Thank you Turkish Prime Minister

It was heartening to see a real friend of Pakistan, Turkey’s Prime Minister, address the Pakistani Parliament for the second time in three years yesterday. Largely such addresses are ceremonial in nature which exude goodwill for both the host and the guest. The Turkish Prime Minister’s address was more than that. Speaking extempore in his native Turkish, the Turkish Prime Minister, Recep Teyyip Erdogan, appreciated Pakistan for a thriving democracy and said that Parliament in any democracy is supreme and that no power can stand in the way of a strong parliament.

This is a damning thing for a foreign dignitary to say about powers in our country who do everything in the name of “rule of law” to circumvent the parliament and will of the people. Yes…we are talking about the Opposition, the judiciary, establishment and their touts in the media. While the media and their paymasters harp the tune of “Mujrim Wazir-e-Azam” and whether the opposition gave space to the government and that the Turkish Prime Minister’s address provided respite to a “beleaguered Prime Minister”, the fact remains that a nation that has also suffered at the hands of military adventurism, Turkey sees Pakistan possibly coming out of the whirlpool like it has.

We at LUBP, would like to thank the Turkish Prime Minister for his excellent address and giving us a sermon which will hopefully have a lasting impact on our opposition, judiciary, establishment and their media touts. We also want to commend the Pakistani parliament for being firmly united for the last four years, possibly ending the days of military adventurism backed by judicial support in the country.



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