A poem for Benazir Bhutto – and some comments by ordinary Pakistanis

Benazir Bhutto (21 June 1953 – 27 December 2007)

In Memoriam

We are prepared to risk our lives, But we are not prepared to surrender our great nation to the militants. – Benazir Bhutto

Hideous serpents hissed and recoiled,
Mesmerized by your homecoming,
Obvious of your mighty presence.
Forked-tongues darting out,
Poised for the final kill.

The bang that butchered over a hundred bodies,
The road that ignited with flesh and blood,
Did little to deter your determination,
Nor shake your spirit,
To build our half-ravaged cities,
And rekindle the hearts of your poor folks.

They stalked you all along,
Like a homeless hunter
Far from the hills,
Breathing in silence,
Camouflaged in crowds.

Yes, indeed you knew them all-
Those cut-throat thugs with lolling tongues,
Militants within, militants without, Al-Qaida,Talibans,
Who knows what?

There is something rotten in the state of Pakistan………..
They rise in congregation,
Grubby boots, imbecile minds,
Broken promises, lidless eyes.

M. Azim Khan
6, Gulmohar Road
University Town

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Some comments:

gditpp Says:
December 27th, 2008 at 10:46 am

BB was a rare phenomena, a valiant female politician in a male dominated society. She was the ace anti mulla, anti establishment figure of her age. She was the embodiment of a Democratic, Federal Pakistan. She was leading progressive, left of the centre figure in Pakistani politics. She was a symbol of hope to the poor and the down trodden of the country. Yet at the same time she was an international figure whose sane voice was listened world over. Her presence on the international scene gave Pakistan a soft image.

Aaj phir dil main teri khoi hoi yaad aai
Jaisay veeranay main chupkay say bahar a jaey
Jaisay sehraoon main hoolay say chalay baad e nasim
Jaisay bimaar ko bewajhay qarar aa jaey

We miss you BB.

Three popular, civilian, democratically elected Prime Ministers have been killed brutally within 2 Km of GHQ, Is it a mere coincidence?


Fahim23 Says:
December 27th, 2008 at 5:38 pm

She was highly educated, gorgeous, brilliant, and most hard working politician of Pakistan. The tragedies and trauma she went through (Father hanged, brothers murdered, mother has nervous breakdown, husband imprisoned, and herself being accused of almost everything), it was only Mohtarma who could have dealt with it and not only dealt with it but emerged as the toweing and unquestioned leader of largest political party of Pakistan.

Her capabilities are not only acknowledged by her supporters but also by her critics.

The party workers and activist miss her unfailing ability to keep in touch with them through emails/telephone calls, cards and letters.

Great leaders are given as gifts to the nation and taken away or stopped as punishment.


dara Says:
December 27th, 2008 at 9:23 pm

We as nation and as individuals have lost the war in our minds. we have surrendered to barbarianism and to animals who do not believe in humanity.
Benazir was only leader we had who was not only against that extremism but also was fighting against the constant factor ( establishment) who has been using extremism to their advatage.
She was murdered by combination of extremist maniacs (zia’s Bakiat) in establishment and one extremist group.
I believe those who have been trying to prove that extremists and terrorists are justified should also stop sending their daughters to schools.
The greatest conspiracy against Islam is in action where dictators like Shah family in Saudia and Husni Mubarik of Egypt have been supported by the west where as they want us to waist our energies in fighting like Talibans and others.
We need to establish and give strength to democracy in Pakistan as this will not only take us out of such a horrible times but will be a beacon of hope for other Muslim nations.

pejamistri Says:
December 27th, 2008 at 9:49 pm

Hasan Mujtaba on BB


جبیب جالب کی اس بہادر نہتی لڑکی کا، جسکے سامنے فوجیں نہیں ٹھہر سکتی تھیں‘ تصور بھی اس دور میں بنا تھا جب وہ حزب مخالف کی لیڈر تھیں۔ وگرنہ جبیب جالب ہی نے اقتدار میں آنیوالی بنیظیر کے پہلے دور حکومت میں لکھا تھا:
وہی حالات ہیں فقیروں کے
دن پھرے ہیں تو بس وزیروں کے
کتنے بلاول ہیں دیس میں مقروض
پاؤں ننگـے ہیں بینظیروں کے۔‘

