Zardari says: “Journalists are biggest terrorists.” We say: “Indeed, we must name and shame pro-Taliban yellow journalists…”

While Zardari did not call journalists as terrorists (as confirmed by Farhatullah Babar and Sherry Rehman), he must name and shame certain yellow journalists who support Taliban and radical Islam….

Zardari in controversy over media remark

Islamabad, Jan 19 (PTI) President Asif Zardari was today entangled in a controversy after a section of the media reported that he had described journalists as the “biggest terrorists in Pakistan” during a recent meeting with a group of businessmen.
Information Minister Sherry Rehman and presidential spokesman Farhatullah Babar denied that Zardari had made any comment but the matter was brought up by the opposition PML-N in the National Assembly or lower house of parliament, with lawmaker and columnist Ayaz Amir raising a point of order.

A report in The News daily and on TV channels said Zardari had described journalists as the “biggest terrorists” in the country during a meeting on January 15 with a delegation of the Sarhad Chamber of Commerce and Industry, a business lobby from the North West Frontier Province.

Members of the delegation also quoted Zardari as saying that journalists “misreported things and presented the situation in a non-objective manner”.

Other reports have suggested that Zardari was annoyed with sections of the media which had reported that the government had purportedly provided a lot of funds to certain officials to target some journalists who are critical of the Pakistan People’s Party-led government.

However, Information Minister Rehman told the National Assembly that the PPP believed in freedom of expression for the media and that Zardari had never uttered any derogatory remarks about journalists.

“President Zardari has very friendly and cordial relations with journalists and he can never even think of uttering such words,” Rehman said. PTI


Analysis by BBC Urdu dot com


A summary of hostile, pro-terrorism activities by certain yellow journalists:

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Some Comments

mammu Says:
January 19th, 2009 at 12:15 pm

for a long time i have stop trusting any news which is bases on speculations and “Un-Named sources”

thats why i dnt consider it as a news.
Its a speculation or at most a hearsay.

while the truth this is the first Governement which has opened all the TV channels which were banned.
its the government which has never Stopped a TV channel from Broadcasting even the most absurd programs.

source doesn’t mean the news

why cannot they find a single person who could come in front and say that Yes Zardari said this to me.
rather than quoting some ‘anonymous’ sources.

and secondly this Jang Group already lost its credibility the cheap way they are targeting the Daughter of Justice Dogger.
its simple pathetic that you dnt like some one and they start looking into the matters of their sons,daughters and wives.

Its simple cheap.

Zahid.Ilyas Says:
January 19th, 2009 at 4:27 pm

Let my first make it clear that i am not at all supporter of PPP..I really agree that present gov is not better than previous in any aspect except the fact that present gov is the elected one and constitutionally protected..It really sucks..At the same time i must say that Thenews and Geo group is not impartial either. I have this feeling that they are tilted towards NS party.



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