Deal or no deal? The real story of the Long March and the restoration of Iftikhar Chaudhry

Justice Iftikhar Chaudhry restored as Chief Justice of Pakistan
Monday, March 16, 2009

ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Syed Yousuf Raza Gilani early Monday morning announced reinstatement of the deposed Chief Justice Iftikhar Mohammad Chaudhry and other judges.

“I restore the deposed chief justice and others according to the promise made by me and the President,” Gilani said in a televised address to the nation. The announcement, in light of the directive of President Asif Ali Zardari, met the main demand of the political parties and the lawyers’ community.

He said, “A notification to this effect is being issued now.” He said Justice Iftikhar Chaudhry would replace Justice Abdul Hameed Dogar, who retires on March 21. Gilani said and pledged to “continue the politics of reconciliation.” The deposed Chief Justice Iftikhar Chaudhry was removed from service by former President Pervez Musharraf on March 9, 2007, sparking a wave of protest that led to his resignation from his office on August 18, 2008.

The prime minister also announced reinstatement of other judges of the Supreme Court and said the number of judges for the apex court has already been increased through legislation to accommodate the reinstated judges. He said the PPP had made a lot of contribution to the lawyers’ movement and rendered numerous sacrifices. He said shaheed Mohtarma Benazir Bhutto had pledged to reinstate the deposed Chief Justice.Gilani said President Asif Ali Zardari also pledged to do the same.

Gilani recalled that soon after securing a heavy mandate from the parliament he had announced the release of the detained judges and also restoration of their emoluments. The prime minister said the decision was taken in consultation with the allies. Gilani also greeted Chairman of Pakistan People’s Party Bilawal Bhutto Zardari, lawyers, political workers, and civil society on this auspicious occasion and asked them to celebrate the occasion in a befitting manner.

What’s the story behind this decision?

The decision to restore the chief justice was taken after a meeting between Zardari, Gilani and the army chief Ashfaq Kayani. The US and British have mediated the talks between the government and Sharif for the last few days. The US secretary of state, Hillary Clinton, spoke to both Zardari and Sharif by phone on Saturday.

The deal is clinched, but the show will go on: Afzal Khan

The following is the text of an email by journalist Afzal Khan circulated on 15 March 2009 at about 6:00am in the morning, exactly 24 hours before the speech of the Prime Minister Gilani.


The Sharif brothers are being seen to have been allowed free movement while lawyers and political leaders are being arrested country wide. This lawyers revolution is for now the beating pulse of a nation, little do they factor in the frustrations and the voices of the people

1. All key players, Sharif brothers, Asif Zardari and Lawyers will come out as victors in the face-saving formula which has been scripted by Milliband with US blessings and guaranteed by Army.

2. Federal govt will be going to Supreme Court for a review of the verdict on the Sharifs’ disqualification, the court will admit it and issue a stay and pending hearing for indefinite period this will give Punjab back to the Sharifs

3. The lawyers and politicians will NOT be allowed to reach the red zone

4. COAS Kayani has conceded to deploy the army in Islamabad and other cities and the troops will not fire a single shot but hope their presence will deter processionists from violence

5. Lawyers will have their dharna near Faizabad but inside capital limits

6. A constitutional package will be introduced after the deadline

7. Gujrat’s Chaudhry’s will visit Raiwaind they will have the satisfaction of jolted rivals and brought both PPP and Sharifs down to seek their support and they will also have their revenge over PPP having seriously undermined its credibility and popularity

8. Obama will tell the world that he has blocked the army take over in Pakistan

9. Sharifs will fall in line in the war on terror

10. Anti-American Imran and Qazi who had already dealt themselves out of the reckoning in power structure by boycotting the polls will be isolated and may be put under house arrest if the Pak establishment wants to enhance their popularity

11. US/IMF will deliver another doze of financial aid to sustain Pakistan economy

12. Indo-Pak tensions would be diluted after they have responded to 30 questions

13. The Taliban or militants will remain busy and continue burning NATO supplies

14. Gilani will have undeservingly established an image of a balanced person

15. While the entire episode has been turned into a farce, the lawyers’ road show will go on

16. The media that has made a fun of itself because of its total ignorance will have their part of coverage of the road show anchors and analysts will resume hot debate on impact of the march, the great betrayal and sell out

17. At some stage Sharif’s and PPP may return to coalition

18. For the civil society it will be another bout of Sisyphean labour having taken the great stone close to the peak and then rolling back to the ground with it to make another try.

