Protest against Shia killings outside Pakistan High Commission in London

Hundreds of Pakistanis of diverse religious backgrounds (Sunni, Shia, Christian etc) gathered outside Pakistan embassy in London to protest against the ongoing genocide of Pakistan’s Shia Muslims by Saudi-funded, Pakistan army-supported Jihadi-sectarian militants (namely Ahle Sunnat Wal Jamaat (previous name: Sipah-e-Sahaba Pakistan), Taliban and other extremist Deobandi groups).

As expected, Pakistan’s mainstream media including progressive journalists ignored a significant number of Pakistanis who had gathered outside Pakistan High Commission to protest against the ongoing Shia killings which is taking place in the country since the days  of Saudi-CIA sponsored Afghan Jihad. Thousands of Shia Muslims have been killed since late 1970s when Pakistan army decided to recruit brainwashed Jihadi-sectarian Deobandi and Wahhabi mercenaries to pursue its strategic goals in Afghanistan and India.

Video report by Hidayat TV:

(English speech at 42:55 time bar on video)

Speakers at the protest noted with concern what has now become a standard pattern, ie, the silence of the electronic, print and social media, the so-called civil society, human rights organisations, and the political parties, over the systematic genocide of the Shias. They  noted that no formal statement of condemnation or concern was issued by the Human Rights Commission of Pakistan (HRCP), Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch (HRW) on the recent massacres  in Khanpur, Punjab (34 killed on 15 January) and Parachinar, FATA (50 killed on 18 February). A similar blackout was seen in Pakistani media where majority of progressive columnists and anchors did not deem it fit to dedicate a column or talk-show to massacres in Khanpur and Parachinar.

The speakers condemned the fact that the ASWJ-SSP terrorists have been recently reinforced through Pakistan army-backed Defence of Pakistan Council (DPC). Shia scholars and leaders condemned Pakistan federal government (of PPP, which also rules Sindh and Balochistan), the Punjab government (of PML-N), Khyper Pakhtunkhwa government (of ANP) and Pakistan army because of their failure to protect Shia Muslims in Punjab, Balochistan, Sindh, KP, FATA and other parts of the country.

Speakers expressed their full support for Sunni-Shia unity in Pakistan, and highlighted the fact that the majority of peaceful Sunni Muslims condemn barbaric terrorism by the Saudi-funded, Pakistan army-supported Jihadi-sectarian monsters (extremist Deobandis of SSP-ASWJ-DPC etc.)

Speakers also expressed support for other oppressed and target killed communities including Sunni Barelvis, Ahmadis, Christians, Balochs, anti-Taliban Pashtoons by the Saudi-funded Jihadi proxies of Pakistan’s military establishment.

Here is a news report published in Pakistan’s daily The News:

Protest in London against killings in tribal areas

Murtaza Ali Shah
Source: The News, February 24, 2012

LONDON: Hundreds of Pakistanis gathered outside the Pakistan High Commission here protesting against incidents of killings in various parts of Pakistan, particularly a wave of violence in the Parachinar town of Kurram Agency and other tribal areas.

Men and women from major cities of the UK took part in the protest called by the Majlis-e-Ulema Shia Europe to condemn the “Taliban terrorism and genocide in Parachinar.” They drew attention of the Pakistan government towards the incidents of killings in Parachinar, saying that dozens of innocent people had fallen prey to sectarianism, which they blamed on the Taliban militants and their allies in the banned outfits.

The protestors claimed that since the release of Malik Ishaq, the alleged leader of an outlawed militant group, from a jail in the Punjab, sectarian attacks had gone up in Pakistan. Maulana Ali Raza Rizvi, president of the Majlis, said the Pakistan government had failed to provide protection to its citizens, and enforce its writ on the banned outfits.

Maulana Jafar Ali Najam said the purpose behind the attacks was to banish Shias from Pakistan. However, he said they would never leave Pakistan because this was their land too. Maulana Musharraf Hussain said the people of Parachinar were law-abiding, educated and patriotic citizens of Pakistan. On the occasion, a petition was submitted at the High Commission, which called on the Pakistan government and the military to take action against the killing of innocent Pakistanis.



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