Who rules Bajaur ???? Talibans or Govt. of Pakistan ???

Bajaur TTP declares amnesty for anti-Taliban elders !!!
Suicide attacks to continue : Maulvi Umer

KHAR: The Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) in Bajaur Agency on Monday declared amnesty for all anti-Taliban tribal elders and appealed to internally displaced persons (IDPs) living in refugee camps to return to the tribal region.
The TTP said political parties were creating hurdles in the return of IDPs. In a telephonic conversation with reporters, TTP central spokesman Maulvi Umer said the Taliban remained committed to a ceasefire they had declared in February 2009 to improve law and order in the agency. Umer said some political parties were inciting the IDPs to demand enforcement of sharia in Bajaur after Swat and were using them for vested interests. He said the TTP would take action against such political parties.
Maulvi Umer said the Taliban took up arms to defend themselves, adding that the TTP had decided to unconditionally release the arrested security forces’ personnel “on humanitarian grounds”. He said the US decision to send more troops to Afghanistan would worsen law and order in Afghanistan, adding that additional troops could not discourage the Taliban. Umer said suicide attacks would continue in all cities of the country until drone attacks stopped. He said the TTP was not behind the suicide attack in Chakwal.
Source: Daily Times — 7th April, 09



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