Nawaz Sharif threatens Asif Zardari? An analysis of “Long March”

Nazir Naji



Tanvir Qaiser Shahid


Some Comments:

Mohammad Musa Islam Islam Says:

To those who love nawaz shareef: that is your right but don’t deny the histry.

1. who was with general jeelani,

2. who was with general zia ,

3. when general zia dismissed junejo government who was with general zia.

4.who was in IJI , it was made by general aslam beg and hameed gul,

5.who supported midnight jackals and main culprits of that action major amir and bregadier Imtiaz were with nawaz shareef or PP

6. relations with COAS from aslam to musharaf were not good at all why,

7. attack on supreme court and relations with sajjad ali shah and finally removal of sajjad ali shah from cj.

8.talking against PCO judges and nominating saeedu zaman siddiqui for the post of president of pakistan who was also a pco judge, he took oath of zia pco now my dear read this and think again



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