Imran Khan and Qazi: The frustrated of the Long March

Jang, 22 March 2009


Jang, 24 March 2009


Imran urges CJP to hold Zardari to account

LAHORE: Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf chief Imran Khan is urging reinstated Chief Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry to keep up the pressure on President Asif Zardari, otherwise Iftikhar would be blamed for “the biggest letdown in history”. The chief justice took office on Sunday. Talking to The Sunday Telegraph, Imran called on the chief justice not to compromise in dispensing justice. “There can be no compromise now and if there is one, what is the point of reinstating the chief justice?” he said. “The reason the people rallied behind him is because they wanted an independent judge who should seek no orders from the government.” daily times monitor\03\23\story_23-3-2009_pg7_3

Abbas Ather, Express

Some relevant comments:

AClarionCall said:

Fan Club of IK Zindabad; Imran Khan and his supporters should work hard on increasing number off their Fan Club members. Internet can play a big role. To win local voters Imran should spend more time with his real voters in Pakistan not with Fan Club members abroad. Political parties need grassroot support from ordinary workers. Party workers are great asset for any political party, simply look at NS and his street power. In just few hours he emerged as a winner only because of great workers his party has. Look at PPP’s street power in Sind or MQM’s street power and workers force in Karachi. How many workers are in PTI? How many people know names of PTI office bearers? I do not doubt sincerity of IK but game of politics is not game of cricket. Mr. IK politics is very dirty game. Your social work is your great asset; you better focus on your charity work and let the dirty politicians play this dirty game.

Malek said:

Indepth analysis and the actual truth behind the success of long march by Hamid Mir

Long live NS who led the fight from front ……resulting in 2 years of lawyers struggle to gain success

asif65 said:

good analysis of long march from Haroon Rashid

Muhammad Usman said:

Why pti and JI are so upset.
The IMC and othe rjudjes are happy on manner of restoration.
Who cares about tanga parties and sympathizer Haroon Rashid.

They wanted some blood shed , thank God sanity prevailed and both sides negotiated.
Kurd, AA, rasheed rizvi and restored judjes are happy F Off tong parties.

If lawyers have not consulted tonga parties then it is not politicians fault.
All apdm parties from balochistan and latif afridi from Pakhtunkhwa are happy.

Stop BS crap


Abbas Ather, Express, 25 March 2009



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