Afzal Khan sitting at home with a broken crystal ball has already exhausted enough of the bag of predictions and would like to retire at this hour of early morning leaving some other players in the pantomime still strutting on the stage.

End Quote

Daily Express, 16 March 2009

Country nears a Long March frenzy, but a deal brews underneath
Source: Teeth Masestro

I write this blog post early Sunday morning (15 March) at around 5am, so my thoughts might not be all that coherent, but I feel some pressing points need to be shared before the Lahore stand off takes off in barely five hours from now at 10am on March 15th

1. Shahbaz Sharif had a very urgent meeting in Islamabad last night [13th March] where he flew from Lahore to Islamabad [eye witness confirm], the talks were afoot that a few deals were being negotiated – namely the eligibility of Nawaz and Shahbaz would be settled, Shahbaz Sharif would then reinstated as Chief Minister and Governor Salman Taseer will be shown the door, in exchange the Sharif brothers will end the Long March with immediate effect. These basic issues were agreed upon by both sides [even the idea of ending the long march / defusing it], what remained a tackling issue was the exact process on how to reinstate Iftikhar Chaudhry. Shahbaz Sharif allegedly wanted solid guarantees and merely the ‘word’ of Zardari carried little weight, COAS Kiyani and Hilary Clinton were being propped up to foot the final claim but reassurances were not entirely satisfactory [or so we are told]. Shahbaz returned having not finalized the deal on the last point

2. Gilani as off till the 13th March was playing a significant role in negotiations, but on the 14th was visibility out of the picture, he has been propped up by the US Government to play a more responsible role in settling this crisis, word is still out if he can or cannot deliver, but a few statement were made that gave good vibes to the public but it alone cant be the guage of the attitude behind closed doors

3. None of the lawyers from other cities were permitted to leave their respective cities, Kurd from Quetta, Muneer Malik and Rashid Rizvi from Karachi.- But ironically Sharif brothers are given a free hand to move

4. Lahore is allegedly clamped down any roads leading into or out of Lahore are effectively sealed

5. But suddenly today early morning March 15 3:00am a convoy carrying Shahbaz Sharif from Raiwind breaks through a barricade and runs off onto the Motorway towards Islamabad

6. Moments later news breaks out that hundred of police officers raid Rawalpindi bar thrash the lawyers sleeping there and are reported to have arrested 60 people

7. March 15th will be the day of resistance in Lahore – to be strategically handled by the elder brother Mian Nawaz Sharif

8. I honestly suspect this is a deliberate ploy to undermine the presence of Lawyers and other political parties while paving the way for PML-N to stretch their muscles in victory, lawyers being deliberately left on the sidelines, its possible that the only Lawyers that might make an visible appearance could be Aitzaz Ahsan & Hamid Khan arriving on the Constitution avenue, but with the sudden departure of Shahbaz Sharif from Lahore to Islamabad goes to suggest that he has full plans to hold the PML-N fort on the 16th March in Islamabad and would in all likelihood be the only person to really be allowed to make a big show

9. Not that, it matters as long as there is the independence of Judiciary, but we must keep in mind that the NRO is not be debated and neither is the 17th amendment being talked about.

