Shame on you, Hamid Mir, for fanning anti-Qadiani sectarianism!

Qadianis should be allowed to preach: Altaf

LAHORE: Qadianis should be allowed to preach their ideology in Pakistan, Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) chief Altaf Hussain told a private TV channel on Tuesday. During an interview, he said politics and religion should be kept separate. He said he would establish a mosque, a church, a Hindu temple and a ‘Qadiani mosque’ if the MQM came into power. He also said the country’s name should be ‘Peoples’ Pakistan’ and people should choose whether it should be an Islamic Republic or a Peoples’ Republic. daily times monitor\09\09\story_9-9-2009_pg1_5

Now compare Altaf Hussain’s bold stance in support of religious tolerance, with the anti-Qadiani prejudice evident in Hamid Mir’s column yesterday, in which Mir suggests (quoting an anonymous Wahhabi General) that in fact an Ahmedi low-rank officer of Pakistan Army (Major Nadeem Dar) was responsible for the anti-MQM operation in Sindh. What a joke!

Shame on you, Hamid Mir, for fanning sectarianism in the country. Indeed, you will never dare claim that Musharraf acted against the interests of Pakistan because he is a Sunni or that General Zia-ul-Haq conspired against the people of Pakistan because he was a Deobandi cum Wahhabi.

Shame on you, for spreading disinformation and hatred against minorities in Pakistan. And shame on those who believe you!



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