The nation welcomes the [alleged] ban on Dr Shahid Masood’s hate speech show “Meray Mutabiq”. OR Is it a publicity stunt by the Mullah Media Alliance?

By Abdul Nishapuri

The Pakistani nation, political class, democracy lovers and those opposed to the Taliban and hate speech have overwhelming welcomed the [alleged] UAE government’s decision to ban the hate speech TV talk show presented by Dr Shahid Masood. Here is the news report which is followed by analyses and comments by ordinary Pakistanis.

Geo’s program ‘Meray Mutabiq’ banned from Dubai
Updated at: 2355 PST, Monday, November 23, 2009

KARACHI: A ban has been imposed on airing of Geo News’ program ‘Meray Mutabiq’ from Dubai.

According to sources, the high government officials of Pakistan exerting pressure on the Dubai government had the airing of the program stopped.

Geo’s administration has said that this step of the government is tantamount to targeting the freedom of expression.

It may be mentioned here that the senior analyst Dr. Shahid Masood was the anchor of ‘Meray Mutabiq’.

Some critical reflections:
by Sarah Khan:

Dr Shahid Masood, along with Ansar Abbasi and others, is known to be a staunch supporter of Taliban and a a tool of anti-democracy establishment in Pakistan. He was abusing the freedom of media for the last few months by openly conspiring to derail the democratic system.

Thus, banning hate speech is not an attack on the freedom of press. Shahid Masood, Ansar Abbasi and their cronies are the people who blame CIA/ Blackwater for all suicide / terrorist attacks on innocent Pakistanis even when Taliban butchers shamelessly claim them.

However, I have my doubts if there is a real ban on the airing of this program or it is just a publicity stunt by Dr SM and Geo TV in order to improve their falling rankings and credibility. For example, in the very last episode of the program, two persons were invited to speak, i.e. Ansar Abbasi and Shaheen Sehbai. Ansar Abbasi is notorious for his pro-Taliban views; he is also a senior member of Hizb ut-Tahrir in Pakistan. Shaheen Sehbai is a technical advisor of the Pakistani Taliban Union of Journalists (PTUJ); he is upset with the democratic government because his request for being appointed as an ambassador to Canada was turned down by President Zardari last year. Thus, apparently, the three persons who claimed that there is a ban, are all part of Geo/Jang group and all are known for their vendetta against the democratic government.

According to The News: “Monday night’s programme of Dr Shahid Masood featured Group Editor of The News Shaheen Sehbai and Editor Investigations of The News Ansar Abbasi, who condemned the action, and with one voice declared that the action would not force Geo TV to succumb to government pressure.”.

The trio against democracy is obviously in action in Pakistan.

by mir munsif:
Simple questions to understand/decode GEO+Establishment conspiracy.

Q1/Dr Shahid Masood programme is aired on weekend not on rest of working days..why on monday, Geo admin cries that programme is not allowed/suspended??Wait till next week and if it doesnt not go on air, then cry??

Q2/The credibility of Dr SM is not hidden and his dubious,treacherous role and lies are well proved and documented. I am not just firing in air without any proof.Please check it out these links and see his credibility..Hidden Truth of Jawab Deh.

Q3/Since the day he was fired from PTV chairmanship [by Sherry Rehman], he has turned not only anti-PPP but also a pro-establishment darling.

Public sympathies will be on SM side, He will get more popularity…GEO TV will run a crying campaign ….All media crows will raise their calls…..

Good plan Jew (Geo) group!

by ppropolitics:
I don’t think it is Zardari who has done this [if at all there is a ban, not publicity stuent]. Either it is done by a minister or it is just a stunt by Dr. SM. The ban is [allegedly] just on using Geo’s Dubai Studio and Feeder. Now if SM operates from home, records a program, and then sends it to Pakistan feeder through net, there will be no problem. [Similarly, he is free to come to Karachi to broadcast this program.]

I think SM is trying to create a rift between Govt and press and is trying to gain sympathies of media which he was loosing due to his hate speeches

Pakistani Taliban Union of Journalists (PTUJ), the Mullah Media Alliance (MMA) and the Jew (Geo) TV Network have protested against this ban. Please accept our commiserations.

Dr. Shahid Masood was shouting fire in a crowded theatre
by Altaf Khan

Wrong or Right, our media has become so much powerful, ubiquitous and superior that it can make or break the governments. This new king-making role has given new dimensions to the way this country is and will be ruled from now on. Banning the media is not an option anymore, and equally the measures to regulate or control the media by the government is useless too, and besides no one would like to tread this very dangerous and unpopular path.

But that has apparently got into the heads of many. In the nascent democracy of Pakistan, some anchorpersons are already fedup of the democratically elected president and their chosen people. They are trying hard to bring out the rattling skeletons in the cupboard of presidency just to embarrass the president and to see him quitting leaving the country in yet another mess. Not a single corruption charge has been proved on the President Zardari during this term and all the mud which is being slung belongs to the past.