10. Lets also not forget that the frenzy of the Long March only started after Shahbaz Sharif lost his Chief Ministership, and prior to that development, PML-N was on the fence playing second fiddle as it has continued to do so since Feb 18th with the Lawyers movement
I can smell some fishy deal under the carpet, the Dharna on the 16th March will take place, Shahbaz will offer himself for arrest and a major street theater will be played out prior to the arrest. I then speculate that suddenly a breakthrough announcement might come out announcing the restoration of Judiciary. PML-N immediately dons the victor cap and celebrates, their own electoral eligibility, their reinstatement as Chief Minister, the end of Salman Taseer’s Governor rule and in the midst of all this fenzy plucks the restoration feather from the lawyers and conveniently embraces it as their own success

I believe the people of Pakistan would then have been two-timed yet again, a power struggle and a series of negotiations all at the hands of some interesting politicians. Considering that we have had a bitter taste of Zardari for the past few months, the Sharifs might still be palatable by the 160 million people – but then for how long? I detest these two-timing politicians making a fool of Pakistan, For the sake of Pakistan, i wish all my speculation above turns out to be a mere figment of my imagination, but ….. knowing our politicians, I can definitely expect the worst

Some Relevant Comments:

Comment by on March 15, 2009 @ 5:41 am

I am disgusted with whatever is happening. NS and AZ are scumbag politicians. NS just wants power and will do anything to get there. He basically hijacked the whole judiciary crisis long march thingie just so that he could get some mileage. Only an idiot would think that he wants to do something for his people. He should remember the attack on the supreme court organized by his minions way back in the late 90s. It’s time our people stand up and kick them to the curbside. I have always hated AZ and NS and continue to hate them coz they dont have any credibility. If the report above is true then NS has lost whatever goodwill he had amongst people. Shame on all of you as he basically pulled wool over your eyes and you all fell for it.

Comment by Sohail on March 15, 2009 @ 8:23 am

Nawaz Sharif, savior of the judiciary. Amusing.

Now was it the same man who ordered the ‘attack’ on the supreme court and clamped down on the Jang group to the point where they actually thought about winding up their business in Pakistan and moving abroad?

And Zardari is not even worth the energy to punch in a few keys on my keyboard.
Hopefully, Imran Khan and more people like him will come through. We need people who have integrity and self respect.

Comment by Sahar on March 15, 2009 @ 8:33 am

You are right, of course the politicians are trying to use this cause for their own selfish interests. BUT, I think this time around people are smarter and will see through it. What these politicians, and the Western powers, don’t get is that the ground has shifted beneath their feet. It is not the same old Pakistan anymore that can be “controlled” by a small elite that can make deals among themselves. The people have risen, and they can’t just beat us back down again so easily.

My bigger fear is that the leadership of the lawyers’ movement will be tempted to take the deal.

Listen up, Aitzaz and Kurd and the rest: NO COMPROMISE ON RESTORATION! Do not betray us!

Comment by Ahmed Memon on March 15, 2009 @ 9:06 am

Everything is business.

In order to file some case in any high/low court a citizen has to pay rishwat to many people from junior clerk to judge, I heard that lawyers are rallying for justice, seems like a joke.

Nawaz has already abused Media and Courts in past, now wants to build his reputation (recall when he flew away from country to save his life). After-all Pakistani Politics is merely a musical chair game … now Nawaz trying to sit on the chair …

GEO/Media got ditched once again, I dont know, if Media can act as a Judge or Intelligence-bureau. They got freedom to spread awareness but the footage/videos related to Zardari, is just there to ruin Zardari’s reputation to next level. As the business (GEO) knew that majority of Pakistani dont like Zardari not even people within PPP, this is the point of interest for them (GEO).

What a shame, US is giving guarantee for the Zardari ….

The more you observe the more you hate these guys.

