Aseefa – The Reflection of My ‘Bibi’ – By Maleeha Manzoor

Grace in women has more effect than beauty. Nevertheless, a woman becomes even more glorious and beautiful, when you conceive the grace of your heartthrob personality in her and unintentionally, you summon up her persona in your mind and become her addict. I admire my leader ‘Shaheed Mohtarma Benazir Bhutto’ – who, certainly, is the cause of subsistence of many, embracing me. While holding Bibi in high esteem, today when I see Bibi Shaheed’s younger daughter – Aseefa Bhutto Zardari, in any manner necessary – reflects the persona of her mother, persuades us to feel Benazir’s existence corporeally too. By reflecting Benazir’s grace – in garments, in movements, in every solitary manner – she manifests and brings back all the saved mental impressions and sensations of Bibi in my mind. A few days ago, I saw Aseefa in Myanmar, awarding medal to the lady ‘Aung San Suu Kyi’ – a pro-democracy leader and Noble Peace laureate, Aseefa was in red; looked beautiful and decent as Benazir used to look, however, her perception of physical traits – swarmed over my mind and intended me to believe that “Yes, Benazir exists! Not only immortally through her vision but, also physically through her children.” Aseefa walks as the way Benazir used to do. Solemnly, her charisma and glamour reflects Benazir’s talisman and casts a magic spell over her mother’s followers.

However, the real reflection is just not confined within a boundary of persona; the most influential thing is to be reflection of one’s acts and deeds. If you do not follow one’s good deeds then it is of no concern that whether you reflect his/her talisman or not. Off course, Allah Almighty blessed us Benazir; with her Benazir children and undeniably, Aseefa is a proof to this statement. Despite being the youngest of her siblings, she possesses a very strong hold over the public and has always been greeted by innumerable party workers on each visit to her hometown – Larkana, but the thing that holds all the attentions, is her love for the children of her country, that has been inherited to her by mother, Shaheed Benazir Bhutto.

Shaheed Bibi had launched the Polio Eradication Initiative during her tenure in ’94 by immunizing her own child Aseefa Bhutto Zardari – The first child ever to receive polio vaccination in Pakistan. Undeniably, by launching campaigns for polio vaccination countrywide, Bibi had taken a great step to exterminate and pull up this disastrous ailment by the roots of Pakistan. This pleasant imagining and aim is now put-forwarded by her daughter, Aseefa, who is firm on polio eradication and determined on fulfilling her mother’s commitment to the nation of a POLIO FREE PAKISTAN. “Our aim is to make Pakistan – completely polio free. No child should live in fear of being crippled for life. . . We are determined to have a Polio Free Pakistan.” , her statements make the world to believe in her sincerity with Benazir’s fantasy as she has been bringing up all the possible efforts and working selflessly for the desire of eliminating such terrible disease from the country. For achieving success in this extraordinary cause, Aseefa has become even more active and been given the chair of Pakistan’s Ambassador for Polio Eradication. Once she stated, “Right now, I want to focus on my education. I don’t know what the future holds for me, but I know, I want to help my country, anyway I can.” She is definitely doing so. Albeit, she is also an answer to those who think that there is no vision and legacy after Benazir and without any doubt, they are all fingers and thumbs! Those criticizers are aware of everything but do not use their brains on positive notes!

“Jab tak sooraj chaand rahega, Bhutto tera naam rahega. . .”

