Remembering General Zia-ul-Haq and Mian Jehangir Advocate

Do we have a single worker or leader like this one in the rank and file of PML-N, PML-Q, Jamaat Islami?

A great op-ed by Tahir Sarwar Mir:

President condoles death of Mian Jehangir Advocate

(APP): President Asif Ali Zardari Friday expressed his deep sorrow and grief
over the demise of Mian Jehangir Advocate. The President in a
message to his family paid rich tributes to late Mian Jehangir for his services
for the profession and the party.

Late Mian Jehangir was a leader of the People’s Lawyer Forum and had been placed under detention several times during the General Zia-ul-Haq regime.
He also provided his professional services as a lawyer to Asif Ali Zardari, while he was facing several court cases as part of his political victimisation.
The President lauded the service of Mian Jehangir for the cause of democracy and said it was just because of the sacrifices of such valiant workers that democracy was again flourishing in the country.

24 responses to “Remembering General Zia-ul-Haq and Mian Jehangir Advocate”

  1. We are quite used to naming corrupt as ‘Shaheed’ here in pakistan.I don’t wonder if someone corrupt and killer like Zardari pays tribute to his lawyer who wanted a culprit not to be punished.We have our own vocabulary and pay tribute to those people who have always worked for our self-interests…….
    There is no science or technique which can tell us the difference between right and wrong except religion i.e Islam.This Islam has given us surity that corrupt-cum-killers would go to hell…………………..

  2. dear Paki your Islam will forgive Imran Khan’s all sins but send all other sinners to hell. With followers like you, no wonder Imran Khan has to be in love with Taliban. shame on you “Paki”. In my eyes, this courageous anti-martial law lawyer is much much better than the new ISI-poodle known as Imran Khan. Enough said.

  3. You msut differentiate a good person with a bad one.Imran is considered as a hero in pakistan whereas Zardari is known as MR10% and what about his lawyer?.Which martial law and democracy are you talking about?Is there any difference between martial law and the current democracy ?No difference at all…..
    You need to know what Imran thinks of Taliban.Imran has just condemned the bomb blast which has taken the life of ANP MPA along with many others.
    Imran was the first who publicy started criticizing Musharaf and ISI whereas Zaradri was busy making deals with them along with his co called lawyer.
    Don’t resort on lie to support your point.

  4. It is very easy to Say things even without knowing the Truth. Mian Mohammad Jehangir Advocate was a true , honest, dedicated and genuine worker of Pakistan people’s party and struggled all his life for democracy, independence and fairness of the legal and political system of Pakistan. He is one of hose unique leaders who never wanted money, never wanted fame and helped people through out his life.
    Mian Mohammad jehangir was offered ministry, diplomatic posts and many other big posts but never went or accepted such things his whole life but kept living like a simple person.

    He lived like a simple man, No bank balance, No property, No bribe, nothing during his long struggle. You made me cry my friend by posting such negatives on this forum. Such type of people cannot be find in this corrupted Pakistani structure anymore and that’s a bet.

    He spent 9 years in the jail for democracy and transparency of the leadership for the people.
    People like Asif Ali Zardari and many more in government cannot be matched with Mian Mohammad Jehangir.

    Ask those people whose life changed due to the philosophical and truth full thoughts of Mian Mohammed Jehangir. SALUTE TO MIAN MOHAMMED JEHANGIR.

  5. I personally knew Jahangir sahib for the last twenty years. He was a great patriot and a true lover of the Prophet (pbuh). It is a shame that Islamist fundos have infested Imran Khan’s party who have no regard for the deceased soul.

  6. Let me start off by pointing out the truth;Zaradri was realy involved in corruption and when Benzair became PM,zardari spent billions of rupee on having a Polo ground in President house and I like many others have seen the pics of the Polo ground in PM house which clearly shows Zaradri was involved in corruption and two cases against him stand proven.How can Mian Jahangir be a good person who was representing in court that zardari has never done corruption?
    Mian Jahangir might be a good supporter of PPP but for God’s sake Pakistan ,Islam and PPP are three different things.
    One can easily sense how much PPP is good for pakistan by looking at their performance in the previous year.They are busy in rewarding medals to bloody Americans who have ordered killing of people in Pakistan.

