Mansoor, we and Qibla -by Ali Raja‏

Farsi the language of love, the language of emotions, the language of expression, the language of diplomacy and beyond doubt the language of wisdom has in it’s 2 Thousand 5 Hundred year journey has achieved the status of being the most influencive and comprehensive language of the East. With its shadows overlapping English, French and Spanish Farsi holds firm grounds in 13 countries upon the map and controls around 110 million human tongues. This Indo-Iranian language which has it’s carvings on the tomb of Cyrus II in 600 BC and which holds the most assembled phonology in the club of linguistics surely has cramped to the status of a SYMBOL OF EAST just as the rising sun.

Although with no formal association with this magnificent language to the extent that when around 90 % of Pakistan chooses it as elective for their graduation I chose Economics, Farsi has still always been my beneficent love. With its Shahnameh Ferdowsi, Rubayat Omar Khayyam and Divan e Hafiz, Farsi has always been utmost benevolent and bequeathing. Weather it be love, stress or tragedies Farsi with its heart touching and soul soothing poetry has been by my side in each walk and phase of life. Not only has it celebrated with me in the moments of joy and wept with me in moments of sorrow but has also been my trouble shooter in the moments of bewilderment. When ever questions of no evident answer arise up there Farsi steps in to provide the answers. With its sweet and sour syrup even the most bitter of the answers tend to be swallow-able. Just like yesterday.

Yesterday’s story was nothing but another block in the national security state empire but grown up we are. Now these blocks do fit and make this security state much more firm and much more rigid but least does it stabs our hearts as grown up we are. So yesterday His Royal Highness Mr. Mansoor Ijaz again did not consider the Memo-Commission worthy enough of being bestowed with the honor of appearance. Keeping in mind that this was the fifth chance given to Mansoor Ijaz to appear before the Commission it is a point to ponder upon as to what the Honorable Judiciary of Pakistan intends to lead to. Where on one hand the counsel for unanimously elected Prime Minister of Pakistan Mr. Syed Yousuf Raza Gillani is giving mere 2 days for arguments and banteringly asked “How Long You Expect Us Sit And Listen To You.” And the Foreign Secretary of Pakistan is asked to appear before the court on a notice of 3 hours, on the other hand Mansoor Ijaz is sent a request after request to come and assist the courts in Operation Sweep Away Democracy.

On the 25th day of January 2012 when Mansoor Ijaz despite all assurances did not bestow the court with his appearance the head of Memo-Commission Justice Qazi Faiz Essa said “A last chance of appearance is being given to Mr. Mansoor Ijaz on 9th day of Feburary 2012 failing which the case shall be closed.” The terms of court seemed quite clear to us but not to the court it’s self. As the court in Pakistan now fell pleased in making them selves a laughing stalk so the legacy was continued. Forgetting what it had said on the last hearing the Commission on the 10th of February decided to record the statement of Mansoor Ijaz via video conferencing. Although delighted on one hand that the Judiciary which one day was passing orders of banning Facebook and Youtube in Pakistan is getting more of Gadget Friendly now on the other hand a throne pricked in my brain.

It was the Mumbai Attacks that were being probed into by the Anti Terrorist Court of Rawalpindi and several high profile extremists with cozy relations with the Pakistan Army’s Private Jihad & Co. were being trialed for their alleged involvement in the terrorist attacks on Mumbai that is when the FIA after discussions with the Indian CBI formally advised the court to record the statement of Ajmal Kassab the surviving terrorist via video conferencing. It was a case which had the security of Pakistan directly attached to, a case of the butchers of humanity and a case of secret corridors which might have opened. A video conference would have cut the crap out but the ATC decided to to entertain the wishes of the FIA. A plea for video conferencing was rejected.

It was then the Abbotabad Commission which was probing as of under what circumstances did the OBL Operation take place. Mean while the High Commissioner of Pakistan to United Kingdoms Mr. Wajid Shams ul Hassan in an interview said that he believes that Inter Services of Intelligence of Pakistan did have pre requisite information about Chinook Raid on OBL compound. Some considered it a blow in reply to the allegations of similar nature the puppies of ISI were leveling against the President. The Abbotabad Commission was quick to react and summon the HC back to Pakistan as many in Rawalpindi wanted a Hussain Haqqani replay. Mr. Wajid Shams ul Hassan owing to a busy schedule and bad health requested the Commission to take his statement which had a direct association to the Security and Stability of Pakistan, a statement which had a potential to unfold what lay behind 2nd May Operation and a statement which could have led to the real puppet masters of Pakistan but the Abbotabad Commission decided not to facilitate the request stating that no precedence in the manner lies.

