Stop supporting terrorists‏ – by Daniyal Shabbir

I was sitting on the Internet on 5th April when suddenly I got a message that one of our university colleagues has been shot and wounded. Then I called my friends to confirm the news, they told me that he has just died. I was shocked, I just didn’t know what to do now. After a few minutes my two friends came to my home at 3:00 AM and then we rushed to the hospital where I saw him dead, the same guy whom I saw two days ago smiling. I was not believing that he’s the same guy.

He was targeted killed outside his home where ‘unidentified persons’ opened fires of Kalashnikov on him and fled. Probably his only fault was that he was a Pathan and belonged to People’s Students Federation (PSF) at Karachi University

The next day, we buried him. Our all friends were crying like little kids and they made me cry as well. They were still not believing that their brother, their friend has left them alone.

Now the question is, what is the Sindh Government doing, what is the interior minister of Sindh doing? The fact is that the Sindh Police is not even allowed to take action against target killers, terrorists etc and our rulers in Islamabad have no interest what is going on in Karachi.
The killing of our friend has just made me hate the government of Pakistan, the government of Sindh and the establishment. It’s a well known fact that our establishment uses particular parties of Sindh to topple different governments and fully supports them, hence no action can be taken against them. These parties are establishment’s tool. They have been killing even police personnel openly, but no action has ever been taken against them.

I request the government of Pakistan, the government of Sindh and the establishment to please stop supporting terrorists in the name of Mufahimat. This Mufahimat has killed thousands of people in Karachi, do you want more people to get killed? Please, stop supporting terrorists so that precious lives can be saved.

Name: Daniyal Shabbir
Student at the University of Karachi
From Karachi.



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