Baba Baloch and Iftikhar Chaudhry

Everyone is criticizing Pakistan Army, military intelligence agencies, Supreme Court of Pakistan, Nawaz Sharif and innocent ex-Pakistani Chaudhry Mansoor Ijaz. To me being a Baloch this one sided criticism is panic creating.

In the Naag area of Balochistan we don’t have ample of reputable newspapers like The Jang and The News to read and reputable electronic channels like Geo or ARY to watch because around 80 percent people cannot understand Urdu and around 95 percent people can not understand ABC of English. I called today one of my friends (who had migrated to Karachi due to war situations in our villages and towns, he was among the 5 percent of people who could understand Urdu well and even some English also) and asked what is the memogate, he laughed a lot and said “Laanat ho” curse on you, you still don’t know what is memogate!

He told me that 17 to 19 crore Awam (nation) of Pakistan knows well about the issue and even every new born child, bonded labour women in Punjab, people in jails of Pakistan, disappeared Balochs and settler Punjabi Choudhry Chief Justice (who was appointed with help of Shaheed Bugti) from Quetta Balochistan know about the memo, except you Raza! Go to hell of God or go to hell of Faujis. He said you people deserve to be disappeared and killed brutally, your mothers your old aged fathers deserve to receive your unidentifiable dead bodies. Your unmarried sisters deserve to be raped…lot…..lot…lot…And he disconnected my phone!

I was completely shocked that what is wrong with my childhood friend whom I have not met since five years. I happy that he talked me in frank moods as he used to be but I could not dare call him again till ten minutes. I tried to memorize his words such as God, Fauji, Choudhri, mother, dead bodies etc. I called him again to remind him that one of our beloved friend we usually called “Baba” was abducted by militants a week ago and last night his incomplete dead body was found on road side. Baba’s genital organ, three fingers of right hand and nose were kept by those militants. He picked my phone on second ring. I begged pardon and assured that I will never ask him about the Memogate but wanted to give him sad news about Baba. He was not much shocked. He asked who killed him?

I have seen here and there if someone was not hearing me and replied that The God! Fauji! Or Choudhri! I told him that in 2011 two Choudhris came in Quetta and talked about rights of Balochs one was a settler Punjabi from Quetta and second was a Indian Kashmiri refugee namely Nawaz Sharif now settler in Lahore. They both gave us hope that they will control their militant wings of the Faouj. Chief Justice promised that all disappeared Balochs will be back home soon.

My friend annoyed again and started bastions in support of Chief Justice that Iftakhar Choudhri is omni-person who fought for restoration of his job and Fauji Kiyani was one who helped him in his restoration and Kashmiri Sharif was only one who had organized a deluge of people on GT road to pressurize federal collation government to restore Chief Justice. After resuming office CJ announced that he was determined to end corruption from judiciary first and he promised to take case of disappeared person from Balochistan and Sindh on priority. He repeated that 17 to 19 crore nation of Pakistan know that there is no evidence of corruption in judiciary and number of disappeared persons is decreasing day by day.

I tried to stop him….ba ba but how?…….he continued. You total number of disappeared Balochs in 2009 and current number? Yes most of them have been killed and now they can not be included in missing persons’ list. The militant wing of the Honorable Supreme Court of Pakistan had cooperated with Chief Justice in his restoration and in reduction of number of missing or disappeared persons and the political wing of the Honourable Supreme Court of Pakistan called Pakistan Muslim’s League (Noon) had marched on GT road in his favour now gifted him (The honourable Chief Justice of Pakistan) the MEMOGATE.

No No No I don’t need to know about the MEMOGATE because I have seen in English dictionary that gate means “way to enter” and Memo may be shorter word for memory or memorial. So its Memory Gate. It is memory gate for Sindhi, Balochs, Pashtun and Siraikies by Choudhris. Yes their free and fair alliance wants to memorize us Independent of Bengal and their pivotal role. How they treated majority ethnic Bengali Muslims? It is a memory gate for all? Not only for Zardari who is half Sindhi and half Siraiki and half Baloch. Yes Zardari is not pure blood like Choudhris.

He interrupted harshly again. I told my friend that balance in my phone is about to end. He was very much interested to lecture me more on Memogate so called me back first time in last five years.

He started his speech again and in retaliation he said that it is not memory gate for Sindhis, Balochs, Pashtuns and Siraikies, you duffer! Actually Choudhris now are showing a Gate Way to Sindhis, Balochs, Pashtuns and Sirakies. Pakistan is land of pure, this pure land was created for people with pure blood not for people who even do not differentiate between one American loyal Choudhri Mansoor Ijaz and a Pakistani Hussain Haqani but disloyal with Choudhris and Choudhris’ pure land Pakistan. How a person who’s name is Hussain can be loyal with pure Pakistan?

But what about Baba Baloch? He was father two daughters and one son, his mother died before his burial and his father is now sleeps in the 800 years old graveyard near the Baba’s grave. His father is so not afraid of graveyards where he often seen talking with angles and even with God.

Once in evening I went to see Baba’s father in 800 years old graveyard it was awesome and Baba whispered that angles don’t understand Sindhi, Balochi, Pashtu and Siriaki and their medium of interaction with God is Arabic or Punjabi. Baba’s father was not sound so continuously was talking with Baba. I recognized some words like that God, Fouji, Choudhris and Arabs.

My friend once again stopped me and warned me that if you non-pure people want to live with Pakistan that you need to follow good loyal unbeaten, ever green leaders like an old age but energetic Imran Khan, Fauji, Choudhri who can understand Arabic and Punjabi languages but people like Akbar Bugti, Zulifkar Bhutto and Benazir Bhutto who defied to live in Arabs’ heaven in Jidah and never tried to learned Arabic.

Zardari is disloyal to the land of the pure of the Chaudhries’ Pakistan and Mansoor Ijaz is the hero of pure blooded Pakistanis.

Chaudhry Chaudhry alliance Zindabad.



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