لیکن انہی دنوں میں ملتان کے قریب کھیتوں میں کپاس چننے والی عورتوں کے خیالات مجھ سے اور حبیب جالب سے مختلف تھے۔

انہوں نے ایک صحافی سے کہا تھا: ’نظیراں ( بینظیر) سے جاکر کہنا ہمارے پائوں ننگے سہی ، ہم بھوکے اور غریب سہی لیکن وہ اسی طرح ٹی وی پر آتی رہے اور ہم اسے ہر روز اسی طرح دیکھتے رہیں۔‘

For…. I can assure you I know such ladies who would not mind hunger and poverty but would love BB and like to watch her on TV …. haha…. I want to hear something about such ladies …. and then would like to give a lecture on democracy’s principle of “Collective Decision Making” and “Equality in Intellect while making national decision” …. but first need some criticism on those “illiterate, uneducated , poor” ladies working in the farm , any volunteers???


Awais Says:
December 27th, 2008 at 10:54 pm

these “illiterate, uneducated, poor ladies” had some thing called ’street wisdom’ which most of the Literates, educated middle class or rich people lack.

that’s why these “illiterate, uneducated, poor ladies” never supported any Mullah or a dictator.
its was these “illiterate, uneducated, poor ladies” who stood against Zia-ul-Haq when all so called ‘Literate, educated, middle class or rich intellectuals’ were calling him

these “illiterate, uneducated, poor ladies” voted for PPP when all Midlle class was thinking that they should boycott the elections.

these “illiterate, uneducated, poor ladies” Voted for Benazir and made her first ever elected women PM of Pakistan {an Islamic country} when all middle class, religious Right was discussing ‘is it permissible in Islam for a women to be a PM in an Islamic State’

Its is because of these “illiterate, uneducated, poor ladies” that the Mullahs , military or dictators always run away from elections because they know what will be the result.

Thats why all Mullahs want to impose Islam by all other means except democracy.

pejamistri Says:
December 28th, 2008 at 12:09 am


In a world that made sense, these women, any by extension poor PPP Bhutto-freaks, would have questioned their immediate superiors in the party hierarchy for everything that went wrong in the PPP. They would and should have gotten involved and set the party to rights.

That’s what I wanted to hear. The poor ladies did not know what it means by oligarchy, plutocracy and democracy , ahhh poor souls did not know what Aristotle told , but there was one “feudal” who once came to their village and told them that the decision that government makes is based on their vote , one person one vote…. since then whenever they get a chance they vote for Bhuttos they know that they are making their decision and their vote does count :)………….
By the way when you get a chance read about Ismat BB , she has some more to tell about democracy 🙂



Ghost of TK says:

December 28th, 2008 at 12:13 am


For @GoTK and @MTC I can assure you I know such ladies who would not mind hunger and poverty but would love BB and like to watch her on TV …. haha…. I want to hear something about such ladies …. and then would like to give a lecture on democracy’s principle of “Collective Decision Making” and “Equality in Intellect while making national decision” …. but first need some criticism on those “illiterate, uneducated , poor” ladies working in the farm , any volunteers???

I fail to see the point of your previous post aside from provocation stemming from boredom during the holiday season.

First of all, I resent the implication that somehow I don’t consider these women to be “worthy” of something or other. To the contrary.

Nothing could be further from the truth. As a matter of fact, I speak for the empowerment of these very same downtrodden people by giving them a democratic choice to select their village/town/chak/tehsil/etc. party leaders and to allow them to select this very own idol of theirs (Benazir then, and Bilawal and…ummm.. Zardaro Ach Thoo! now ?) in a party convention.

I can understand their intuitive love for a woman leader and I can see that they yearn for empowerment through a leader, whose obligation it was to make sure that the members of PPP got this basic right in the party ranks, but who instead chose to play games with the kleptocracy in the name of “practicality” starting with the 1988 elections.

What I do not understand is you quoting these women, while you sir, are the person who does not tire of presenting lame excuses against internal party democracy which would actually empower the very same disadvantaged supporters of PPP.