This or thousand movements like this are not going to change the fate of this Nation, when we make idol to same old corrupt people

Comment by dr.jawwadkhan on March 15, 2009 @ 12:20 pm

this analysis makes a perfect sense.

in the countries like pakistan face saving happy end is in the interest of every one except people of pakistan.

the two major player certainly do not wish to deal with the judiciary capable of opening the missing person case.

asif zardari has obvious reasons. but i am not sure about shareef brothers, this time their body language is different or at least on television.

i strongly believe that with in this system every thing is possible except the restoration of judiciary.

any solution from the system certainly negate the judges issue.

on the other hand when i see the momentum and the tempo of this movement and emotions of the general public i found myself optimist about “real change”

Comment by Sana on March 16, 2009 @ 10:53 am

So the analysis proven right! Now sharifs,PPP coming as heroes all others are sidelined.
Lawyers are rightly given the credit but there were many other honest

From PPP to PML(N)? May we understand this and open our eyes.

codefreaq said:

I think the whole deal was done before the long march.

Why would US just sit aside and just let a country it needs for the war on terror , go to hell like that.

Why would a General Kayani, a close friend and protector of General Musharraf who arranged the deal between PPP and Musharrf sit quietly and not take advantage of the situation?

I think teethmaestros conspiracy theory was right. The deal had been arranged by Hillary Clinton and her assistant Kayani. NS was caught up in judicial crisis and he couldn’t abondon lawyers without inflicting a lot of political damage to himself. It was arranged that dramaybazi will go on for the entertainment of pakistani public, then judges will be restored with compromises. IK and qazi will be sent to Islamabad to wait for NS who will steal the spotlight and his potential opponents in punjab will just appear to be his sidekicks.

In the coming days sharifs should get punjab back (or zardari will backtrack from his deal, he is a suicidal maniac anything can be expected from him.)

anyway this is a constant struggle for us and democracy is a slow process and a victory is a victory, small or big. the good things that come out of this are a self aware pressure group of citizens, media and lawyers. also PTI workers learned the fine techniques of throwing back tear gas shells from Jamatis, which I have a feeling they will need and put to good use in the future.

Gul said:

There are reservations and concerns. A long way to go still….

The most important fact is that history was made today: it’s the first time in history that judges who didn’t take oath on pco were re-instated. The fact that a real a leader was born in front of our eyes, he demonstrated what people power is, and proved he could change destiny of millions of people is what is crucial.

Having said this, mountains of work remains: on institutions, judicial reforms, etc….

Najam Syed said:

Guys actual problem is kind of hidden … do you know that a constitutional package is being prepared????

aadie said:

Here’s the deal:

1. Govt would get NS/SS case reviewed and would get a decision in favor of them through current SC CJ before arrival of NS/SS.

2. NS declared the end because he got his share.

3. He didn’t ask for 3rd Nov. position right now, because he was told by establishment:
‘You equally were responsible in Kargil Crisis, if you get Musharraf dragged into this, you would be dragged into Kargil issue, and would be sidelined for the rest of your life from politics’.

Hence the terms….’Don’t drag Musharraf we won’t drag you into this!’!

4. NS/SS gets Punjab government!

The only thing which remains uncertain is you never know when NS would again drag himself into Musharraf Nov 3 controversy again!!!

aadie said:

If there’s still confusion in the minds of people who think why Establishment couldn’t or didn’t throw Zardari out of office, here lies the answer:

Establishment to NS: as said in my previous post!

Zardari to Establishment: If Musharraf can be given cover why should I be removed?

Establishment to Zardari: Yes you continue (No Review On –> NRO) , but don’t get smart enough to act like Musharaf. Better restrict it to one presidential term.

Finally, everyone is happy!

sic5770 said:

People should have to look the things in a realistic way. Pakistan is a country who is almost 100% dependent on US, not only for the aid but US is our biggest trade partner. Apart from direct trade with US, he can influence other countries and IMF to stop dealing with us.

Once you understand the above concept, things will be easy tom understand for people. At the end, people like Nawaz, Aitazaz, Imran Khan, who are hoping to get some posts in future cannot mess or go against the wishes of US. They had to make some compromise at some point and this is what they did. They have already humiliated Zardari, Gimmani, Altaf, Fazlu and at the end not only they were able to restore the judges but defeat the opponents with big punches ( not the knock out!!).

