First Ghotki, then Jhelum: Another massive rally ignored by corporate media

After yesterday’s massive rally in Ghotki which was given minimal coverage by private-corporate media, today’s #PPP rally in Jhelum has met a similar fate.  It has largely been ignored by the media which is disappointing but hardly surprising.  Why would one Jeem (Journalists) ever present the mass publich critique of another Jeem (Judiciary).

Inspite of 24/7 propaganda and selective moralizing by both the right-wing Urdu media and Pseudo “Liberal-left” English media, the popularity of Pakistan People’s Party and the mandate of the people in favour of Prime Minister Gillani remains undiminished.  Successful rallies by PPP are a slap in the face of those self-righteous fake liberals who present this compromised Islamofascist Judiciary as a necessary counterweight to “Kruppt” politicians. 

Inspite of evidence to the contrary such as this Judiciary’s tame and non-existent stand against the military establishment on Missing Persons Case, Mehran Bank Case and Memogate, one “liberal” Don presents this compromised Judiciary as “anti-establishment”.  Another highlights their reservations with the Judiciary on Memogate but agrees with the sham trial and bizzare verdict (long on poetic liscense and short on the Law and Constitution) against an elected and still popular Prime Minister  Such “liberals” stand exposed after sucessful rallies by the PPP.  We are reproducing a news item on this important event.

Kudos to the PPP leaders, activists and workers who are exposing the sham and Anti-Constitutional approach of the Jihadi Judiciary at Jhelum. We will continue to update this post and welcome video clips of the PPP rally at Jhelum. 

Another Picture of the Jhelum PPP Rally in support of Prime Minister Gillani

Strong lawyers’ groups are dominant on country judiciary: Fawad Ch


JHELUM, May 13 (APP):  Special Assistant to the Prime Minister, Fawad Chaudhry on Sunday said that strong lawyers’ groups

are dominant on country’s  judiciary, that resulted increase in sufferings of common man.

Addressing a large public gathering here, he said that these lawyers’ groups get the decesion from their own choices from the courts, which has multiplied the woes of country’s people.  Commenting on Nawaz Sharif’s demand to the prime minister of rendering his resignation before appeal, he termed it a meaningless demand.

He predicted that Pakistan Muslim League (PML-N) will be out from the country’s politics if it continues its such arduous stance and suggested its leadership to wait for next general elections for any activity.

On the occasion, other speakers said that PPP is a party of those people who sacrificed their own lives for a cause and that no one can stop it to continue the mission of Shaheed Bhutto.

They said that court’s deceion against the prime minister is totally against the public mandate and the constitution of the country. He said the parliament has already depicted its confidence on the prime minister.

Besides others, PPP leader Khawaja Muhammad Asif, former MPA Tasneem Nasir and Mian Rasheed also addressed the public gathering. Earlier, on arrival at Jhelum, a large number of people in a rally received the PM Assistant, who were gathered here at Sahawa to welcome him on his first visit after assuming charge as Assistant to the Prime Minister.

Later, when the rally led by former federal minister Chaudhry Shahbaz Hussain, former District Nazim Chaudhry Farukh Altaf, PPP President, Jhelum, Sohail Zafar and other leaders reached at Shandar Chowk, it was converted into a huge public gathering.

Source: APP/yawar




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