Not for some real reason but because there is some dungeons-n-dragons phantasy game of Good vs. Evil being fought between “The establishment” and “Zardari in command of the virtuous riders of rohan!” And god forbid midgets like me or MTC should disturb the playborad by asking for grassroots democracy… IN A PARTY FIGHTING FOR FVCKING DEMOCRACY!!!!!

The best tribute to the Bhutto Myth would have been to organize, engage, empower and democratize these very same poor people who give their everything for that myth! To give them a feeling of participation.


mengla says:

December 28th, 2008 at 12:27 am

So Nawaz Sharif, Imran Khan, Qazi Hussain Ahmad, Gen. Gul, Maulana Sami ul Haq and countless other anti-PPP leaders continue to admire Benazir Bhutto as ‘hypocrites’, right. Right?! Oh, that is ‘just politics’. Right?

I am not even going to mention the millions who have loved Benazir for her courage and sacrifices and they include not just the poor who are rediculed by many shameless Zia’s Baqiat’s on this board but also people from all walks of life in Pakistan and abroad, both rich and poor, educated and illiterate, pious and sinners.

A more educated Anniversary post and responses–not all positive, by the way, could be seen at:

Rest in peace Benazir. We deeply mourn you. We mourn you and the world mourns while the patron saint of the urban ingrats of this forum lies unnoticed in the majestic grave of King Faisal Mosque in Islamabad.

The verdict of history is already delivered–today.


Fahim23 Says:
December 28th, 2008 at 1:14 am

Leaving aside numerous accusations/allegations on PPP and especially its leadership, one thing that no fair student of Pakistani politics would disagree with is that ZAB and PPP gave voice and power to the poor and downtroaden people of our country. The rerhi wala, hari, mazdoor, driver for the first time in history of Pakistan were involved in the state affairs.

Zulfi’s vision and character does not need any endorsement from me or you. He is in history and history will decide who and what he was (and it already has in many ways, both the foes and friends of PPP are forced to admit the greatness of ZAB and BB). Same is true for Benazir Bhutto. If someone can give one’s life for a cause there must be some genuine sincerity in their struggle and for that I respect both of them who died looking into the eyes of the death. That is the courage and only honest and sincere people can have that kind of courage…Trust me!!!

The so called educated, drawing room intellectuals have mostly been against PPP and they conviniently forget that, PPP is not all about Bhuttos. In my opinion if this party is alive since last 40 years and winning is more because of the sincere, selfless, courageous and brave workers thn anybody else. They have genuinely give blood for this country and fought with the jurnails who fortunately now are abhored by majority of the nation. The so called educated elite has just recently realized dictatorship is the curse not cure, while the illiterate PPP supporters have always been fighting against it. It was the same illiterate who gave Quaid-e-Azam the power to earn country for us.

I bet most of the learned scholars at this forum will not even be aware of the sacrifices and services rendered by the political workers of PPP for this country and quickly jump to ridicule, humiliate and abuse the street wisdom and boast about thr “intellectual superiority”. In my opinion it is the so called educated elite that has harmed Pakistan most thn anybody else.

It is not surprising if AZ is accused of plotting assassination of Mohtarma sitting in Dubai and thn smoothly becoming President with the help of all major political parties of Pakistan. There were people who were 200% sure that Karsaz blast was political stunt of BB, as she was power hungry and killed her father, brothers and poisoned her mother to become chairperson of PPP.

Criticism is not wrong infact it is essential for improvement. But criticism for the sake of criticism is destructive. One can have many disagreements with Zardari or any of the PPP leader. But we should all own as no matter what AZ and PPP is the Pakistani. If AZ is found guilty of anything by free and fair trial, no one will have problem if he pays for his crimes. But we should not let our hatered, bias and jealousy dictate us to single out any single personality or party


Fahim23 Says:
December 28th, 2008 at 1:53 am

@Ghost of TK

Your criticism on PPP that it does not regularly hold party elections to elect its chairperson or co-chairperson is very valid. I hope you know that at lower level it regularly hold elections and after BB’s unfortunate demise it should have elected new chairman through genuine party elections. And I would agree with you that it is not the divine right of Bhuttos to rule this party and no one can defend or justify it.

But let me present you the another prespective or reasons (Not justifications) in my assessment why PPP or other political parties have not been able to hold regular elections within the party for thr.

