Shura has decided -by Zulfiqar Ali

“Shura has decided. I can’t help now”. So, in essence, replied Mian Tufail to father of Naeem, who went to pray pardon for Naeem’s life. Prayer was not accepted and Naeem had to die.

Since independence till today, JI has treated PU as its concubine. PU’s first VC after partition was Dr. Umar Hayat Malik. He was a well-known Jamatia. Being VC, he was also member of First Constituent Assembly of Pakistan. He was go-between Maududi and Usmani. He and other like-minded members, like Ishtiaq Qureshi etc., worked under the guidance of Maududi. They recruited people like vocal Usmani and others, and started their campaign of revenge against Jinnah. They did under the label of ‘Islamization’ of Pakistan. Foundation was laid with Objective Resolution.

JI claims to be the party of ‘educated’, civilized Saliheen. But facts are contrary. They are pioneers of the dirty tricks in educational institutions and politics of Pakistan. Be it making fake photos of opponents, using dirty language against other leaders (ex. Salman Butt), murder attempts upon opponents, kidnapping and torture of students or broad daylight killings of students, they have acted nothing but fascistically.

PU has been the center of their dastardly activities. They do not allow other students to hold musical events because it is un-Islamic, while in 80s, they themselves arranged Mujra after winning student body elections. Pictures were published in newspapers. No student could get hostel room allotted till it was first approved by IJT. PU used to have examination center at Gilgit and these Mujahids used to take exam there. Reasons do not need to be explained.

It was here that people like Prof. Waris Meer and Dr. Mahdi Hassan were harassed. Recent events of slapping teachers and parading them like victors used to parade the vanquished, was nothing but continuity of their past. Professors Mansoor, Asim and Dr. Amir Hashmi were manhandled and were hurled abuses. Prof Asim was ordered to run. He is a heavy person, so unable to run. He was frequently pushed, making him fall again and again.

They did what we all know, they do. Worse is the response of our honest and non-corrupt media and honorable courts. The news block was almost total. Nawaiwaqt did print the news. Albeit softer version, it was still something. Hamid Mir, having faced the wrath of IJT himself also wrote column against it. Kudos to Ajmal Jami, on presenting a program on TV. Ghairat Brigade (GB) writers are not only quiet but Irhsad Arif wrote a column, what appears to be, in favor of IJT.

Honorable CJ has time to take Suo motu against Odho. As per CJ and GB, Constitutional Foundations of our nation can be shaken by Waheeda Shah. I must assume they were cemented by IJT. They cannot do anything what is against our country, because they have a divine mission.

In the year 1986, students fight broke out at King Edward Medical College Lahore. A member of IJT, called Hafiz, was killed. Tauqeer, from AJK, was suspected of being his murderer. Naeem was Tauqeer’s friend. It made him murderer too, as per ‘Islamic’ justice of JI. Rumors started spreading about revenge by Thunder Squad of IJT. Naeem’s father went to Mian Tufail and got the reply.

Naeem vanished. His dead body was found later. Well known Dr. Naseeb R Awan did the post mortem. He told his students that he counted eighty fractures in Naeem’s body. Not a single spot was without signs of torture, including burns. This was the worst thing Awan had seen during his career, till that time.



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