If you watch “Meray Mutabiq” by Dr. Shahid Masood you would think that the presenter of the program has some personal score to settle with the president. He always invited the likes of Ansar Abbasi, Shaheen Sehbai and Saleh Zafir into his program who literally abuse the president. Even Dr. Shahid mutes some words of Saleh Zafir in his program.

They all must realize that words are extremely powerful and they do make or break. They need to understand that if this regime collapses, then so is the democracy and any hope for the survival of this country and we will be back to square one, even worst than the Musharraf era.


Shahid Masood Banned

What do ordinary Pakistanis think:

(Various sources)

Shahnaz said:
We must thank the UAE government for foiling the anti-democracy plans of Dr Shahid Masood and the Jew TV network. I don’think Pakistan government or Zardari is involved in this move. I think the UAE government have themeselves realized that this man, Shahid Masood, is violating Pakistan’s constitution (Article 6) by trying to abet the abrogation of constitution. I request Pakistani lawyers to drag this person (and his crony Shaheen Sehbai) in a court of law, where gallows are waiting for them.

Zafar said:
This man was a symbol of hate speech. If he would have been in a developed country, he would have been either in a mental hospital or in a correction centre (prison). Good bye, Mr. Meray Mutabqi. F..k you.

Rangeela said:
Not a single tear shed. Only certain supporters of Taliban will create hype in the cyberspace and that’s its. Yet, we don’t underestimate the power of the Geo (JEW) group which has a Zionist agenda shaped by their owner Mir Shakil-ur-Rahman.

bsobaid said:
This is a good step.
Shahid Masood has been the loyalest ghulam of establishment and working day and night to further their agenda.

However, this also shows government days have been numbered.

Mulla Nafs e Zakkiya said:
Yes, this is possible, as in the past week or so, Dr Shah-id was going nuts in cursing out Zardari…he was really really really going nuts.

In private we were discussing this exact point, cause he openly said last week, to this effect, that” kuch loog kehtay hain keh pehle bhi hum ne chori ki to dekho humain sadar banaya gaya”, or ab hum pehle se bhi baray dakay marain gey to tum kiya kar lo gey!

he was hinting at zardari gang……..

but all of this is being done at the behest of ISPR….so repeat of the old saga…

dr shahid masood has clear information that insider PPP and old PPP and ISPR and N-League all are mouting pressure on the removal of zardari regime….

This pressure will boil down on Yusuf Gillani’s neck and he will be forced to fight it out.

I think zardari will attack!


eeman said:
govt. did good with dr. shahid masood, he crossed his limit

public choose PPPP, dr shahid don’t have right to for force govt. to obey his opinion he is not a opinion maker

opinion maker is public and public choose pppp

his last few episods were giving the message he has something personal with govt.

also don’t forget when he left ARY for geo and GEO for PTV means to say his position is also doubtful

no doubt he has knowledge & research but it is also not doubt he is BAKAOOO MAAL

that is all

A. Ali said:

I am not a great admirer of Peoples Party or Zardary, in fact I despise both of them, however, the way Dr Shahid Masood has been conducting his shows lately, it was very unbecoming of a good anchor or news person. His intentions were totally against Pakistan’s interest. If it was Nawaz Shareef or Musharraf or anyone else, in place of Zardari, I would have supported them and not Shahid Masood.

I think we the people should draw a line in the sand and tell all the anchors, politicians and anybody else for that matter, that there is so much we are going to tolerate and after that we will not support you. Once that message is heard loud and clear by everyone, I think then we will start attaining some sanity in the society.

discover said:
I think Govt did the right step because he spreads anarchy in the country. According to his program that Govt is at the last stage. I am not in favor of zardari I hate him but media played a dirtly roll in when Mushraf was in Power.

Join PTV Shahid masood they will give double package this time. Some anchor are taking bribe from ganja party to speak in their favor.

Illusion said:

Shahid Masood is another name for “Yellow Journalism”. The most biased, illogical and irresponsible journalist of Pakistan. I hated his show, hated his pessimistic approach towards anything and everything related to Government of the time.
But i condemn any action taken by Government of Pakistan to impose restrictions on his idiotic show or any other news show. Such action will do nothing except giving bigots like Shahid Masood another life, now he and Geo tv will try to do politics by using sympathies of this emotional nation.