1- I hope you would agree that throughout human history and especially in our culture the son inherits his father legacy (financially as well as professionally). The son of carpenter mostly becomes carpenter, son of musician most probably becomes musician. Similarly if your parents/elders are involved in politics naturally you are going to be influenced by them and you are more likely to succeed in that field.

2- In case of PPP when it was founded the ZAB was elected unanimously as its leader. When ZAB was imprisoned by Zia he nominated Sheikh rasheed as party chairman and in elections thn Nusrat Bhutto won and became the chairman. During that period, mohtarma BB started campaigning along with her mother and she earned the respect of workers and after two years when her father was hanged by military dictator she became the co-chairperson of PPP. Afterwards although no elections took place for the PPP’s leadership but she would have definitely won the elections on her own capabilities.

3- Due to heavy involvement of intelligencies and anti-democratic forces in our country, it is most likely that such people are penetrated in the party which actually work to harm the party and act like mercenaries for thr masters. I remember BB was once asked about party elections in some interview and she expressed this fear. I totally buy this argument, because in our society it is very easy to buy people. We need to develop a political, democratic culture in our society before we can really expect the true fuits of democratic values.

4- Bilawal Bhutto is Selected as co-chairperson because of the sudden unfortunate circumstances. After BB’s death the party has serious threat of disintegration. Unfortunately the choice was very limited, and to keep the party united Bilawal Bhutto or AZ was the most suitable choice.

Beside MQM and JI is also a political cult like many other political parties and no one can even dream to replace Altaf Bhai or Qazi as leader. It is also not correct in my opinion that PPP like MQM and JI does not promote and empower middle class. We need to change the psyche of our society and promote democratic values. Of course the main stream political parties like PPP should take lead in this regard.


mibrahim Says:
December 28th, 2008 at 7:47 am

(December 28th, 2008 at 1:14 am)

“ZAB and PPP gave voice and power to the poor and downtroaden people of our country. The rerhi wala, hari, mazdoor, driver for the first time in history of Pakistan were involved in the state affairs”.

Very true. In 1970 elections, big land lords and waderas suffered humiliating defeat from student leaders, professionals and other lower and middle class citizen.


1977 elections, the same defeated land lards got party tickets and were brought back to assemblies. Whatever change was brought through 1967 movement of masses, was reverted overnight.

The same method of maintaining power, adapted by dictators i.e; keep wadera, jageerdar and other influential elements in hand rather than relying on street power. This method adapted by a dictators was understandable as they don’t have any roots in masses. It was an stupid mistake for somebody who was papular in masses.

Result of this mistake was obvious. When dictatorship striked again in 1977, street voice was less stronger in cmparison to what it was in 1967. It was simply due to fact that middle class left wingers paradoxically suffered more damage during Bhutto regime than during Ayub regime.

Now compare this with current lawyer’s movement which had middle class PPP professionals as very instrumental. But same paradox. It suffered more damage during PPP gov than it suffered during Musharraf gov.

Coming to Mohtarma, all credits to her brave elven year struggle against a dictator and it’s fundamantalist allied vultures.

But what were expectations from this fearless fight.
Acceting GI Khan as presiden?
Giving TAMGHA-E-JAMHOORIAT to an army general?
Compromising on every issue of national interest just for the sake of short stay in PM house? and
leaving all power in those same dirty hands?

In summary, PPP has a history of a series of great struggles and at the end of each struggle, undoing whatever was acheived and discrediting themselves.


democrate Says:
December 28th, 2008 at 8:31 am

BB is the greatest leader of pakistan after Quid A Azam.she brought democracy in pakistan single handedly.she put pressure on mussharaf constantly to shed his uniform and hold fair and free election and she succeeded.some analyst give credit to lawyers movement but they are wrong,lawers demand was to reinstate chodery it was BB who said thier never can be deal with mussharf until he sheds his uniform.some sick mind has develped so much hate for BB due to thier own failures,only surgen can remove thie trumour.

