Pakistani Canadians on the Decision to convict Prime Minister Gillani for following the Constitution

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For upholding the Constitution, Prime Minister Gillani gets convicted! – by Farhad Jarral

We are pleased to published an interesting and informative debate that took place between Pakistani Canadians on the recent controversial decisions and activity of Pakistan’s politisized Supreme Court.  This took place on a the TV show, Bilatakullah, hosted by Pakistani-Canadian Tahir Gora.  The panel consisted of lawyer Hamid Bashani and journalist Rana Suhail.  Here is the clip for the entire show which we highly recommend:

There were some superb observations made during this show which include:

1. A categorical mention of the 3-Jeem alliance of Judges, Generals and Journalists and how this powerful establishment Troika has evaded accountability.

2. Another excellent point that was made was with regard to Article 63 of the Constitution – whose current text has been inserted by former military dictator, General Zia ul Haq.  The panel commented on how this article prosecutes for contempt against NON-ELECTED institutions like the Army and the Judiciary. The panel pointed out how Article 63 said nothing about contempt for the Parliament – the only institute that is elected by and represents the people of Pakistan.

Our Pakistani-Canadian friends should note that Pakistan’s Jejune “liberals” are usually silent on this topic as they have mostly supported the same Judiciary that has faciliated dictators and allowed them to mangle the Constitution.  After all, the unquestion devotion to this compromised judiciary by Pakistan’s Jejune “liberals” is a matter of public record. This slavish sycophancy towards the Judiciary by Pakistan’s Fake Civil Society has placed it on the wrong side of the verdict of history.

3.The panel pointed out the Judicial bias in the decision and was honest in admitting how the Supreme Court dodged and evaded the question of Presidential immunity which is explicit in Article 248 of the Constitution. They pointed out that the Supreme Court should have responded legally to this point that was raised by the legal advice given to Prime Minister Gillani and which was used as a basis for not writing the letter.  This as per the observations of the guest panel was refusal and not ridicule – the charge on which Prime Minister Gillani was convicted.

To Tahir Sahib and his guests: Dear sirs, we wish that our media was as honest as yourselves.  Barring the exception, powerful retired bureacrats, generals, right-wing idealogues and psuedo left-liberals dominate the discussion that takes place on the Corporate-owned private channels and newspapers.  The views, both on this issue and others, is largely one-sided.  Our Jejune “liberals” have compromised themselves with their uncritical support for this judiciary and barring the exception, cannot bring themselves to present an honest and clear opinion on this topic.  Their token criticism of the judiciary is balanced with harsh, abusive and unjustified attacks on elected politicians – especially if those politicians are PPP/ANP and do NOT happen to be Urban, Pro-Taliban Central Punjabis (PML N, Imran Khan)

The panel also pointed out the neglect and tokenism of this Supreme Court on the Missing Persons case. We agree with the panel when they pointed out how the Courts have simply given token attention to this most pressing case and that too because of the presence of a few cases which pertained to Islamist suspects.

The fate thousands of Baloch Nationalist youth who form the bulk of the “Missing Persons” case remains unknown.

Instead of the selective judicial lynching of PPP, we wish the Court would take this case seriously.

(Refer to Tarek Fatah blasts the military-judicial establishment for our previous coverage of Bilatakalluf)



2 responses to “Pakistani Canadians on the Decision to convict Prime Minister Gillani for following the Constitution”

  1. Wish such discussions are held in our media too. Both the speakers have pointed out very valid points.

  2. salute 2 the honourable host and guests.wish our media was this much neutral and honest 2. keep up the good works.