Gaza war tourism – Keren Levy: I’m a little bit fascist

explodintplant says:
that’s a good point. she’s actually reminiscent of hitler; she even admitted it ‘i’m a “little bit” fascist.’ i don’t understand someone that upside down.

Scort8888 says:
They’ll be the ones getting bombed eventually. However, I can’t think of one time that bombing has softened the enemy. The US dropped enormous amounts of ordinance on North Vietnam. Did it help?

XescMainzer says:
They should remember WWII. Maybe germans thought the same as them at World War II.

Zeusgrl says:
They should have to experience BEING STARVED, they should have to experience being PRISONERS in their own homes,
they should experience having neighbors who
little by littel take more and more of their land and claim it as their own.
They should experience that, because that is EXACTLY what the ILLEGAL”Settlers” are forcing the NATIVE Palestinians to experience EVERY day ! Supremacist cunts.


Try not to cry – A song for Palsetine – By Sami Yusuf


mohsin75 Says:

I’ve just seen a very good documentary about the topic and thought it is worth sharing it. The name Occupation 101 is about the occupational history and the current status of what is going on in the west bank and the Gaza strip. It’s a bit more than an hour but its worth watching it! A must see! Below is the link:



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