Awais Says:
December 28th, 2008 at 12:58 pm

I think yesterday was a slap {thapper} on the face of all the so called literate , educated, middle class, urban, pseudo-intellectuals who are saying is media everyday

*-PPP hasn’t done anything
*-PPP has lost its credibility
*-Zardari has ruined the PPP
*-People are not with this government
*-This Government is a product of NRO

I think hundreds of thousands of people turn up to Garhi Kudda Bakhish in spite of all the rumors of bomb blasts, suicidal threats to show their support to their beloved leader and their party to which they have their faith in.

Ask Mian Sahab or Imran Khan sahab, or Qazi Sahab or any one to show this much public support.


Fahim23 Says:
December 28th, 2008 at 2:09 pm


Most of your arguments have weight and any faithful PPP supporter should pay necessary attention to these arguments. Please note that I agree with you on the notion that “One should not compromise on Good principles”.

But question is? Shall we as individual or group compromise in certain conditions or we shall not compromise at all? I think and it’s my personal opinion to achieve larger goal if we have to make some compromises we should but it should not be for our personal interest/gain it should be for collective good. To support my way of thinking I would present following examples:

1- In treaty of Hudaybiyyah, Prophet SAW agreed on this term:

“A young man, or one whose father is alive, if he goes to Muhammad without permission from his father or guardian, will be returned to his father or guardian. But if anyone goes to the Quraish, he will not be returned.”

Now this article apparently seems complete compromise risking the life of new Muslim converts and it was not liked by most Sahaba (RA) of that time and some even objected. But Prophet (SAW) made this deal with Quraish for the larger goal.

2- I hope you would also know that Prophet (SAW) especially prayed for Hazrat Umer (RA) and Abu Jehal, because he (SAW) believed if they became Muslim; it will greatly help Islam because of their social status.

I am trying to build an argument that compromise/deal is not always wrong though it is not ideal; as it is the sign of weakness. My second argument is that the masses follow the elite, in their language, culture and religion. This is how the world works. Probably these are the reasons why ZAB chose landlords in 77 elections and BB accepted GIK as president. At this point I want to clarify one thing that some people think ZAB completely ignored the middle class people and gave most of his tickets to landlords etc. It is not true, even in 77 elections 70% of tickets were awarded to genuine middle class party workers.

I believe if they would have struck the deals for personal gains then ZAB would have been alive today, BB wouldn’t have spent 5 years in jail, most of her life either fighting cases and in exile and continued fighting elections and for democracy after loosing her father, two brothers, mother. Her spouse was put in jail for 11 and half years, and in 30 years of struggle she wouldn’t have remain in power for 18 and 23 months. If ZAB and BB would have been power hungry as some claim then she could have easily opted to remain in power like Sharif’s, chowdhries, mullahs or MQM’ have done.

Having said that all these actions (may be committed in good faith) proved to be grave mistakes, and most of time the elite has betrayed and hurt PPP Not only PPP but all major parties should cleanse themselves, introduce regular elections, and sideline the corrupt /exploitative elements.

I think you are exaggerating when you say “compromising on every issue that is of national intrest”. PPP has done most then any body else for Kashmir, Nuclear, Missile, submarines, tanks, F16s, Constitution, Provincial harmony, Foreign policy (ties with China, Russia), etc. I can quote number of achievements of PPP in thr short lived two last terms but that will over stretch the post.


mibrahim Says:
December 28th, 2008 at 4:35 pm


It is true that you have to show lot of flexibility on many issues, but there are certain limitations. A good, responsible leadership should not compromise on certain principles.

One of such principle is rule of law, supremacy of parliment and to confine all elements of soceity (poor, rich, wadera, bearocrat, civilian, army etc.)within the boundries of constitution.

History proves which principles should be rigid non flexible . Before 77 election we had experience of awarding examption from constitution to a dictator. This should be a basic, non compromisable principle. Results of such a compromise and NAZARIA-E-ZAROORAT are speaking for themselve in every inch and corner of our country. ZAB biggest sucess and acheivement was not a nuclear tech., or any other projected one. His major acheivement and contribution was a constitution that was passed through a legal and ligitimate parliment. It proves that he had full understanding of what is the basic principle which can make nations, a prosperous one. Now paradoxically agin,the one who initiated to amend and change the face of this constitution was no one but ZAB himself. If these kind actions are taken by somebody like Zia, Musharraf etc. is understandable because they are mindless, errogants and are ruling bodies without any thought process. It was rather disappointing for a person with such a high level of intellact and understanding.

