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Welcome to our critical reflections on Pakistan’s politics, society and arts. In the main, the blog offers a selection of editorials and op-eds from the Pakistani and international press. The blog is a project of ‘Critical Supporters of Pakistan People’s Party’ (CSPPP); syndicated since June 2008.

Editor: Abdul Nishapuri
Co-editors: Sarah Khan, Omar Khattab, Jarri Mirza, Ahmer Asif

Critical Supporters of Pakistan People’s Party (CSPPP)

Formed in June 2008, this group is committed to providing constructive criticism on the policies of Pakistan People’s Party while remaining committed to the original 1970 manifesto of the party based on the following four principles:

Islam is our Faith
Democracy is our Policy
Socialism is our Economy
All Powers to the People

For further details or to be a part of this endeavour, contact: pakistanteam@gmail.com



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