A sincere advice to Imran Khan – by Khalid Humayun

It is a common belief that Imran Khan is the pick of military establishment. The belief is probably based without much substantial proofs. But, it is also a fact both the conventional parties, i.e., PPP and PML-N, are not kowtowing the lines of the establishment insofar as foreign and domestics policies of Pakistan are concerned. In the past, this had been perfectly controlled by the Establishment for the last 30/40 years either directly or indirectly. There are some undeniable instances in the past when ISI played their brutal control over election results. The late night TV results were showing candidate A winning with thumping majority but in the morning results candidate B won in the final polling simply because in the pre-prepared list of the ISI political wing, it was candidate B to have won the election. But those days are over, in the present scenario when media is so active and vibrant, such old tactics would not work any more. Any hanky-panky done in the election, the field media would capture the scene in their cell phones and would run to their TV channel houses to give the “first” breaking news. This media is purely commercial. ISI political wing simply cannot purchase or make curbs on all the TV channels and print media, some would definitely bring it on TV screen.

It is a fact, after not getting second extension for General Pasha, Imran Khan’s popularity showdown has suffered a set back. His Quetta and other Punjab district and KPK public gathering were missing the charisma that was prominent in Lahore and Karachi “jalsas”. The showdowns in Karachi and Lahore was a political mistake, because the time was not ripe for this showdown. He should have arranged this showdown before three months of come election and when neutral caretaker governments had been formed. Now that he has alerted Punjab government to a great extent and KPK government to some extent, the wheel is turning from clockwise to anticlockwise. Now the scenario in Punjab is that in urban areas there are discernments among educated class, both youth and senior citizens, about mass inclusion of same old stain clothed bigwigs and surprisingly all the retired Intelligence big wigs. In the rural areas, almost all patwaris are under direct control of Sharif brothers. The real political game is being played by PPP. They are neutral and watching the game with interest. They know well the tug of war between Imran Khan and Sharif brothers would only benefit them. Their real vote bank is Southern Punjab and recent bye-election supports my point. The childish logics forwarded by Imran Khan on many TV channels that “all that come in PTI are filtered and cleaned from their past deed” (and the example he quotes of Quaid-e-Azam LoL) is just not a buying stock for masses. He claims that he will eradicate corruption “completely” within his first “9 days” as PM. Who is going to believe this unless he unfolds his modus operandi. There is only one modus operandi – stop Supreme Court to take suo moto proceedings – can he do this? I think not. The bottom line is the probability rate of Imran’s success in the next election is falling. But all is not lost for Imran Khan, note it well.

Imran Khan has the biggest financial support of Rothschild and Goldsmith empires. These two business jewish empires rule the economy and media of the world. In every United States Pesidential Election, they have been instrumental in winning their chosen candidates. Money says every person has their price.

I confess the above causational and logical analyses are not entirely mine. This is what is being propagated by PML-N supporters on the “free for all internet”. I find logic in PML-N supporters’ stand. What my friend who supports PML-N told me widened my eyes and put me in a situation between believe or not to believe. My friend was talking how Jewish money is reaching in Pakistan. Off and on Imran Khan visits USA (the country he declares the most rogue) UK and European countries. In all these countries the traders and businessmen donate in IK campaign in “billions”. These charities are not from the pockets of traders and businessmen, these are very cleverly and stealthly transfers from Jewish empires sister companies to them as business transactions. So the money is legalized in the name of “charities” and “donations”. He further claimed a big chunk goes to ISI (which I do not believe). He also claimed that whenever he goes to UK he stays in the manor of ex-mother-in-law, widow of Goldsmith (both Rothschilds and Goldsmiths are the real authors of a country by the name of Israel). I just said to him I did not believe all these stuff. He said, fair enough, just compel Imran Khan, the so called real Islamist and having friendly relations with Jihadists, to lambast against Israel like Hamas is doing. If he does this loud and clear in public meetings, my friend was wrong, otherwise his logic had heavy weight.

Coming back to the sincere advice to Imran Khan since his crutches of ISI support appear to be broken and all that money he spent is siphoned in the drain pipes and that he is losing ground, he should follow the pursuit of President Obama. Since Obama has lost ground in political arena so far as economics issues are concerned, and that his Stimulus Plan has met a big dud, he initiated a big political stand to turn the public attention towards another particular point rather than on economic issues. So what he did, he openly announced that he favored legalization of “gay marriage” or “same sex marriage”. Obama thinks this will enhance his support in youths that would play a big role in the forthcoming Presidential Election. Imran claims he is the only popular leader of Pakistani youths. My sincere advise, and this is not a joke stuff, Imran in his public gathering must announce that he would legalize gay marriage. It is my hunch all hesitant youths will start supporting Imran Khan big time and the issue of infamous junk that he has recently collected in his party would go a camouflaged stage.

We should also be thankful to Imran because of him such a big amount of money reached in public rotation, no matter if these monies come from Jewish lobbies.

It is also interesting to see if big money spent on SMS’s to public cell phones (tape messages “Hi! This is Imran Khan, break all shackles and join me for “greater Pakistan”) and cell messages sent to many eminent journalists to support Imran because he is the only choice, purported to have been sent by some high ranking uniformed officers. For all these new social communication techniques, I greatly admire Imran Khan. At least PTCL is gaining extra amount by providing cell numbers and charging for the SMS messages. What is wrong with this – money is in floatation. The only difference is that this is not United states of America, this is Pakistan. If the so called Zionist lobby succeeds, our nuclear assets may be in danger. No Zionist spends a single penny for nothing.



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