LUBP offers condolences over Azeem Daultana’s death

Let us build Pakistan would like to offer its deepest condolences on the untimely death of Azeem Daultana, PPP MNA from NA-168 in Vehari, who died in a car accident on 9th January, 2012. May Allah rest his soul in peace. He was 32 years old and was the youngest member of the incumbent National Assembly.

In the 2008 General Elections, Azeem had beaten stalwarts like Ishaq Khakwani and Tehmina Daultana. He received 49,299 votes while his nearest rival Ishaq Khakwani got 47,898 votes.

(Source: The Election commission of Pakistan)

He had previously held the uncelebrated position of Parliamentary Secretary on Information and Broadcasting, where he would present the case of the government and his party in a most eloquent manner on TV and in the national assembly.

In Azeem Daultana, the PPP and the current national assembly have lost an educated and well groomed legislator. He was one for the future, but the Almighty had other plans.

According to the Express tribune report; Parliamentary Secretary for Information and Broadcasting, Mian Azeem Khan Daultana has died in a road accident at Kot Wali Bridge near Luddan.

The Pakistan Peoples Party’s MNA, Daultana was on his way to his constituency of Vehari, when his car was involved in a fatal accident.

Daultana was due to get married in early next month.

He belongs to the famous Daultana clan of Luddan, being a close relative of PML-N leader, Begum Tehmina Daultana.

He had successfully contested on a PPP ticket from NA 168, defeating Ishaq Khan Khakwani and Tehmina Daultana in the February 2008 elections.

Azeem Daultana was the son of Zahid Khan Daultana, born on April 4, 1979.

Azeem Daultana’s 1st Speech in Ludone Vehari



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