Aseefa’s slogan on the immortality of her Grandfather and the continuation of his legacy/vision throws light upon his fame – which will last for all time and discloses Aseefa’s passion that manifests an emotional but potent behavior. By passing on the divinely inspired message of Bhutto’s existence to the world, she also makes the world aware of the passion of Bhuttoism, which flows as blood in the bodies of Pakistan Peoples Party’s workers/leaders and deluges over their minds and souls. She again, highlighted her family sacrifices and the significance of Bhuttoism: “My family has made a lot of sacrifices for Pakistan. . . The Pakistan Peoples Party has gone through a lot of pain with the passing of my grandfather SZAB, with my uncles – Shaheed Shahnawaz and Murtaza Bhutto, and now my mother – Shaheed Mohtarma Benazir Bhutto. Millions of people love my mother. After her assassination, the whole world cried and mourned, from the strongest man to the smallest child. Pakistan especially, was in so much pain because of the love my mother had spread to every person, she touched everyone’s heart. . . People were losing hope after her death, they lost hope in Pakistan, but in spite of all sacrifices and in spite of all the people dying for Bhuttoism, people still say: Har ghar sey Bhutto nikley ga, tum kitney Bhutto maaro gey!!” However, the stream of Bhuttoism is also flowing in Aseefa’s blood – like her siblings.

Despite the fact that; even though she belongs to a royal family, never considers herself superior than others – in all respects. Therefore, I see a glimpse of Benazir in her charisma. Because of her endless support to her brother, who took the charge of their mother’s party at such crucial times, I consider her as one of the best supporting sisters of this world. “Qaidam Bahrao Bilawal Bhutto hum tumaray sath hay!” Such encouraging slogans brace her brother and the party. This unmatchable support also comes up for her father, who is now, retaliating from the murderers of his wife and guide, by assuring the democracy in Pakistan.

Aseefa is the strongest girl I know and we need to learn more than much from her. One cannot imagine her pain. She was only three, when her beloved father had been imprisoned and was just 14, when her devoting mother had taken away from her. “The loss of a parent creates a crack in ones heart that can never be repaired…” Her words clearly describe her affliction. Despite being so distressed and broken by the fate, she still remains strong and promises to continue her mother’s mission… “I dedicate my life to the people of Pakistan. . . My family will continue my mother’s mission and my grandfather’s mission, with the guidance of my father, co-chairman of PPP and the president of Pakistan and my brother, chairman of the Pakistan Peoples Party! Jiye Bhutto. . . !!!”

Pakistan Peoples Party holds all the aces as it is having the bright leaders for the future and Pakistani nation must be proud to have people like Aseefa – to lead Benazir’s mission.


Beloved Aseefa, may you remain firm in all your purposes; adorn and covert all the dreams and imaginations of Bibi Shaheed into realities. . . Love you from the deepest of my heart. However, it is impossible for me to express feelings through any write up, because the words from all the dictionaries and thesauruses would not be enough to define or vocalize all my love and emotions. Wishing you all the happiness; success and may your life’s each and every day brings many celebrations and becomes as joyous as your birthday. . . <3

When I glance into history

Find, some classy; some dowdy,

However, perceive this only slogan and motto:

Jiye Bhutto – Jiye Bhutto.

Benazir forwarded Bhutto’s legacy,

Looked after the ‘AWAAM’, flamboyantly.

However, time never comforts for long,

Regrettably, our fate is always headlong.

Still bewail, whenever I say:

The only hope – Benazir, had taken away!!

Nevertheless, Bhuttoism is the name of continuation

Yes, there exists, Benazir’s vision;

To carry on her profound aim and mission

We have now, her reflection.

On the 3rd Feb; of ’93;

Allah blessed Benazir, with Aseefi,

Who is determined on Bibi’s mission,

To make Pakistan, POLIO FREE.

For you, this mission won’t be much tough,

As you have the strength enough.

Undoubtedly, you never fear,

In your mission to make the children cheer.

You’d never leave the people in lurch

Because insincerity isn’t in your blood;

Surely, you will bring the mirth’s flood

By saving children from being crippled.

As you, have many with you

It won’t be difficult to make ends meet;

Promise, I’ll adore and support you

To the last moment of my breath.

May you succeed in this great mission, Aseefi!

I behold you as my Bibi,

Have tried and will always do

Present you, the best of my ability.

Let us join hands and stand with Aseefa Bhutto Zardari from shoulder to shoulder – to eliminate the terrible ‘POLIO’ from our homeland and fulfill Benazir Bhutto’s dream of a POLIO-FREE PAKISTAN. Let us spread Aseefa’s message together:

“Save your child from disability – Save your child from being crippled”



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