Missing persons: No relief from the courts

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While Dawn asks us to feel “relief” over the issue, the courts have once again failed miserably at bringing relief. All the big talk by Justice Javed Iqbal appears to be a tempest in a teapot. A decision was promised on end of March but now we we have talk of a “Judicial Commission” being set up by the very Government behind people going missing. And what the Honorable Judge has said of late is not very comforting:

Justice Javed Iqbal said “We will not take any illegitimate action against the lawlessness of the secret agencies but a solid action to recover the missing persons.” Justice Javed Iqbal observed thatbeing supreme, no one can hold the Parliament accountable.

I find these remarks extremely insulting, especially coming from justices who just days ago were saying things like: “The government should be aware of the consequences of missing person cases which is bigger than the NRO (National Reconciliation Ordinance) for it affects every citizen of the country”; “The law will take its course irrespective of who is who”;   “Even if my son had been picked, I would also be standing outside the court demanding early release of the child”; “This time we have to start from the top by calling ministers and secretaries and the heads of intelligence agencies”;

But when Advocate Hashmat Habib requested the court to summon heads of the Military Intelligence and the Inter-Services Intelligence,  Justice Iqbal also said that last time when “we tried to summon them we were sent home for almost 16 months”.

Well, I certainly am not expecting much but I guess I have to wait till the end of this month

Justice Javed said, “We will go to any extent under constitutional provisions and bring the matter to its logical end. We will not go beyond the month of March.

In the meantime, while the Neros — or should I say ‘Pharaohs’ ala Kurd — fiddle, more people continue to go missing and  getting killed.

P.S. Would you believe “810 institutions were involved in the issue” ?



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