FAQs: How to Remove a PM – by Bahadar Ali Khan

FAQ: How to remove the democratically elected Prime Ministers of Pakistan?

ANS: If 58-2(b) exists and president is co-operative then dissolve the entire parliament which naturally will get rid of PM as well. Else get the justice done with PM by approaching courts of law who would initiate contempt of court and a soft revolution will follow that will wipe out PM

FAQ: You seem sarcastic, do you have any precedent to this effect?

ANS: Absolutely. 1990 Benazir’s first regime, 1993 Nawaz Sharif first regime, 1996 Benazir’s second tenure. Tool used was 58-2(b) and presidents were co-operative. Nawaz Sharif in his second tenure got rid of 58-2(b), courts summoned him for contempt proceedings. He was lucky to have some faithful followers who gate crashed the chambers of my lord justices of Supreme Court and ‘azad media’ was absent too thus NS couldn’t be washed away. Now Yusuf Gilani, tried to run a West Minister type democracy in Pakistan which doesn’t suit our temperament thus he should go, rather should be made a horrible example, as how dared he tried to complete his term.

FAQ: Wow that is seditious, if all of these techniques fail what will you do then.

ANS: LOL:) Easy just move 111 brigade and they will occupy the PTV and PM house. PM will be tried for some ‘grave’ crime and at the end either he would be hanged like Bhutto or be exiled to Saudi Arabian Saroor palace like NS.

PS. Make sure to obtain clemency like that of NS, you have to be a non-PPP PM otherwise …. well read the history.



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