In order to save the integrity of the Pakistan, they had to keep the opponents on their feet instead of throwing the knock out punches. At at the end, this result was the best possible result.

codefreaq said:

I am not saying I know this for a fact but just that its a theory which seems plausible to me. the people you name are not politicians and they are against heavyweights who have been playing this game for decades, part of deal could have been for NS to convince the lawyers this is the most they will be able to get out of govt. without risking a martial law. athar minallah is not happy with the decision but he accepted it as better then nothing.

the resistance of PPP at GPO chowk was mostly against lawyers and jamaits and was a political theater according to me. N league workers were already hiding on the route of NS caravan from his house in model town to GPO and came out as soon as he came out of his house, it was made to look like a sea of public is coming to support their superhero.

the biggest thing is why was the US suddenly quiet after days of talks and negotiations? the said our new policy is to not interfere in paks internal affairs..yeah right. why did kayani not try a coup?

zardari gets to stay as prez, sharifs get punjab and become heroes of lawyers movement, US gets a stable political environment to continue their work. kayani gets his picture hung in pentagons hall of fame.

aadie said:


I’m in support of restoration of judiciary. But we should admit what is happening behind the closed doors. You missed one thing, from objective point of view NS also announced the end of March & btw definitely all the stakeholders must have communicated before declaring the end. Hence everyone got their share, including the Govt/Establishment/Opposition/Lawyers!
Now the only thing you will see next would be dragging the 3rd Nov. issue and killing time! This thing won’t ever settle, everything else can – My word!

codefreaq said:


you are asking me to believe that NS did not march on const. ave despite having no assurances that he will get punjab back in the PMs khutba?

I am sorry but a politician is a politician even if he has lived in mecca for 8 years he is in the game for power. he didn’t march on const. ave. because he is sure the guarantors of the deal will bring punjab to him on a tray in the next few days.

dara said:

@ gost of TK

“Samaa TV cut off Kurd just as he was highlighting the issue of thousands of Baluch political prisoners languishing in agency jails!”

This is it, Punjabi don’t care about baluch or sindhis or even Pakhtoons,.

Iftikhar Ch was thrown out by a Army wala supported by all Army wala including Gen Kiani.
No body will dare ask those Army wala Or take them to court, any punjabi would ever dare?
no you will never, you could only bulldoze a sindhi president even though he is elected.

dara said:

I dare Ch Iftikhar to re open cases against Army, like Gawader plots, Disappeared people case and so many other.

Ghost of TK said:

@dara: there is a problem indeed, but don’t generalize. A Baloch leader (Kurd) gave the call, and a million punjabi’s called off the march. There are severe problems but not all punjabi’s are as you paint them though punjab has done a lot of damage to the rights of the other nations in this country. (just my opinion).

codefreaq said:

@mya afzaal Gul

only thing I am saying is don’t be fooled by any of these politicians. the only way common man can get their work done by them is by understanding how they work and then making them fight with each other like dogs.naively don’t set too high hopes in NS you will be disappointed tommorow when he gets in power and says the same things zardari is now

altf_0011 said:

What a funny thing, the people who are bringing this peace deal (between NS & AZ) are the same who brought NRO previously, neither the NRO was in the interest of our nation nor is this peace deal. Where peace deal should be applied, it is not applied honetly so far. It is like treating cancer by anti-boitics, to subside the disease, whereas it is needed to cut and throw away the cancer (getting rid of corroupt people in the government, not deals) part of the body, otherwise it is no good at all, it will keep eating the body and one day whole body will die. If NS accepts less than restoring the CJ as nation expects, same nation will not forgive him. Now about CJ, onec he is restored and doesn’t operate justly, as he did in the last era of Musharraf (under pressure of the people who are working to apply peace deal) nation will not forgive even CJ. It is very hard for CJ to compromise on national interests, whereas for others it is very hard to accept CJ’s decisions such as rejecting NRO and keeping cases alive against AZ (which will obiviously send AZ to jail) and the decision given by CJ in the last era of Musharraf. Doubt very much that CJ will be restored, and will be free to work, as he wants. Problems between NS & AZ is not very difficult to work out, but CJ’s problem is very very big, because what the decisions he has given lastly it is no way acceptable for others.

