An open letter to The Right Hon the Lord Phillips of Worth – by Raza Baloch

Worthy President of the Supreme Court of the United Kingdom, Senior Law Lord and Head of Judicial Branch of the House of Lord:

It is to state that being a Baloch citizen of Pakistan, I am happy that your honour has awarded a Punjabi Chief Justice of Pakistan Mr. Iftakhar Muhammad Choudhry with the “International Jurist Award -2012” for his tremendous contribution in field of dispensation of free fair and rapid justice to all.

However, perhaps your honour is not completely aware of social and spatial facts about justice system in Pakistan. Being a Baloch I will raise a few questions from your honour and the international media which covered the “International Jurist Award- 2012” ceremony.

I would like to remind you that our sister from Sindh province of Pakistan, Dr. Shazia Khalid, was severing as doctor in Dear Bugti Balochistan employed by Pakistan Petroleum Limited (PPL) was raped by Punjabi Armed Forces in January 2005. I would like to refer Terance McKenna’s documentary in which Dr. Shazia’s words were quoted “I did not get justice and I will regret that for the rest of my life”. And you know our brave political leader Akbar Khan Bugti tried to get justice but Punjabi establishment and Punjabi judiciary never paid head towards Dr. Shazia rape by severing military officer. After no hope for justice our leader Akbar Khan Bugti raised arms and sacrificed his life and he was killed by the great dictator General Musharraf with help of Punjabi Army.

Worthy Lord Phillips, it would have been more apt if you would have invited General Musharraf for the joint Jurist Award along with Justice Chaudhry!

My second grievance is that how Mr. Chaudhry was recruited in judiciary??

It is a fact that Justice Choudhry is not a Baloch but Punjabi and he got domicile of Balochistan Province just for his employment. He was not even a settler in Balochistan. It is a known fact that Balochistan government had passed rulings that no other than indigenous (Balochs) including Hazara, Durranis and Yousifzais will be awarded Balochistan domicile but Justice Choudhry got domicile by using his connection with the Punjabi establishment.

Worthy Lord Phillips, it would be more apt if your honour would have also invited the head of Frontier Constabulary (of Pakistan Army) who is killing unemployed, poor Balochs for the joint Jurist Award both to Justice Choudhry and FC head!

Justice Chaudhry had awarded title of “innocents” to 14 rapist who rapid a marginalized woman in public. Aitzaz Ahsan was advocating in favour of raped woman Mukhtaran but he failed to defend her and she cried repeated same words as Dr.Shazia.

Worthy Lord Phillips it was better to call all 14 rapists for the joint Jurist Award both to Justice Choudhry and 14 rapists!!!

Pakistan’s judiciary or Chaudhry judiciary has released terrorists who planned attack in Mumbai and New York who are enemies of humanity.

Worthy Lord Phillips it was better to call Hafiz Saeed, Malik Ishaq and many terrorists for the joint Jurist Award both to Justice Choudhry and the Al-Qaida’s Militants!



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