I wish Pakistani Nation recognize its true enemies, and instead of Government, People of Pakistan protest against Yellow Journalism and create pressure on these news channels and their idiot anchors and Journalists to leave their pessimist approach and instead of acting like a political party themselves, present their shows and news. Sensationalism/conspiracy theories sells but whats important is to report the news by spreading and talking about Hope instead of misery.

ibrarmir said:
AoA dear participants; why don’t we do some Istakhara about Dr. Shahid Masood and than say something about the situation. Allah Dr. Shahid Masood kaiy shar saiy Pakistan Ko Bachaeiy. He is on a very serious Yahoodi Loby Agenda to make Pakistan politically damaged. He used to send emails to Mohterma Shaheed Benazir Bhutto from PPP London office and that was to promote himself in days. Then what happened, he was kicked out from their and same happened in PTV. Now this the best time that I should produce some more facts and open some secrets about him than you will come to know about this traitor.

Allah is really Great. My Pakistan is really and You Guys are Great

bsobaid said:
I dont understand why is Shahid Masood even allowed to run this non-sense program. The other night in his show some ghairat-o-hummiat se bharpoor lawyer was accusing Zardari for accepting 50-80 crore as bribe for every secretary level posting in Islamabad. What is this non-sense? Does he have a proof of that? Did he solicit government’s response on this accusation? What kind of journalism is that??

Every night he sets up this dokaan where he is trying to convince everyone that government is going in days and asking everyone about ways in which Zardari and PPP government can be ousted.

Establishment is playing its old and sleazy game behind the slogan of ghairat-o-hummiat with people like Shahid Masood as their spokespersons and awam again buying into this non-sense.

Bawa said:
سیانے کہتے ہیں کہ بلی کو پکڑنے کے لیے تمام دروازے کھڑکیاں بند نہ کریں. یہاں ایک دروازہ ڈاکٹر صاحب نے بند کر رکھا تھا اور ایک شاہین صہبائی صاحب نے. ایک دروازے کے آگے حامد میر کھڑا تھا تو کھڑکی کامران خان نے بند کر رکھی تھی. روشندان کے آگے انصار عباسی کھڑے تھے. غرض یہ کہ بلی کے باہر نکلنے کا کوئی راستہ نہ چھوڑا گیا تھا. ایسی صورت میں بلی نے کسی نہ کسی کی آنکھوں پر تو جھپٹنا ہی تھا. بدقسمتی سے بلی نے ڈاکٹر شاہد مسعود پر وار کر دیا

bsobaid said:

I was talking about that particular accusation made in his show without any proof.

Yes, whoever accused of corruption should clear himself before courts but you must realize WHO is throwing all these accusations???
Establishment??? The same establishment whose army chief accepted 24 millionUS Dollay as kick backs in one arms deals for French submarines??
2% commission is fixed for army chief for every arms deal. All arms deal are handled and negotiated by army with NO oversight by any public representative or parliament. The record is not made public for journalists to uncover the real corruption that goes in arms deals.

CIA reportedly spends 1/3rd of its budged on ISI. Where does that money go???

There is no denying of the fact that politicians are involved in corruption but we all must not dance on the tunes of establishment under the guise of Shahid Masood and likes. Democracy must continue and current setup must complete 5 years.

bsobaid said:
When we say all politicians are corrupt,w e are clearing the way for Musharrafs and Zias and Ayubs, who are ten times bigger chor and no one has the courage to accuse or even uncover their corruption.

Pakistan’s biggest business deals are made in defence sectors. All those arms deals are handled by army with zero oversight of parliament or any other public institution. Do you have any idea how much money these generals make from these arms deals? politicians are nothing before them and yet these same biggest thieves manipulate awami emotions using Shahid Masoods.

Do we really want army to take over again? They do far far far more corruption than politicians. We must not give them a chance to loot this country even more. Corruption can only be eradicated by alternative leadership and that can only emerge with the continuation of democracy. Removing democratic governments before their tenure make it impossible for alternative democratic powers to strengthen.

aawan said:

I am sure your tactics of spreading disappointment will never work.

Alhamdulillah Pakistan is heading in right direction since restoration of judiciary with the force of people of Pakistan. The reason for slow speed is the fact that Government is determined to go against the will and betterment of the country and people of Pakistan.

Event already occurred that shows that Pakistan is heading in right direction

– Restoration of Judicary
– Unconstitutional judges thrown out of courts
– November 3rd action declared unconstitutional and Zardaro could not provide indemnity to Nov 3rd action
– NRO could not be ratified by Parliament

Below events are destined to happen in future, its only matter of time.

– NRO minister will have to resign
– 17th amendment will be passed
– Zardaro will be have to step down to face cases which will take him to jail again
– Free and fair Mid term election that will bring the parties outside parliament including nationalist parties of Baluchistan that will help solving Balochistan issue
– Musharraf will be brought to justice under article 6
– New Government will divert to resolve the issue awaam and media will divert its attention to awaami issues of povery joblessnes etc.

No matter what ever evil forces (PPPP, US etc) do, above events will definatley happen. They will only waste time of our nation.

