Condolence: Arfa Karim

Arfa Karim was extra ordinary, a gifted child with exceptional talents. She achieved so much in her short life which is a glittering example for many. Her sad demise is a tragedy and we feel and share the grief of family and her well wishers. Ordeal she went through was tragic, despite all efforts, hopes and prayers, life gave up and left behind memories and grief.

Yet this is not the end, for the brave, sensitive and intelligent soul like Arfa had many dreams, and as far as dreams are alive we have lot to do to oblige a kind heart.  Arfa was very concerned for basic education in Pakistan, in her opinion we should have invested in basic education since start (watch aik din geo ke saath with Arfa Karim). We, who feel the grief, must know that we have responsibility to fulfil that dream. It is lot more to do than expressing grief and sentiments, if we really want to pay tribute to her. This nation has millions of children waiting for our attention, for their basic rights, for food, shelter, health and education and facing abuse and inhuman treatment. Real task is much more than expressing anguish and anger and getting trapped in blame game and rhetoric, for these expressions are not actually very respectful to a departed soul.

We must remember Arfa, with kindness and affection for she was just a child, a very sensitive and kind heart and a very imaginative and curious mind. Here is a poem by Arfa, to remember her with appreciation and gratitude.

Symphony Of The Sea

The smoky breath of Poseidon,

Billowing over wintered wings.

Gracefully touched by ice maidens,

Silent thoughts magically sing.

The mother’s crystalline wine,

Flows over verdant isles.

Glimmering like an ancient shrine,

A mirror expanding endless miles.

A melody floats upon the tides,

Lingering within cool sprays.

Upon creamy foam the tune rides,

And silver notes gently raise.

Sweetened with an aqua hue,

The mermaid song plays on.

Secrets of the depths are viewed,

Unlocked by the coming dawn.

A symphony soars within the light,

Sea nymph voices floating high.

Within the sound I hear her might,

Echoing where ocean meets sky.

The crystal opera begins to fade,

Becoming now a hymn of the sea.

Memories fall in a final cascade,

Reminding that the song shall always be.



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