Amn Tehrik protest in Peshawar

We strongly condemn arrest of Amn Tehrik leaders; Governor NWFP should be removed immediately because of his support for a pro-terrorism cleric. Members of Amn Tehrik and leaders of various students organisations who opposed Zaid Hamid’s entry into the Islamia College University were locked up.

Zaid Hamid, a pro-terrorism speaker, came to Islamia College University Peshawar today. He was however forced to stop his way into college premises by the pro-peace movement students organisations. The Amn Tehrik has a secular program, which aims to promote peace and fight terrorism and extremism in the region.

It has been learnt that Governor Pukhtunkhwa Owais Ahmad Ghani granted permission to Zaid Hamid to deliver a lecture in Islamia College University. The administration of the University were ignorant about his arrival an the University.

About 13 Students belonging to pro peace federation and student societies were arrested, prominent among them were Tariq Afghan, Majid Khan, Riaz Marwat, Imtiaz Wazir, Ayaz Khan, Zohaib, Dosat Mohammad these students opposed to militant Agenda in region. The students were in the lock up of the university police station for more then 8 hours, and finally were released by the intervention of Amn Tehrik . Amn Tehreek leader rush to Islamia College University and protest against Zaid Hamid and their supporters, chanted slogan against the administration and the Governor NWFP.

The Amn Tehrik Convener Idrees Kamal and other leaders including Dr. Said Alam Mahsud, Qaiser Khan Advocate, Arbab Tahir, Asad Mayar, Zahid Buneri, Gulzar Khan, Tariq Khan, Aziz Buneri participated in protest in Islamia College University. Students of Islamia College University chanted slogan against the administration.

Amn Tehrik demanded of the federal government to dismiss the Governor who favored a terrorist religious cleric who is engaged in promoting an agenda of terrorism and extremism in the region especially among students of schools, colleges and universities in Pakistan with strong support from Secret Agencies and Pakistani establishment. Amn Tehrik and students organisations will hold a joint press conference in Peshawar Press Club shortly.

Issued by: Amn Tehrik



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