PML-N and PML-Q completely ignore the Pakistan Day – by Rana Kashif

Muslim Leagues miss out on ‘their day’

* Citizens concerned over major provincial parties’ role in remembering Pakistan Day
* Cantt resident says neither party even asked office-bearers to organise a function
* Chaudhry Zaheeruddin says PML-Q busy with Gujrat by-polls, hence could not do anything

LAHORE: The leaders of the All-India Muslim League may have been the authors of the Pakistan Resolution of 1940, but one would’ve been hard-pressed to tell that from the response of its descendents, the various factions of the Pakistan Muslim League. The many PMLs were conspicuous by their absence from the festivities held to mark the 70th anniversary of that historic event.

This attitude of each faction of the party – particularly the Pakistan Muslim Leagues Nawaz (PML-N) and Quaid (PML-Q) – surprised the people of the provincial capital. Citizens voiced their concerns over the situation and questioned what role was the party playing at such an important occasion, when 70 years ago on the same day it authored the Pakistan Resolution.

Muhammad Awais, a resident of the Wahdat Colony, said he was surprised that none of the Muslim League factions, particularly the PML-N and the PML-Q, had considered celebrating the historic occasion. He questioned, “Is it the responsibility of only the defense forces and the Presidency to arrange functions on the Pakistan Day?” Awais said he was shocked that both major Muslim League factions were busy in their political activities and had not thought about celebrating the day.

Office bearers: Hafiz Habibullah from Lahore Cantt said both major parties claimed to be the real heirs of the Muslim League but neither bothered to even direct their office bearers to organise a function at such a historic day.

Amin Akhtar, a resident of Gulberg, said it was not sufficient for those claiming Muslim League as their party to deliver speeches at meetings arranged by others, however, it was the political parties’ responsibility to arrange functions to celebrate the event. He said merely issuing statements was not enough, there should have been something practical.

PML-N leader Zulfiqar Khosa said he was busy with the Gujrat by-elections and that the party’s Lahore office should be contacted regarding any such activities. A former PML-N’s member, requesting anonymity, said he did not know of any function the party had organised for the Pakistan Day.

By-polls: PML-Q Punjab Secretary General and opposition leader in the Punjab Assembly Chaudhry Zaheeruddin said they had not organised any function either as they were busy with the by-elections, scheduled to be held today (Wednesday).

Source: Daily Times



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