Pakistan Zindabad

bsobaid said:

Dream on!!!

and I am not spreading any hopelessness and disappointments. The arguments you have made are made whenever there are conspiracies against democratic governments. The same arguments were made when BB was removed twice and when NS was removed twice and people like you danced on the streets and distributed sweets. No mid-term, no inquilaab and no drama can change any situation. Continuation of democracy and letting democratic governments complete their tenure is the ONLY way we will solve the corruption problems and which parties you are saying are out of parliament?? Imran Khan’s tanga party?? Jamat-e-islami?? You hold elections today and these two combined will not win more than 5 seats in the parliament.

Faarigh Jazbati said:
Salaam All

closure of Mere Mutabiq from Dubai.

wink wink انعام ! اب تیرا کیا بنے گا کالیا

To be frank, I dont see any problem in that. When we criticise Altaf Hussain that he is doing politics from abroad and he should be in Pakistan then why cant we apply same principle on Anchors and programmes.

Dr SM thinks he is the most important person and as if without him pakistan will disappear in thin air . Dr Sb get real and welcome to real world. Its easy to throw stones from a bunker, come to pakistan and join the other journalist who are doing the real journalist work with all the pressure and threats to them. Dont be a cry baby and face the music and take it like a man. Dont be mummy’s boy


bsobaid said:
@Alexbutt, but those media persons are individuals who are more prone to play in the hands of establishment. I’d rather have awami will or parliament manipulating government than these individuals becoming too powerful.

ibrarmir said:
Do we know that “Bees always sit on the Sh!t” and lots of people go to watch Mujra and sometimes very few people go to good places. So, that is not the case of more viewers or less but the fact of the matter is that He is following some Jewish Loby and others dangerous Agenda. You can see his body language about counting the days, hours, minutes and seconds for the fall of this democratic government.

And just think about the historical facts or milestones have be achieved in this government like;

1. Dr. Qadeer sahib is free 2. Molana Aziz sahib is free 3. CJ Ch. Mohammad Iftikhar sahib been reinstated 4. Sawat is ok 5. IDPs are back 6. Benazir Income Support Programme is doing well and some other social reforms related to BISP are doing well in Pakistan 7. 18th Amendment is about to come in the same manner like it happened to make 1973 Constitution in 1973 8. Balochistan constitutional package is about to come 9. Northern Area is not only been given a name “Gilgit-Baltistan” but has been empowered according to the demand of its people and inshallah we will win the war in North Wazirastan very soon

I think this is ok for the time being but would bring some more achievements if need so.

Pak Army Zinda Baad, Pak Police Zinda Baad, Pak Forces Zinda Baad

Pakistani Zinda Baad, Pakistani Zinda Baad, Pakistani Zinda Baad

Pakistan Khuppaiy, Pakistan Khuppaiy, Pakistan Khuppaiy

Ali Q said:
While he should not have been banned as it impinges on his freedom of speech….

I am not going to miss him because his show was about nothing about but: populist statements which may as well have come from our politicians, poetic sermons about our hukmaraan, speculations, fearmongering and gossip – all of which are of zero value to the nation.

In an ideal world, his show would have dropped in ratings and been thrown out the door. However, Pakistan’s masses who are instilled with fear and increasingly despondent sitting at home were, unfortunately, susceptible to his views.

Those pessimistic amongst us would point out his views are still better than the views of hardline islamists…true…

On the flip side, given that he is assigned an important time slot on the most watched private television network in Pakistan, I think he could have performed his duty to the nation far better…

mir munsif said:
@Ali Q,

Is it too early to consider it is banned,since,his prg airs on weekend,not on working days,its too early to cry tactic of Geo to tear crocidile tears.

To know better Dr SM,one can see Dr SM’s Nobel statments full of Lies and back firing on Jawab Dah Prg on geo,check the link I mentioned above.

Quwat Khan Sunny said:
Good Job, this fake doctor was in a personal war since he came back to GEO. His subject matter was nothing but Zardari. Although, I firmly believe Zardari should be prosecuted as he has been indulging in many crupt activities. But what Dr. Masood was doing with Musharaf, the chief engineer of NRO, at Dinner in Karachi? Of course a good friend with a good friend!

Why Dr. Shahid left GEO and join PTV? Of course a good friend for good friend

All these people befooling the Jazbati Pakistanies like us. People die, fight with their brothers, risk their lives to cast their vote. But when the election is over. People like rise up to sweep the road for Establishment and Oposition to overthrow the government.

Heshould be allowed to do the program from Pakistan so that he be able to bring in some different topic as well.

I hate when he starts, ” Mulk mey bey Cheni hay” ” Mulk Nazuk Dawer say Guzar raha hay”

Arey bhai ye bat to 20 sal pehley be kaha jata tha. Pakistan K Ravi ney kab chain hi chain likha hay.

If there is 30% unrest in the country, Shahid Masood adds up 40%.



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