    Yes,I would have considered Mian Jahangir a good person if he had publicaly condemned NRO,and admitted that Zardari was involved in corruption.

  7. Hey Paki do you know that the Los Angeles superior court on July 30, 1997 declared Imran Khan the father of the daughter of Anna Louise, alias Sita White, and that Tyrian was born out of wedlock, which disqualifies him as being a parliamentarian under the Constitution of Pakistan. Do you know that Imran’s illicit daughter Terry White has been adopted by Jemima. By advocating Zani Talibani Imrani, you prove that you support Zina, Paki? Are you a Muslim?

  8. You perhaps don’t know that it was exparte judgement which in law can not be taken as truth.
    secondly,if Imran is wrong that doesn’t make Zardari and his lawyer right…..
    In Islam,evryone commits mistake but correcting yourself is more important than anything else.Imran is a revered person in paksitan who has done so many services to this pakistan and none can be compared with him…..

  9. Paki exparte judgment is a legal decision which Imran did not challenge. The ‘truth’ is that Imran committed Zina. What is the punishment of Zina in Islam by the way? Or has Allah’s chosen khalifah Mullah Omar forgiven Imran’s sins? Talking of Islam?

  10. Oh hello,which islam are you talking about?
    You could talk of punishment when there is sharia in the country.In absence of sharia,muslims are bound to making mistakes.that’s the reason PTI is maintaining that it would implement sharia in pakistan after coming into power so that no one can commit mistake.
    You people are just muslims by name who don’t sharia to be implemented in this country who was got using the name of Islam.
    Imran is aa lot better muslim than …Can you compare any other pakistani with who has done that much for paksitan?
    You,your zardari,Benazir ,Musharfa all are just American puppet in paksitan.You are more American than pakistani….
    An Amenrican journalist accepted Islam when she was in the prison of taliban and said taliban led her to the right ppath…You are talking of Mullah umer he is the one who impressed non mulims so much that they started accepting Islam….

  11. @ Paki

    So you are now admitting that Moulvi Imran Khan is Zani.
    What a pity ! His sons don’t want to live in Pakistan while he is not allowing her love-child ( i.e. daughter from Sita White ) to live in Pakistan with him !!
    He must be in real pain all the time having three children but can’t be living with them !!!
    Dear Paki, not all pakistanis spent lives of a playboy like Moulvi Imran Khan then why should they suffer Taliban style sharia, just because Imran Khan is Zani.
    Why can’t Moulvi Imran Khan come on Geo Tv and confess before whole nation that he did zina in the past ??

  12. @Absolute Atheist

    Why do u keep resorting on lie or misunderstanding everytime?
    You perhaps don’t know that his sons regularly comes Pakistan.There stay in UK is because of their education.A lot of people living near Zaman Park have told me that they have seen Imran playing cricket with his sons many times….
    When did I say that Imran has commited Zina?
    Well,we are strange people we talk against Zanis still we don’t want the implementation of sharia in the country which is the only option available to stop such sins happen.
    There are lots of people who are involved in this sin due to the absence of sharia.Only sharia presence can stop people doing that…….

    There are few questions I have got for you…
    A zani can never be the best captain of an average team in the history of cricket.Had Imran been involved in these he would have never been able to do so many services to the nation.we see zani everywhere but the only thing they can do is harm the nation.
    A zani never gets involved in social activities he is always a selfish bunch
    A zani never talks of sharia and doesn’t speak for justice and equality and most importantly poor’s rights…
    Imran Khan is the best Pakistani and a lot better Muslim than all of us……..

