An unorthodox tribute to Salmaan Taseer

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I consider it a befitting tribute to Salmaan Taseer to say a few bold, controversial things on his first death anniversary, which others may be reluctant to say.

1. Most of the tributes written in Taseer’s honour are lacking both in context and content, do not specify his killers, present a false right-wing left-wing binary, ignore the sinister role of the military establishment, blame his own party etc. Several examples come to mind but most promoted and most disappointing tribute is by Ahmad Rashid (published in Daily Times and BBC) which is both factually and analytically inaccurate.

2. Many of Taseer’s friends including some family members in the media are completely silent on genocides of the Baloch, Pashtun, Shia by army and proxies, which are urgent human rights issues. They are either in denial or resort to tokenism and misrepresentation. This is an insult to Taseer’e memory. (We have some painful examples of how some of them actually supported Deep State’s narratives on Balochistan etc, e.g., when one of them praised Cyril Almeida’s column in which he had justified the killing of Baloch Professor Saba Dashtiyari.)

3. In a macro-context, by providing diplomatic legitimacy to the Taliban, Pakistan (army) and USA are rewarding the killers of Benazir Bhutto and Salmaan Taseer. This is painful and unacceptable.

4. Contrary to urban myth, Husain Haqqani’s trial has not yet begun. He will earn respect only by following the examples of Benazir, Zardari and Gilani.

5. Salmaan Taseer violated the mainstream by taking a bold stance on a sensitive issue. This element alone is clearly lacking in many of his fans and the so called champions of his cause.

An extract from Faiz’s poetry as a tribute to Salmaan Taseer, a little prayer:

aaiye hath uthayen hum bhi
hum jinhe rasm-e-dua yaad nahin
aaiye arz guzaren ke nigar-e-hasti
zehr-e-imaroz me shirini-e-farda bhar de
wo jinhen tabe garanbari-e-ayyam nahin
unki palkon pe shab-o-roz ko halka kar de
jinka deen peravi-e-kizbo-riya hai unko
himmat-e-kufr mile, jurat-e-tehaqiq mile
jinke sar muntazir-e-tegh-e-jafa hein unko
dast-e-qatil ko jhatak dene ki taufiq mile



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