Iftikhar Chaudhry wants a 1953 vintage Woleseley car

Elitist choices of a poor country's Chief Justice

31 December 2011 is an important date in Pakistan’s judicial history. Not that a case is likely to be heard or that the government is going to be taken to task or the general public is going to be given relief, but a tender is likely to open for the repair of a 1953 vintage Woleseley car owned by the Supreme Court of Pakistan.

According to the tender notice available on the Supreme Court website, the car bearing registration number LXX-509 requires maintenance work related to:

1. Body Denting / Painting
2. Upholstery
3. Floor restoration
4. Nickel chroming of Nickel parts
5. Restoration / Replacement of damage/missing parts

With the Supreme Court involved in a number of high profile cases, one wonders who is looking for this vintage car and for what reasons? Wouldn’t it be better if the SC gives this car to Pakistan’s Museum for display at its sites? Can we see that the CJ has acquired this expensive taste and would like to use this car at his coronation, whenever they implement the Bangladesh model in Pakistan?

BTW, a little birdie tells us that the CJP’s son, Arsalan, in who’s promotions and movements here and there the father got into trouble, does some business involving expensive cars. We wont be surprised if the tender is won by a company run by Arsalan Iftikhar or see the tender being won by someone whose strings lead to the most “honest” judge of Pakistan!

Coming back to the Supreme Court, don’t they have anything better to do???



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