HE Hamid Karzai and FATA – by Zar Ali Musazai

People of FATA are grateful to His Excellency President Karzai for his statement against FCR in FATA

President Hamid Karzai was right to say that Frontier Crimes Regulations commonly known as FCR is a terrible legacy of the British colonial rule being applied on Pashtun People in FATA. The sooner it is taken out the better. It is also against human dignity. As for as I understand this important question was posed a Pashtun journalist no less than the incumbent President of Peshawar Press Club in Pashto language in Islamabad when his excellency Hamid Khan Karzai was there on his official visit to Islamabad.

Some of the Pakistani- minded journalists who were present on that occasion criticized the remarks of Pashtun President Hamid Karzai and termed his reply as an intervention in internal affairs of Pakistan. This criticism was illogical and non sense. These so called journalists should realize that FATA is a place where Pashtun live and Karzai is also a Pashtun/Afghan and he has the right to ask for his people’s right in FATA. This unfortunate part has always been used for the nefarious designs by the establishment of Pakistan. First this part was used by the British rulers to block the forward movements of the then Tzarists and latter on was used by Pakistan with support of international community and Arab world to stop socialist block of former USSR to remain in Kabul.

This time this part is again being used as proxy to thwart the good intentions of international community to prevail peace and promote democracy and developmental activities in Afghanistan. People in FATA do want change and are not ready to remain in old and out dated system which has given them nothing except humiliation and destruction. FATA is an area where there are  no human rights. Political parties are not allowed to do politics and political parties act has never been extended to this part. Resultantly, extremist religious forces

Were made stronger and stronger with manpower and other resources with strong state support of Pakistan while the political, social and democratic forces were harnessed to take people to light and forward. Today we see that this part is like a hub of terrorism and terrorists use this area for their vested interests from where not only Afghanistan is fired but at same time the soldiers of international community are also frequently killed and Pashtun cities like Peshawar, Mardan, Nowshera , Bannu, Dera Ismail Khan, Swat, Dir, Buner and Charsadda including FATA itself are burning in hell and people are ruthlessly killed without no sin they have ever committed.

The so called Pakistani journalists have never lifted pen to write in support of FATA people and against terrorism there. No journalist has ever asked Pakistani establishment as to why this area was left behind for more than last 60 years. To be developed. When Karzai spoke in fevour of his Pashtun people and against FCR, then these so called Journalists turned furious and called it as interference in internal affairs of Pakistan.

These Journalists should study the actual case of FATA as to whom this part belongs to. Whether Karzai  has right to talk in favor of tribesmen or not. Afghans know it well and they speak only when they know that they are talking for their own people. Afghanistan should adopt a policy of irredentism, where ever Pashtun are should be considered as Afghan citizens. Hamid Karzai, Pashtun President termed Afghanistan and Pakistan as twin brothers which I reject politely.

Both are as step brothers because one brother namely Afghanistan is going to be developed but latter creates problems for it which shows enmity and negative approach. Pakistan wants Afghanistan’s peace and prosperity but at hands of Taliban and other conservative forces which is unacceptable to Afghans. Until Pakistan changes its old policies against Afghanistan, the brotherhood theory is not possible to move forward and as for as I know Pakistani establishment has not yet decided to bring a change in its previous policy regarding Afghanistan.



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