Pachyglossal!! Thy shall not speak – by Saad Mansoor

Coming back from work, I tuned into the daily news at nine bulletin. As the shalwar kameez adorning pretty news caster started firing off the headlines, I realized that my first five minutes would consist of yet another narcissitic member of the judiciary boasting about their achievements. Normally I simply ignore their wishful thinking but this time the judge, whose name I shall dare not quote for the fear of being convicted in contempt of court went a bit too far. It would be injustice that his accusations and statements are not rebutted.

The esteemed judge talked about many things, including the Chief Justice of Pakistan’s refusal to resign and his own ‘feat’ of not taking oath on 3rd of November. He quickly moved on to remind the present government that it owed its existence to the Chief Justice of Pakistan and on his part threatened that corruption would no longer be tolerated and can not be concealed. The highlight of quoted by the media was how he pointed finger at all other institutions of the country, specifically mentioning the police and how they have failed to deliver to people of the country.

In your sermon, sir, you violated all norms of a democratic structure and undermined the status befitting a judge of Supreme Court. Moreover, most of your statements were slanted and questionable in their usage and context.

You impressed upon us how you refused to take oath on the 3rd of November. I will like to remind you that you took oath on 9th March as acting Chief Justice of Pakistan while the Chief Justice of Pakistan was being beaten up by the police . You did not take oath on the third because you were not offered to. You sir, however, accepted a lucrative job offer as the Chairman of Press Council of Pakistan only 12 days later.

You reminded us of how we owe the present democracy to the Chief Justice of Pakistan. Your this statement was directed towards the parliament and current government, hence, I use us. These are our representatives and they owe their existence to the people of Pakistan. We the people of Pakistan, are responsible for the re-crowning of the Chief Justice and for creation of this parliament. It was our struggle that you address these people today as a serving judge of this country and not a retired one.

You quote the Steel mills and Haris mills cases which saved this nation billions of rupees. You do not quote, however, the endless privatization and procurement deals that cost this nation billions, transacted before the sudden enlightment of the Chief Justice of Pakistan. His lack of interest, costed Pakistani nation, PTCL, KESC, Habib Bank along with rest of Banks of Pakistan, state-owned sugar, rice and flour mills which the last regime privatized in totality. All while you were sleeping.

Your final jab at the police and other institutions was most distasteful! The reason police and other organs of the state are not delivering are because they have been in decay for the past ten years. With recurring martial laws, the organs of state are falling apart, the prime accused in this tragedy maybe our security establishment but the prime abettor in this crime is and always have been the judiciary.

The police has indulged in chhitraul because you have failed to fulfill your duties. Corruption is rampant because you let it reach to the roots of this society in the past ten years. It was you who was sided with the dictator foremost. Even today you do not call in a member of the previous regime, to hold him accountable. You refuse to examine evidence against the security establishment in the missing persons case.

You recount to us, the order by judiciary on the 3rd of November. I ask you, was that order made forsake of this nation or forsake of thy selves?! Will a similar order be passed again if the civilian government and not the judges themselves are at the other end of the gun? People of Pakistan have given you a chance, show the grace that your exalted position deserves or the people of this country do at least. Use your time hearing the pleas of thousands of cases you impress upon us day and night not making political statements.

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