Asif Zardari – A burden on PPP or a really indispensable leader? – by Nadeem Khan

Asif Zardari – A burden on PPP or a really indispensable leader? A dilemma for PPP loyalists

PPP workers and loyalists cannot make moves or comment against Zardari as now by fault (not default) he is heading the party. Due to mistake, passion or compassion, they chose him in critical time. Just due to the existence of Zardari the whole countrywide party’s integrity is on stake. This is a tough time for PPP loyals as unwillingly they have to defend the integrity/legacy of the party and consequently Asif Zardari. If Zardari is defeated, it will mean PPP will be defeated and may lose its existence once and for all.

After the death of Benazir Bhutto, perhaps with a view to gain sympathy votes, the PPP leaders agreed to put Zardari on the hot seat to form a government, but afterwards, they realized that they have to carry Zardari’s burden of (alleged and much publicized) corruption upon them and unwillingly they are doing it.

Several sincere and honest PPP workers have left the party because they cannot continue living two lives and keep a blot on their conscience but a few close, new and old stickers are still on. They keep on coming over media and keep their all time vague, unjustified, lame stances just to defend Zardari but with less than required vigor because they know they are beating around the bushes.

PPP workers are truly trying to defend the legacy of Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto and Benazair Bhutto. However, Zardari has corrupted the legacy by becoming the head and the worst of all by becoming the president.

In the broader sense, PPP loyalists are defending PPP and not particularly Zardari because their future political career is related with the party and not with the personality of Zardari. The important thing is that Zardari knows this fact that he is good for nothing for the party, rather an awesome burden and any of his wrong moves will allow the party workers to throw him out of the seat.

His becoming a head of PPP was an accident and not by design. Or it may be termed as an accident which was caused by design (discussed below).

The Design

International players interested in any country need to have ‘’stooges’’ or puppets (e.g., General Musharraf in Pakistan) to achieve their particular national or international tasks of the bigger plans. Within any sovereign nation, a high official in politics, defense forces or judiciary, having a significant say in government or national policies, is selected. He (or she) is first asked to do as told, bribed extensively, then even threatened with dire consequences to perform the required act. If he denies, he/she is eliminated from the scene as happened with Benazir Bhutto or heavy financial or other restrictions are imposed upon the country relenting him to fulfil the required tasks or to step down due to ineligibility or termed hostile for the nation at large.

If a stooge is corrupt and already void of any moral ground by default and specially when he is on a good political hot seat by design, then the task becomes amply simple. Legalize his illicit practices, design an immunity for him to provide him protection from the natural justice, place him on the highest echelon making him untouchable and get your work done. In very tough times of global instability, USA as a so called designer of the new world order, needed a reliable stooge in an important geographically placed nation, Pakistan.

Keeping the ‘ride on the neck of the threat’ strategy, by penetrating into Afghanistan and Pakistan, is the biggest achievement of USA to become a sole sustaining power against future threats to USA, i.e. Russia, China, India, Iran and even a Muslim nuclear state Pakistan.

The USA, through General Musharaf, has done the same thing. Initially, Musharraf was seemingly a tough kid to become a stooge but then due to his fascination with power, he made few notable criminal mistakes. And to cloak the mistakes, to get a clean getaway, he agreed to replace himself by Zardari (already a selected stooge by USA after eliminating Benazir Bhutto by design).

Having a two decade history of world’s biggest proven corruption cases, the husband of a world accredited leader and the nation’s biggest political party having deep roots in people and having a legacy of four decades, Zardari was the favorite choice. Show him the money and power potency, Zardari will do the utmost without question. A carefully thought out plan, well played and achieved, bulls eye hit.

Till now they are ignoring, may be for the time being, till major benefits are achieved, a person not faithful to his nation cannot be a faithful to other’s interests. Americans know this by heart and they are vigilant but they also know Zardari, by no means, can leave his hard earned money and turn his faithfulness towards Pakistan any more.

In last two years, on every government toppling movement or instable situation, the USA kept a mysterious silence, observed the situation and then commented unbiased. After each crisis, they favored the democracy with dignity rather than the government or a particular personality.

The USA will keep on needing a stooge as long as it takes on the ability of the stooge to stay on the hot seat and to keep the design working for him and for the external forces. This is a bilateral relationship between these two elements and now that relationship is bound to be followed and protected by the entire PPP as long as they keep on accepting Zardari as their head.

The biggest threat for loyals of true PPP is now that the legacy of some great international leaders like Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto and Benazir Bhutto is in sharp contrast with the corrupt legacy of Asif Ali Zardari. Pakistani court judgements can be termed biased but one single foreign court verdict could render the whole PPP legacy into dust. The true threat is over the legacy; either to continue it with Zardari’s name or to get rid of him from the party stakes and keep the mythical legacy of real Bhuttos intact.

The PPP loyalists are in true dilemma. Accepting Zardari within the party is a political suicide as his vile fame in the world (not in Pakistan only) is contaminating the long standing, very real sacrifices of Pakistan’s largest political party and its credibility. Throwing out Zardari from the party will render the fact in front of the world that PPP was and is headed by world’s most corrupt people, and that their loyals were trying to deceive the public at large by putting veils over the corruption of their leaders, ministers and close cronies.

So it is a dilemma or a bone within the throat of PPP loyalists that can not be swallowed or thrown out. It is always advisable to stay on the right side as the truth always prevails. Other than that is a suicide by default and will be no body’s fault. PPP loyals have no choice but to accept Zardari and his entourage as it is. Otherwise not accepting Zaradri could be as lethal as annihilation of PPP politics itself from the face of this country.

PPP has got deep roots in poor and we can not let that happen, and we will keep on accepting Zardari till death. By becoming President of Pakistan, he made a big blunder and is and will remain a sitting duck for ever in front of all media, critics, whether we like it or not. Some media outlets will cash it wholly and others occasionally as and when issues of Zardari’s corruption pop up. This is called credibility deficit.



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