Atif Majid said:

Is is reinstatement of judges only or restoration of Judiciary as well???

There must be some deal behind the scene. And I think SS and NS will again be decalared as non-eligible and hence they will be out from the scene.

May be I am wrong. But I am expecting this thing from Zardari…

Insaf Shaheen said:

I don’t know why you guys cannot see think beyond?

Is there nobody who can see what has happened?

Sharifs and qazi were given free space to roam around, their houses and party offices were not raided they were doing jalsas press confrences ,It was only 15 when their orders were issued for house arrest

where as Imran Khan’s house have been raided four times?Why

Why only Imran khan was not given any free space?why cammando action took place on his residance . It was Imran Khan who raised this issue of indepedance of judiciary thirteen years back when sharif could not even think about it, IK is leading not only the educated youth of this country but he has lead opponents also

humair quadri said:

the judiciary is restored, but 3rd nov 2007 things are not reverted back.
which cannot be done in one day, I think judiciary can resolve these thing by themselves.

Pakistan Zindabad.

ResidentEvil said:

I think it was a very politically smart speech. Well done Mr. PM!

rasheed said:

Long March finished after consultation with Lawyers.

Tariq Mahmood, Ather Minallah, Munir Malik have already expressed their agreement with the decision.

No reason for Nawaz to continue it anymore.

rasheed said:

Khawaja Shareef was also very happy with the decision and just told Kamran Khan that he has congratulated Chief Justice Iftikhar too.

Now if PTI Nappy Group want to come out of hiding and continue their Dharna against the wishes of Lawyers and Judges, they are most welcome to continue.

democrate said:

i congratulate nawaz shreef for accepting government decision.both ppp and n league should work together.zerdari also should show sincerety and stop being too smart.

freemason said:

Zardari won it seems becoz the jiyala judges are still there!! He again outwitted the entire nation. Bastard. Anyhow brothers, the struggle will continue in one form or the other till these morons are wiped off of our beloved sacred land.


Gilani speech is another fraud with the nation.
Nov 3rd juduciary will not be restored.
This is just another trap to stop long march.

shandana said:

NS is for sure ‘NA IHEL’

he deserves this, Now I am sure that he is more inept than billi, He is just accepting every thing, either he is getting in the trap or he is already in some deal with AZ

Dar said:

Nawaz sharif has stopped the MARCH, what a freaking idiot………….

Owais said:

The dharna should stay in ISB till March 21st. If NS stops the march (@Dar) then hes the stupidest most gullible person in Pak.

ataraxis6 said:

Too bad, NS and Atizaz Ahsan decided to abandon long march and dharna.

Ahsan Irfan said:

as salamu `alaykum

The situation is very confusing. But it certainly seems that the lawyers are calling it quits, and hence NS is also calling it quits.

Quite honestly, munh mein badmazgi aa gaye. Rang mein bhang daal diya.

rasheed said:


PTI NG, please tell Imran Khan to come to Rawalpindi High Court Bar at 10am to start Long March (you still have 3 more hours). The only loser in this Long March has been only IK who has been hiding underground.

IK and his NG are most welcome to go and conduct Dharna as no one stopped you.

Sher Sher he hota hay and Nawaz Sharif has proved it in public, starting from beating police outside his residence at Model Town and then getting Lahoris on the road to leading to Islamabad.

shandana said:


How come he be a ’shair’?

