Bakhtawar: An epitome for YOUTH – by Maleeha Manzoor

“The Pakistani nation has faced many challenges in the past and has always emerged strongly. This is due to the spirit of this nation as we unite in the hour of need to help our distressed brethren.” Does not this message seem as conveyed by a compassionate or dignitary person? Yes, the elder daughter of the martyr of democracy ‘Shaheed Mohtarma Benazir Bhutto’ – Bakhtawar Bhutto Zardari, had stated it. This message reflects her vision and philosophy that has conveyed to her by her parents.

‘Bakhtawar’ is an Islamic name which means ‘fortunate’, as she had got a great mother, who is an icon for the entire world, and has a father, who is serving the people for many years and lifted up his nation when it was in a deep grieve on the bereavement of their hope and leader – Benazir, so it can be said that Bakhtawar is fortunate, but, it won’t be wrong if I say that the people who own her, are even more fortunate. Because, the way she cares and is concerned to the problems of nation, no one cannot even be examine in contrast to her. The very first thing that comes into my mind on her affection and devotion; is her effort for the disastrous people affected by the floods. It is true that, our history begins before we are born and we represent the heredity influences of our race, likewise, the passion of humanitarian work has been inherited to Bakhtawar by her family, which has always been intending to pull the poor people out of every tough situation.Once Mother Teresa had quoted,

“Yesterday is gone. Tomorrow has not yet come. We have only today. Let us begin.”

Similarly, Bakhtawar, despite being occupied by her demanding studies, has taken a step for the people welfare and we can assay her greatness by her act of stepping in the social service during student life, following the footsteps of her great mother. She has launched a NGO called ‘Save the Flood & Disaster Victims Organization’, for the rehabilitation of victims in the wake of any disaster in her homeland and it is been successfully run by her. Whatsoever the price of greatness is responsibility and she leads the way by observing the whole program during the vacations. She, does not only observe, but also make efforts to ensure fund-raising for victims.

When I think about Bakhtawar, so many questions frequently arise in my mind… Such as, how she would have lived, when her affectionate father had jailed? How would she have faced her mother’s assassination at such a young age? Now, how would she be living without that mother, who had always been like a shadow for her? While taking any decision on family matters, how would she being with her father and playing her role? How would she be filling up the vacuum of her mother, when her siblings, Bilawal and Aseefa would desire for motherly love? In addition, how would she be answering the people, who have been keeping hopes in her? It is painful to pen about Bakhtawar, one cannot even imagine the pain from which she had and has been going through!

True, that everyone gets a natural and automatic entry into his or her ancestor’s field of ‘excellence’ but the thing that catches your attention, is Bakhtawar’s rap song in the memory of her mother, one cannot deny her charisma. Albeit, she would have been inherited politics by her family but she arises as a lyricist and rapist, who are quite different fields in all probability. The tribute song ‘I would take the pain away. . .’ had made headlines worldwide. The title of her rap song is just not limited to the words – there dwells a deep-engraving meaning! A meaning to Benazir’s vision; meaning to Benazir’s legacy; meaning to Benazir’s mission. Doubtlessly, she is fulfilling the promise to take her mother’s pain away by working through her NGO for the benefit of people, for whom, Benazir sacrificed her life.

“Welcome, welcome – Bakhtawar Bibi welcome”

This welcoming slogan was first heard when Bakhtawar Bhutto Zardari came up to give her first official speech at the presidency. However, in every woman, there is a Queen and undeniably, Bakhtawar is the queen of many hearts. That day, her supporters proved their love and showed their hopes in her by raising the slogan Zinda hai Bibi, zinda hai!! I felt the shine in her eyes; she glowed the way Shaheed Bibi used to glow when the slogan ‘Zinda Hai Bhutto, Zinda Hai’ used to reach her eardrums. It enlightens Bakhtawar’s mysterious resemblance to her mother, she is at the same place at which, her mother was – a fairly long time ago.

Some would be thinking that it is easy to produce any quick-hit profile by spending a few hours on the subject, google that famous personality, search out all the dictionaries to pinfold and then bang out a story, but that would not work. To know a person, you really need to be with him/her or interact/communicate with those who have been in any interaction with that person. I know my ideal Bakhtawar, because I have seen and noticed her attitude towards the ordinary persons like me, she manages an account at a social networking service and interacts with everyone, replies and respects all, this attitude makes her different from others! The extraordinary thing about Bakhtawar is how ordinary she is: no pretensions, no affectations and no ego, just a generous and amiable psyche. The most valuable and substantial fact about her is that she encourages like her mother and so, I feel qualities of a leader in her.

There is much more for the youth to learn from Bakhtawar, she is an EXEMPLAR for those who are willing to step forward in the world of humanitarian work to console the victims and an IDEAL for those who have lost much but still fighting for the rights of others. Her braveness and recklessness, through which she fights with all her pains, makes her an inspiration for the entire young generation. I have no idea where I have been… or… where I am heading towards?? However, have always found her as the light, which shines in the darkness of my life and guides me towards the right avenue. Hope is the bedrock of this nation and Bakhtawar is now, the hope of trillions and she would definitely promote the democratic values as her mother ’Shaheed Bibi’ had done after her iconic father.

As today, we are heading to celebrate Bakhtawar’s 22nd birthday, I wish my guide, my mistress, a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY. Bakhtawar! MAY YOU HAVE YEARS FULL OF HAPPINESS TO COME AND I WISH ALL THE HEALTH AND WEALTH IN THIS WORLD TO BE YOURS. On your Birthday, I want to assure you my support, which would always be with you until my last breath. I do not know how to express my love but I want to let you know that my love for you is like a song that goes on and on and on. . . Whenever you respond me, you sweep me off my feet and make me to have my head in the clouds, I am spellbound by your love and so privileged to call this my life’s work…


The 25th January;

Recalls our memory…

God gifted Benazir, a doll

Who has now, become a glory.

A princess in the hands of our QUEEN;

Who made her life as fresh as green,

God blessed the nation with another Benazir!

In 1990’s lucky January.

Itty! You’ve been so kind to all;

That am sure, you’d never let them fall,

Undoubtedly, you’re a fairy

And to me, you’re my fantasy.

As you, own immense ability

You’ll glare like Benazir,

You will achieve much more

Cause we know your dexterity.

I might not write the rest

Just try to give you my best,

However, let me say you sorry

If I had any blunder in this story. . .


Maleeha Manzoor.

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  2. Who wrote this pathetic attempt at sycophancy? A burger eating obese daughter of a billionaire is a real “epitome” of Pakistani youth!

    Only Nishapuri and his posse of dimwits can come with a brain fart like this!

  3. @oh bhains well by what your saying and how your trying to direct envious comments towards a very well written comment , i can see what sort of an intellectual capacity you posses my friend !