Pakistan’s CJ and 46583 slaps – by Raja M Asad Abbas

You will always remain our Prime Minister!

“Tareekh meain kisi judge ka nahi, awam ka faisla zinda rehta hae” (It is not the judges’ but the nation’s verdict which survives the course of history).

These were the words spoken by President Asif Ali Zardari when he addressed the 33rd death anniversary of Zulfikar Ali Bhutto

President Zardari was repeating the words of Benazir Bhutto who reminded Pakistan’s biased Supreme Court that there also exists a court of people:

President Zardari and Shaheed BB’s statement was not for a particular moment but the history has proved their statement correct.

Let me take you into the past on the dark morning of April 4, 1979 when Pakistan’s first elected Prime Minister Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto was hanged by the Supreme Court of Pakistan as instructed by Pakistan army generals.

The military generals thought that by hanging him, they would Remove Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto’s name from the mind of the people but what they couldn’t understand was that a true leader lives in the hearts of the people, not in their minds and still these evil forces (generals, judges) think along the same lines.

Let me make myself clear. The soul of General Zia-ul-Haq firstly went to Ghulam Ishaq Khan then it Went to Farooq Leghari then to Prevez Musharraf and now in my opinion it is has taken over Pakistan’s Chief Justice (commonly known as Cheap Justice) Ifthikhar Chaudhry. Military generals including Musharraf and Kayani who physically tortured and humiliated him have their case pending since long. Besides everything, CJ with his tribal-mindset mates, allowed General Prevez Musharraf to contest the Presidential election in violation of the constitution though he was a Govt Servant at that time.

The CHEAP JUSTICE also took an oath under the PCO while also providing protection to military coup by Musharraf on October 12 1999. The same CJ, on the other hand, disqualified a Prime Minister elected by the People, a Prime Minister who restored the Constitution, Who freed him and other judges, Who Got a Unanimous Vote of Confidence from the Parliament.

Personally, I thank ALLAH ALMIGHTY that we got our PM back safe and sound otherwise the first one (ZAB) was Judicially Martyred, the second one (BB) was brutally killed in a Garrison town Rawalpindi, and the third one is only disqualified. If Gilani had “Bhutto” in his name, he too would also have been sentenced to death.

Let me now come to the title of my Article: 46583 slaps on the face of Cheap Justice.

As friend commented on facebook:

Is that a coincidence that the day (26 April 2012) Supreme Court gave judgement against elected Prime Minister Gilani, PPP candidate won from Multan on a traditionally PML N seat, and yesterday when SC remove him from his post, PPP candidate won Sanghar (Sindh) bye election with a margin of 49,000 votes

On April 26, 2012, the day PM Gilani was Convicted by an ISI-backed Chief Justice, the people of Multan Slapped the CHEAP JUSTICE giving their electoral decision in favour of Pakistan Peoples Party, On that very day, PPP won the general elections seat which is traditionally a PML(N) seat and Slapped the CHEAP JUSTICE more than 20000 times. The Original Motive to Write this Article is to let the People know that last time PPP Won the Same Seat (PS-83) with gaining 30,000 Votes but as the CHEAP JUSTICE gave his biased verdict while thinking that the Nation is With Him PPP Won the Same Seat with 46583 Votes Way More than 30,000.

As Justice Asif Saeed Khosa wished people to come out and so the CHEAP JUSTICE Wanted! Yes they Came Out on Both Occasion and gave their Verdict in favor of PM Gilani and President Asif Ali Zardari and Said: CHEAP JUSTICE WE ArE SLAPPING U NOT ONCE BUT 46583 TIMES AND HERE IS THE DECISION WHICH WILL LIVE THE COURSE OF HISTORY. “MR CHEAP JUSTICE THESE ARE NOT 46583 Votes THESE ARE 46583 SLAPS ON YOUR FACE”

Prime Minister Gilani, you were, you are and you will always remain our PM.

Jiye Bhutto, Sada Jiye

Mera Saien Tera Saien, Yusuf Saien Yusuf Saien



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