministers are meddling in its affairs. Same in other departments. Always using BIBI name, misguiding its supporter and leading Pakistan to road of destruction, which we will never accept.