Pity the judiciary – by Shoaib Mir

Pity the judiciary that loves both the Doctrine of Necessity and Gibran’s poetry
One to welcome military dictators, the other to sentence civilian Prime Ministers

Pity the judiciary for whom justice is a simple matter
A Commission for a Memo and suo motu for a Letter

Pity the judiciary that’s ready to swear on more than one oath
One to get the job, the other to get the pension or both

Pity the judiciary that has forever been in a fix
Over Contempt or Immunity, Article 248 or Six

Pity the judiciary that dispenses justice in an instant
To haul in the Executive, to bail out the militants

Pity the judiciary that believes in their flesh of pound
Running with the hare and hunting with the hounds

Pity the judiciary that postures to be independent and free
But without transparency, fairness and impartiality

Pity the judiciary that favours any case of Prosecution
Provided it’s political and against Reconciliation

Pity the judiciary’s dubious duo – a certain father- and son-in-law
One got a PM hanged, the other rules not writing a Letter’s a flaw

Pity the judiciary that promised to revisit a Judicial Murder as a preference
After a year and few hearings it looks like the murder of that Reference

Pity the judiciary that is anything but judicious
Always in haste, aggressive and malicious

The writer, Shoaib Mir, is an independent communications consultant, an Amnesty International “Prisoner of Conscience 1984” and a rights activist.



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