In 1988, we had another 11 year experience of somebody who was granted special prevailages to be exampted from law. Why we we struggled for eleven years? Against a person name Zia? Of course not. We were struggling against an unconstitutional process. We were struggling because these principles were not compromisable. What sense does it make to compromise on same principles for which we fought for eleven consecative years. How one can chose to form government by compromising on 8th amendment?

Remember after one of Indian elections of 1980’s, CPI(Marxist) were offered support from other parties to form government. They refused to do so because they had to compromise on certein basic principles.

If you are avoiding a big bloodshed or something by compromising on a principle than probably it may be justified to compromise. But if only consequence of compromising is that it will deprive you from forming government and make to sit in apposition, it is not justified by any means.

Making deals with undemocratic forces like army is not acceptable at all. Our whole history is nothing but speaking for that fact.

Fahim23 Says:
December 28th, 2008 at 5:07 pm


I think I can understand from where you are coming. Especially the popular leaders should try not to compromise as much as possible, because thr implications are severe. But I think we cannot make specific rules like making deals with dictators is Forbidden, Making deals with superpower is Forbidden, making deals with Kings is forbidden. The particular circumstances and situations will guide us (if we are sincere) what is the right thing to do. However we can make a rule that making deal for personal gains Should be forbidden, while making deal with Anybody for the larger good in my opinion is quite reasonable thing.

I believe if quaid-e-Azam or Gandhi didnt have made deals with the foreigh occupiers (worst thn dictators) they would have failed like Tipu sultan, 1857 mutiny, Syed Ahmed shaheed etc.

I second you on stating that ZAB and PPP’s greatest contribution was to unite the nation and steered them to produce a constitution. Please correct me if I am wrong, you sounded like as if making amendments in the constitution is wrong. It is constitutionally provisioned to make amendments. But if anybody who unilaterally on his own amends/distorts/subverts a single comma of the constitution we call him/her a Dictator. We should see whether ZAB on his own made any amendments in the constition or he followed the due process. If he followed the due process we can disagree with the amendments but cannot criticise.

I’m sure you will know that 8th amendment was passed in 1985 when many current stalwards of Pakistani politics like NS were pledging to continue the mission of Zia. Mohtarma BB did compromised with the Pakistani establishment but the fact that she was removed just after 18 months makes me conclude that She didn’t compromised beyond limits. There are many people who supports my argument, and there are many who like you believe BB and PPP struck the deal in ill faith.

mibrahim Says:
December 28th, 2008 at 6:29 pm

“while making deal with Anybody for the larger good in my opinion is quite reasonable thing”.
You are giving justification to NAZRYA-E-ZAROORAT.

Speak to any Jammaati and asked them why they supported Gen. Zia when he violated the constitution and rule of law by using army to eiliminate a democratically elected gov. Although it was a clear, un acceptable deviation from a core principle, still they will bring same argument as you are giving i;e”making deal with Anybody for the larger good”. If you also allow to compromise on certain principles which should be strictly non-compromisable, than what’s differance.

I concider these right wingers as vultures for their deals with dictators. If same act was done by anyone else no matter it is PPP or any other force, is unacceptable.

I just advocating you to look at the history of any of country like ours and compare it to history of prosperous nations.Our history is full of compromises and bypassing rules of core interest. Compromising on those issues is not an option in developed countrie. You, me or anybody are not deciding which principles are to be compromised and which are not. It is simply the history of modern world which has proved and established certain principles as noncompromisable and ‘NO IFs ANDs or BUTs are acceptable.

Now concider constitution of 73. First amendmend was made only 4 hours after its implementation. Most of initial amendmends (including dissolving the Baluchistan assembly) were throgh an ordinance (not even a resolution throgh a parliment). Exactly in the same way as practiced later by Zia and Musharraf.