  13. @ Paki

    What I can inform your post is that
    all pakistani cricket team captains including molana Inzee were zani as they were not able to lift world cups !!!! 🙂
    Thanks you talked about Imran Zani’s sons. well do you know wat’s Jamima oh Haiq oh Jamima I’m confused, please tell me wat is the name of Imran Zani’s sons’ mother ??? She is murtid as she left islam after accepting it as Imran Zani was not able to satisfy her. Nowadays she’s busy in making love with none other than smarty Hugh Grant !!!! Dear Paku, what the fuck imran zanis sons doing with a murtid lady who’s living a very you know sort of playgirl life nowadays !!!
    If Imrna loves Sharia then why doesn’t he have beard !!!
    He has to have beard before demanding Sharia !!
    What about australian capatains who lifted world cups were they very pious, you fool ???
    You are definitely a very hard-nut.
    I think Quran’s ayat ” Summoon Bukmoon….. ” is for people like you and your leader clean-shaven moulvi Imran Khan.
    Now want you to answer my following questions

    1- When did Moulvi Imran Khan condemn Talibans’ brutalities and suicide bombings unconditionally i.e. withouth terming Talibans attrocities on poor Pakistanies as a reaction to Pakistan’s support to war on terror and military operation in FATA and Swat ?? You need to give us link of news item.

    2- When did Moulvi Imran Khan arrange a press conference solely to condemn Taliban bastards ?? give me proof.

    3- When did he condemn Talibans on TV talkshows without terming their brutalities as a reaction of military operation ???

    Rest in Peace

    n Bye for now

  14. You have got three questions for me to answer.Now have the answers
    1-It’s a well established fact that the war against terror is a reactional one.Only westernized minds like you and Musharaf have failed to understand this.Why suicide bombing in Pakistan did take place when Americans bombarded on Bajaud Madderssa?I still remember very well Resident Editor of The News Peshawer wrote an article about this bombardment and predicted that the fathers of all the childrens who died in this attack are likely to take arms.The history has proved him right,his prediction turned out to be true.
    Dear,Pakistan started witnessing these attacks when Pak Army and USA started killing civilians bruitaly.A Taliban commander once said that US Drones are helping us to win people’s sympathies.
    2-Yes Imran has never done that(holding press conference) because he doesn’t have to.But Imran has held press conference regarding this issue and solution and has given the solution to this issue.
    3-Read the answer to first question.
    hope I have answered your questions

  15. @Paki
    —“An Amenrican journalist accepted Islam when she was in the prison of taliban and said taliban led her to the right ppath…You are talking of Mullah umer he is the one who impressed non mulims so much that they started accepting Islam….
    ” —— LOL !!!!
    What the fucking hell is your reasoning !!! According to some report Yvone Ridley was forced to accept Islam during her captivity in Afghanistan. She was tortured and terrorised to the extent that she suffered mentally even then she did not convert to islam. By the way according to her own website —- “She endeared herself to the Muslim community in Britain when she reverted to Islam 30 months after making international headlines when she was captured by the Taleban on an undercover assignment in Afghanistan.”—
    —– You see Paki she converted to islam after 30 months of her release from the captivity of Taliban terrorists. She’s still a working lady and if she was impressed by Mullah Omer then she must be living with either Mollah Omar or Osam Bin Laden as their Kaneez !!! By the way she did not cover her face and works with male na-mahrams, while according to Taliban’s Islam women should only be confined to their homes and they can only go outside with their male mahrams only !!!
    Now come to Mullah Omar – the one-eyed bastard of ISI+CIA love affair, during his rule in Afghanistan thousands of innocent men, women and even children were massacred in Mazar-e-Sharif and Bamiyan, during his rule ancient Budha statues were destroyed, during his rule women were brutally suppressed and there was complete ban on girls’ education. The gr888 Mullah Omar literally dragged Afghan society into dark ages.
    Still people like Moulvi Imran Khan+Qazi+Gen Hamid Gul and their stupid followers like you-Paki- praise Mullah Omar !!
    You people are definitely out of your mind otherwise you could not support an evil like Mullah Omar !!

  16. We have rare balanced persons like Imran in our society.
    We generally have got two kinds of people.Some like you have failed to understand the difference between westernization and Islam.On the other hand,we have got people like Talibans who have failed to understand the difference between traditions and Islam.I never said and meant that whatever Taliban do they do right.Some of their acts are controversial undoubtedly,and the people living in urban areas of paksitan too have some demerits.
    We all have demerits and should we make commit mistakes which taliban made(I mean using force).that’s the question we all have to think about.The answer simply is you get rid of the demerits you have and Talibans should get rid of demerits they have.This is how it should go on.We had better give room to everyone in the society.