Being a law student my Anatomical CPU i.e. the brain faced a Syntax Error of unlike statement.

If granting chances after chances is the way of extraction of justice as it seems to be in the Mansoor Ijaz an American citizen with a past of enmity towards Pakistan and Democracy, with a history of self carved claims which shatter down on inspection as they did in the 9/11 Commissionin and with a credibility that Washington Post refers to him as a Publicity Mongering person then why was Mr. Makhdoom Syed Yousuf Raza Gillani the person elected to the Parliament 6 times by populous votes, the person achieving quarter of 5 Lack votes in the 2008 general elections, the person unanimously trusted by the Parliament of Pakistan given mere 48 hours to defend his position.

If Video Conferencing can be allowed to investigate a case which is based on nothing but an unsigned unauthorized unworthy piece of paper sent over the e-mail and not even considered by the receiver and rejected by all but a single discreditable person why not can it be allowed to investigate a case which involves cold blooded murder of 154 innocent law-abiding citizens of India, a case which brought Pakistan to the verge of a war, a case which made Pakistan face global humiliation and a case which had the quarters of power on verge of exposition.

If Electronic Statement can be considered lawful for Mansoor Ijaz a person with life long efforts of defamation of Pakistan, a person who does in obscene videos for a living and a person who admits to have nothing to do with the interests of Pakistan why not was Mr. Wajid Shams ul Hassan a person who led the national press Trust of Pakistan for 3 years, a person who has twice been the High Comissioner of Pakistan to United Kingdom and a person who defended Pakistan when it was un defendable was not given a chance to get his statement recorded via video conferencing.

Confusion, Confusion and just Confusion was all that was there in my mind. With no evident reason why was by beloved and upright Judiciary violating Article 10 and 25 of the Constitution of Pakistan which guarantees the very basic of the pre requisite of a fair trial i.e. Similar Application of Law on every individual, how can laws be molded for someone like Mansoor Ijaz and how can non uniform justice be justice. If Constitution of Pakistan is not the Direction for my judiciary then what is? When digging Law Books provided unworthy and my nerves reached their breakdown verge I decided to ask my honorable judges but questioning the judges is no easy nowadays CONTEMP of COURT is always laces tied ready. This is where Farsi stepped shivering with fear of contempt I introduced my self: –

Tu Aan Shahi Ke Ber Aiwan e Qasrat 
Kabutar Gar Nasheenad, Baaz gardad
Ghareeb e Mustamand e Ber Ber Aamed
Be Yaayad Andaroon, Ya Baaz Gardad

The humbleness of Farsi made by query admit-able and I asked as of what leads the judges, what drives them and what directs them is it the Constitution of Pakistan. If so why does it not seem so? That is when I came to know that bloody crap nations and their Judiciaries are the ones who have to follow their Constitution we the UPRIGHT MUSLIMS of ISLAMIC REPUBLIC OF PAKISTAN have only QIBLA to follow. Confused I asked the judges to define this QIBLA so as we may also approach it: –

Mahw e Safr Hai Tu Bar Simt e Kul Jahan
Bata Tu O Gumgishta Tera Qibla Hai Kahan

That is when the Judges Smiled and with Farsi gave the explanation of all their verdicts, all their actions and all their motions which so far had seemed baseless to us. A single verse of Farsi made me understand all that has happened, is happening and shall happen. I came to know that law books are not the ones to be looked into for Justice but: –

Every nation has its own Qibla to follow and my Qibla switches to where the veil of my beloved “Mehboob” lays. No wonder this veil lay at different positions for Mansoor Ijaz and at different for us, no wonder the verdicts swim along with this veil different for Mansoor Ijaz and different for us and no wonder this “Mehboob” resides somewhere in dear Rawalpindi. No Wonder!!!! Had that contempt fear been still not in my heart I also would have left reciting the whole of: –

Sowe Qitar Mein Kasham Naqa e Be Damamra…..

But I only sat humming: –

Thum Zara Betabi e Dil Baith Jane De Mujhe
Aur Is Basti Pe Chaar Ansoo Bahane De Mujhe…..

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  1. The core verse

    Har Qaum Rast Rahe Deen e Wa Qibla Gahe
    Man Qibla Rast Kardam bar simt e kaj kulahe

    not visible!!!!!!!!!