I thought his father was Sharif, (LOL)

winter said:

@ rasheed

The dumb ganja can never compete the elegance, the intellect and intelligence of Imran Khan. Nawaz Sharif to itna stupid hai keh Zardari ne usse 3 dafa chuna laga diya tha, what about that ? And for your information, thousands of PTI workers participated in the long march in all parts of Pakistan. Meanwhile your ganja master Nawaz Sharif has accepted a munafiqana deal once again and only time will tell. I am sure that they won’t be getting their govt back and they probably will remain na-ahel always. Though I would be sad for Shahbaz Sharif as he is the real bloodline of PML-N and is the best administrator in Pakistan.

But no one compares to the dedication and sincerity of Imran Khan. Nawaz has been tried twice by our nation already and he proved a miserable failure. Its time for Imran Khan!!

rasheed said:

Kurd saying that he is satisfied with the decision on ARY right now and he announce finishing the Long March.

PTI Nappy Group can continue doing whatever they want.

Jawwad Rafique said:

The point which noone is paying any attention to and should be answered before calling off the long march is what will happen to the LHC CJ? When Khawaja Sharif is restored will he become the LHC CJ or will the current CJ remain in that role.

bechari-awam said:

It seems the only people not happy here are the Imran Khan fan club guys. They were trying to build rome in one day. Pakistanis today have achieved something which in the history books will be regarded as one of the best movement for the cause of independent judiciary any where in the world. I am guessing this event will be taught in law schools around the world and in political science classes how to achieve your democratic goals with people’s power against all odds. Guys don’t take it as a normal event. This has the capability to change the course of the history because from now on, no ruler at least in Pakistan could defy the public logic and the power of independent media. At last we have achieved a watch-dog which will guarantee that our public institutions are now accountable in the eyes of the people. Now police and administration knows that they only have to accept legal and moral orders from the government because a precedence has set. If some govt in future gives them illegal orders, they can always go to media and tell their side of the story. This will Inshaallah bring a big change in their attitude.

afzaalkhan said:


could u kindly not call PPP names, we should admire PM Gillani who has finally shown PPP their wrong ways. In the end they heeded the public demand and good for them.

I am totally against changing of govt, PPP has mandate and they should govern and in the end ppl will decide how they did. Eeverytime govt is dismissed they claim victimization, time to protest in democratic parameters and govt if doing wrong should be forced through democratic means to change the behavior like the long march did. Changing givt is not the answer we have to get use to of change through elections. We demand our leaders to show honesty and integrity,. we should also grow up and show political maturity..

Source: Teeth Maestro; PK Politics and other Pakistani blogs


Tail piece

US welcomes restoration of Justice Iftikhar Chaudhry
Monday, March 16, 2009

ISLAMABAD: The United States Monday welcomed Pakistan’s decision to reinstate its top judge as a move to “defuse a serious confrontation” and a “substantial step towards national reconciliation.”

“This is a statesmanlike decision taken to defuse a serious confrontation, and the apparent removal of this long-standing national issue is a substantial step towards national reconciliation,” said the US embassy in Islamabad.

“Now is the time for all Pakistanis and their political representatives to work together, with the support of their friends and allies, to peacefully strengthen their democracy and ensure a positive dialogue,” it added.

Nawaz greets nation over restoration of deposed judges
Updated at: 0700 PST, Monday, March 16, 2009

GUJRANWALA: Pakistan Muslim League-N Quaid Mian Nawaz Sharif announced on

Monday to call off the long march. He congratulated the whole nation over the reinstatement of deposed judges.

Addressing a charged long march rally here, Nawaz termed the restoration of Justice Iftikhar Chaudhry a big success and a prelude to positive change.

He said Justice Iftikhar did not bow down to the dictator.

He said that the decision to call off the long march has been made after consultations with Jamaat-e-Islami Ameer Qazi Hussain Ahmed, Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf Chief Imran Khan and Supreme Court Bar Association (SCBA) President Ali Ahmed Kurd.

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