    Now let’s come back to that journalis.She is of the opinion that Taliban treated her well during prison.Despite that,she like Imran says that Taliban had few demerits particularly the use of force(you had better watch “Jawab Deh” with Imran which was telecast on Geo Tv some weaks back).
    She like Imran says that US and coalition forces need to get out of Afghansitan.

  17. @ Paki

    “We have rare balanced persons like Imran in our society.”—-
    hmmmmm so you think a person who spends a colourful life and was sort of playboy during his youth is a balanced person ?? Don’t you remember his past night parties in London’s night clubs and pubs, having flirts with western chicks and affair with Sita White and Jammima and having love-child with Sita White, and then after entering politics on advice of Gen Hamid Gul declaring himself as islamist and supporting Talibans !!! Do you think a balanced person should be like that ???

    — “The answer simply is you get rid of the demerits you have and Talibans should get rid of demerits they have.This is how it should go on.We had better give room to everyone in the society”—
    Dear Paku, I think you should go to South Waziristan and preach him and ask him to not to kill innocent Pakistanis, don’t blow up schools and stop suicide bombings. I think Moulvi Imran Khan should go there too !! Dear Paku issue is Talibans are takfiris i.e. they term all those as ‘kafirs’ who disagree with their ideology. And according to Taliban terrorists all kafirs should be killed ! Do you think we should talk with these bastards who have no regard for human life ???
    Now tell me why your Moulvi Imran Khan does not hold press conferences to condemn suicide bombings and other terrorist acts of Talibans ?? (If he can arrange press conference for Dr. Afia then why the hell he doesn’t speak for innocent pakistanis ??)
    You call this hypocrite Moulvi a balanced person ???
    Think over it again Mr. Paki !!

  18. I wrote down Imran is a balanced person and you are such a stupid person who started talking about his past.yes,you would have been right if I rather wrote down that Imran was a balnced person in youth.He is balanced now right at the moment.
    You are a very strange person.You don’t believe in Islam and still you try to term people good or bad in context of Islam.
    My suggestion to you would be get rid of the confusion you have.

  19. @ paki

    Well, dear paki why shouldn’t we talk about Moulvi Imran Khan’s past ??? How can we be so sure that Imran Khan is now a ‘balanced’ person and do not do anything that is probited in Islam??
    How can we be so sure that now he doesn’t go to night clubs during his UK visits ??
    My argument is ” Imran Khan is a born-muslim and if he commited adultery/zina in his youth then he must be punished for that crime as he himself favours Nifaz-e-Shariat”.
    Yes, I don’t believe in Islam !, regarding your query that why do i term good or bad in context of islam—– I don’t like hypocrisy that’s why I criticise IK in context of Islam as he claims to be a champion of Islamic ideology but in reality he is nothing but a hypocrite like Gen. Hamid Gul, and Qazi Hussain Ahmed !!
    You have called me “stupid”—well you may call me as per your choice. However, I would really appreciate if you Now tell me why your Moulvi Imran Khan does not hold press conferences to condemn suicide bombings and other terrorist acts of Talibans ?? (If he can arrange press conference for Dr. Afia then why the hell he doesn’t speak for innocent pakistanis ??)
    You call this hypocrite Moulvi a balanced person ???
    Think over it again Mr. Paki !!

  20. hay,i know personally justice mian jahangir from my childhood.he was the best friend of my father and classfellow father was died in 11 feb father told me alot about father is a politician also he told me mian sahab is very honest man he is a blessing for us and our party,he was a great man.i know all of his family members his dayghter is my best friend like my sister,so plz mr paki i dnt know who r u andi dont want to know ok but if u dont know about anyone so dont write comments like that ok.he is no more please afraid of GOD,ok and listen if zardari is a corrupt president its mean all the PPP members are corrupt,no my dear i think u dnt know abt politics i belong to a political family and i knw short word MIAN SAHIB is a great lose of our country and specially their family.i salute to mian jahangir,still now i cant beleive he is no more.
    my ALLAH rest his soul in peace.
    Manal Ali
    D/o:Malik Karamat Ali