Time has proven again and again the devastating consequences of such compromises. The right wing vultures, religio-political leaders did not had any clue how sensitive the issue was and therefore they supported repeated gang rapes of our constitution by army generals. Problem with the liberals is the same. Rather than accepting their open, shameless mistakes they are trying to find justifications. Even they are fighting for one principle for a number of years and finally compromising on whatever they were fighting for. That is a simple U turn. What was the end of the 11 year struggle. Simply KHODA PAHAR NIKLA CHOOHA. Dirty hands at the throat of the nations remained like as it is and all struggle went in to GUTTER.It was just proved to be a FAREB-E-NAZAR.


pejamistri Says:
December 28th, 2008 at 6:59 pm

@mibrahim, @Fahim23

On the compromise let me tell you my own view , in fact this was taught to me by another “jiyala”. In 1989, when BB made probably the worst compromise (perhaps as bad as ZAB made in 1977 when he adopted the feudal) , I was absolutely disgruntled. You see at that time I was young and during the election against the wishes of my (right wing) family I supported PPP candidate (who by the way lost). So I was extremely unhappy , because BB compromised on worst possible terms , and everything I opposed in the mad dictator’s era. She even gave the “medal of democracy” to Mirza Aslam Beg….

So I am talking to this PPP stalwart , who happened to be district PPP leader , and I told him how much disappointed I am , he told me something which I still remember…

He said in order to understand the compromise , first of all you must assume that BB is at least as intelligent and have at least same intellect as yours . So if you think that you have better intellect than BB or you suppose your self wiser than BB , then of course it will not be possible for you to understand why BB made these compromises.

I said fine , I bring myself down at BB’s intelligence level , tell me how can BB compromise with the murderers of his father , how can she sell the blood of so many martyrs of democracy… he said wait wait… now you need to make sure that your level of righteous is no more than BB , therefore she is as much concerned about the blood of martyrs , murderers of her father and so on and so on….
I said fine, but still tell me how can BB make those compromises why she needed to do all this??

He said yes now you can think why BB did all this… he asked me what she should have done? I gave him a detailed plan of how BB could have become the “great leader of whole south Asia” (you know I was genius since beginning 🙂 ) …

And the guy said, “Listen, your action plan may be great , however it can only be proved great once someone acts upon it.”, I said right , then why BB did not do it? He said because she had her own plan , and this action plan can not be proved “wrong/bad” until someone acts upon it.

Then he gave me a lecture how she might have made this plan , how she would have discussed this plan with several people , how different people might have supported her plan and how some other intelligent people have objected on certain points in her plan….

And then he proved to me why she is more intelligent than I , and how she is more righteous than me. How she is more concerned about the murderers of her father , and well being of the martyrs of democracy than me… and so on…. and so on…

That is why I ask MTC , GoTK and bring their intelligence level down to the level of AZ or for that matter Nawaz Sharif, and then also stop being self righteous(a trait of beardos” btw) and then they will find that their action plan is “as worthless as that of AZ” 🙂

BTW in the end I think somehow she became “great leader of whole south Asia” without acting upon my plan 🙂 …


pejamistri Says:
December 28th, 2008 at 7:00 pm

BTW since than I consider all the politician wiser than I , and more honest than myself .. that doesn’t however mean that they don’t make mistakes 🙂


Fahim23 Says:
December 28th, 2008 at 7:30 pm


Yes it is high time we need to draw a line.


Fahim23 Says:
December 28th, 2008 at 7:36 pm


Not only the political parties but we as a society needs to groom and develop our democratic apetite. The political setup is the manifestation of our society.


mibrahim Says:
December 28th, 2008 at 7:36 pm


Very Intrersting details.

Intelligence, brightness, brilliance are all relative terms and god gifted tandencies. Political leadership demands something i.e. common sense. A common sense is detrmined by general objective, geographical and economical circumstances of masses and good leadership must always have compliance, acceptance and have coordination with masses. Now a person like you from masses has its expectations from leadership and leadership is elite graduate from Oxford.

Due to different levels of intelligence, grooming etc., among different elements of soceity, and to counter these differences , those devoloped countries firstly, made rules of the game (constitution, other core principles)and strictly implemented those rules and eliminated all means that can compromise these basic rules and principles.

We despite having examples of developed countries, despite having our own devastating experiences as a result of compromising those principles, still trying to find excuses and justifications for these compromises and violation. I think we should be open minded in condemning all these acts. Other wise we and Jamatis will be same forces walking aimlessly in apposite directions.



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