Kashmala Tariq versus Firdous Ashiq Awan: Solve a puzzle.

Please watch this video, and decide:

Who are the two worst persons in this talk-show out of the following four:

Javed Chaudhry, Shireen Mazari, Fridous Awan and Kashmala Tariq

Kashmala Tariq & Firdous Ashiq in Aaj TV’s Kal Tak

Our answer is:

1. The Lady Taliban (Dr Imran Khan Mazari); and
2. The media face of Taliban, Mr Fake Story Mullah Omar Chaudhry

Some comments
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gayan said:
if Sheikh Rasheed would have used the same language , i am sure many of you would have applauded him.

Just because Dr Awan is women she cant call a Pr-s—-te a Pr-s—-te .

Well done Dr Awan……you said what we all think of Kishmala……..

Ch Shujat on a tv programme said that Mushrauff apprroved Kishmala ’s name for MNA with GREEN pencil.

gayan said:
Fridous ashiq awan received 85000 votes from sialkot and her opponent received only 40000.

how many votes kishmala had………

Kishmala’s fake laugh sums up everything.

what is kishmala’s background.

Imran Khan

Mian Waheed

hamayoun akhtar



I guess Dr Firdous Ashiq Awan was just talking facts.

lota6177 said:

firdous awan on fire and she blew off kashmala like a little …………
Highly explosive hot hot hot
kashmala littar parade
c hussain said:

People are against Firdaus because she was wearing a dupatta and she is fat and not good looking likd Kashmala. I am so disappointed at the people here writing blogs. This was same Kashmala who went to USA supporting President Musharraf emergency and now she talks about real democracy. She was snubbed by Ali Ahsan son of Aitzaz Ahsan when she was supporting Musharraf and ridiculing CJ along with Barisstar Saif.

Firdaus would get more votes in next election – no doubt because that is what people see and not what they are told.

Mian Waheed former MNA from Lahore had instituted a case against Kashmala because she dumped him after using him to get into politics. Firdaus said right that Kashmala can do anything to achieve what she wants to. When Chaudhry Shujaat didnt given her importance she started conspiring against him particularly after she managed to get a ticket for women special seat. How can she call Firdaus a loti when she herself after using Chaudhry Shujaat and getting an MNA special seat ticket she dumped him and joined Hum Khiyal group. At least Firdaus didnt do that. She PMLQ BEFORE THE ELECTIONS and she won on open seat against Amir Hussain former Speaker National Assembly.

Can anyone tell me from where did Kashmala collect all her wealth and assets. Her father or family wasnt a rich family. She has been using people for her own self and came to this state.

Kashif said:

@c hussain

I agree with you man. If Kashmala Tariq started politics from bedroom by sleeping with political elite whats wrong in bringing it up. I applaud Firdos Awan for calling spade a spade. Unless we can openly discuss their past we won’t be able get rid of these kind of bit*hes out of political arena. On the other hand Firdos Awan like Abidad Hussain comes from general elections. Those who come on women seats like Kashmala Tariq, Fozia Wahab and many others are no match to her.



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