Black Coats, Black Character – This is Pakistan’s Judiciary – by Daredevil

Once again Pakistan’s judiciary is playing the role of a political squad which is against democracy as well as against humanity. It is doing every effort to topple democracy – sometimes by trying to sabotage the constitution in the cover of baseless Swiss cases against the democratically elected President Zardari and sometimes by targeting federally appointed heads and important officials in different institutions. It is also at the same time supporting terrorists and criminals by making excuses of insufficient proof to punish the criminals. How can we expect justice in Pakistan when the meaning of justice has been reduced to the chief justice?


Pakistan’s judiciary, from the lowest to the highest level, has always been incapable of providing justice in important cases that media has covered. Lahore High Court is particularly notorious court which murdered democracy by working for a dictator and sentencing Pakistan’s great leader Zulfikar Ali Bhutto to death. Many years later, one of the senior judges involved in that trial would himself admit that the death sentence of the Bhutto was unjustifiable and was because of pressure exerted from the highest level.


Judiciary on all levels continued to exploit the Pakistani nation by siding with the influential and victimizing the weak or deprived segments of our society. In both General Zia and General Musharraf’s regimes, the judiciary was reduced to the puppets of the military rule. But even today, the dummies in black robes are no different. They are as much a threat to the nation as always were. The constant bias they are showing against the elected democratic government is no secret. Only that our coward media cannot question or even slightly criticize the abuses of judiciary due to fear of contempt of court – a form of military dictatorship, only dressed different.


The so-called independent judiciary, led by Iftikhar Chaudhry, who is said to have accepted a plot from Pervez Musharraf in Islamabad and was a fan of him until sent home disgracefully by the General, is clearly a wing of anti-PPP team, i.e. the military and PML-N. It has been trying to sabotage the state of Pakistan, quickly accepting all petitions against the federal government for hearing, but rejecting or delaying indefinitely the cases against PML-N, Punjab, or military establishment.


The nation has witnessed already big and shameful abuses of judicial dictatorship in the recent times. When the SC (standing not for Supreme Court, but Supreme Corruption) released the rapists of Mukhtaran Mai, it was the gang rape of justice itself by a gang of black-coat villains sitting in the premises built with the blood of poor workers, like those of Mai’s village. Where was shame then? Maybe shame was hiding somewhere because the rape of justice in SC was more shameful than Mai’s rape.


We don’t also forget the case of Raymond Davis early this year. It was the judiciary that boasted of providing justice by deciding about Raymond’s immunity. But when the date for the verdict on immunity came, it hid its tail between its legs like a scared dog and excused itself by saying that the lower court which is already seeing Raymond’s case will decide on the immunity. For many people, that day was the day of seeing the judiciary running away naked from justice.


Now once again the SC (remember it is Supreme Corruption) has been moved by the PML-N and military establishment to topple the democratic government. By violating its constitutional boundaries and limits, the judiciary has become a criminal web. This is because it is releasing the terrorists caught by police and FC forces. Faisal Raza Abidi is so right when he says that “judiciary is the problem” of Pakistan.

But the black coats and black characters must know that enough is enough. The youth of Pakistan will not tolerate this abuse of power. The power is the right of the people of Pakistan. And the people of Pakistan gave the current government its mandate to rule for 5 years. If there is any accountability of the government, the people will do it, not a bunch of puppets in black robes with black history and black characters.

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  1. I have an objection on the title of your article, Black coat, Black character. You need to change the title of your article.

  2. Very nice analysis! I happened to watch the TV talk show (the above video) and this is a clear deviation of Supreme Court’s own set rules. Veena Malik petition was dismissed on the ground of jurisdiction (although ISI name was involved in the issue) but in Memogate matter the same was admitted for hearing “This is a serious matter”. On top of it, CJ himself gave the example of Watergate (Richard Nixon). Richard Nixon was not tried by their Supreme Court, he was facing an impeachment threat in the Congress, so he resigned himself. Wrong citation! Is not it?

    On original side the court has to dig the solid proof by themselves, be that the Supreme Court. What SC did in suo moto proceedings of Karachi target killings. The judgment reflected and relied on the agencies reports only to condemn the Central government of Pakistan and Provincial government of Sind. This time it is very likely that Supreme Court has up their sleeves biased verdict to topple the Central Government on the report of Agencies. Bravo Supreme Court. All is fair in love and politics. What I do not see is the differentiation from other SC judges. Wake up your highness. The lawyers have started to smell a rat.

  3. For sure Khalid Humayun. Already Asma Jahangir is waging a battle against the biased attitude, while Tariq Mehmood very articulately showing the contrary. I am hoping to see Ali Ahmed Kurd come back. That will be good for all.

  4. The language used by you in this article shows your mental level…why you people gave guard of honour to musharraf?…shame on you for that…he got bibi killed…and you gave him guard of honor…then you gave extensions to kiyana and pasha…apnay aap ko dekho..aur sharam karo

  5. Black coat is really black luck for pakistan. It will make country to destroy. balck coat is mafia group and nothing else.

  6. 200% agree with artical,judicially always act against democracy although it was past openly PCO courts either its undisclosed PCO with PML N, why they forgetting that PPP always respect judiciary but always judiciary played in hand of dictatorship, if NRO is important to open so why not they sent notice to mqms leaders? why not judiciary taking action against 12th may?

  7. Chalo yaar, hum loag to politics aur terrorism par focus kartay hayn, but can anyone ask our judges what happened to the Shershah Bridge collapse in which six people were killed in September 2007?
    A three-member bench of the apex court headed by CJ Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry and comprising Justice Khilji Arif Hussain and Justice Khalilur Rehman Ramday had ordered a fresh case in April 2010. What happened to that?

    Yeh NHA kay peechay to par nahee saktay because FWO got the contract and a Maj General was heading NHA, how will they ever prosecute in the missing persons case!