An insight into Hizb ut-Tahrir’s theological and political agenda

Contributed by: Sajjad Hussain

The Hizbu ut-Tahrir’s strategy can be divided into four stages:

1. Ideology
2. Development of a “rigid theological” personality
3. Progression toward a theo-political state
4. March towards the “whole earth”

The theme and nucleolus of this organization is the following Quranic verse: ‘La hukmo Illa lillah’ (translation: no rule but Allah). The (mis)interpretation of this verse serves as a life line for Hizb ut-Tahrir. The (mis)interpreations consists of many layers or parts as Syed Maudoodi said:

Part 1: “Islam wishes to destroy all states and governments any where on the face of earth which are opposed to its ideology. The aim of Islam is to set up a state on the basis of its own ideology and program, regardless of which nation assume the role of the standard bearers of Islam, or the rule of which nation is undermined in the process of establishment of an ideological Islamic State. The objective of the Islamic Jehad is to eliminate the rule of an un-Islamic system and establish in its stead an Islamic system of state rule. Islam does not intend to confine its revolution to a single state or a few countries; the aim is to bring about a universal revolution”

This is the first part of this ideology which is not as simple as it might appear. This is a declaration of war against all the non Muslim states and also Muslims states which are following an un-Islamic system according to their perception. Over the face of the earth, there is no true Muslim state (in their words) and hence it must be converted to a true Islamic state at any cost

Part 2: Second part of this ideology is that all “Muslims by faith” are not true Muslims since they are implementing man made laws. Since all Muslims, except those who agree with these extremists, are living in a pre-Islam ignorance, so it is obligatory to commence a holy war against such un-believers.

Imam Ibn Taimiya said in his book “ Fataw-i-Kubra”, those who put into practice man made laws instead of the Shariah, are in fact living in a state of jahiliyya, or pre-Islamic pagan ignorance (and thus Ibn Taimiya declared them Kafir or infidel). Consequently jihad against such heretics or apostates was not only allowed, but obligatory.

This is a second part of the Hizb ideology, which gives them free hand to commit violence against innocent mainstream Muslims. This part inspires them and their fellow extremists to use the power, where possible, to employ their self-interpretative Islam as they have done in Saudi Arabia about a century back, or what we are currently observing in Pakistan’s north west regions. In Saudi Arabia, they succeeded with the state power but in Pakistan they are facing an extensive public opposition and army retaliation.

Part 3: In third stage, the Hizb’s strategy is that when you acquire a reliable public support and become enough affirm, unfold your robe; put your ideas in place with extreme swing. Do not tolerate any body who obstructs your ways.

Muhammad bin Abdul Wahhab al Tamimi (1703–1792) declared that those who practice innovation in Islam are Kaffir (infidel). He condemned taqlid (following of Islamic imams such as Abu Hanifa, Jafar Sadiq, Shafei, Malik, Ahmed bin Hambal) saying that taqlid is a blindness which leads the laymen to infidelity. He is hence considered by his followers to be a great revivalist of Islam, and by his opponents as an innovator and heretic.

Muhammad bin Abdul Wahhab advocated that those who practice innovations in Islam are Kafir. Because he gave himself the ultimate right to declare people Kaffar (infidels), Muhammad ibn Abd-al-Wahhab’s followers led an army which occupied Ta’if and Mecca (Makkah). This was followed by massacres of unarmed Muslims (including men, women, and children) and the destruction of many graves and holy sites during 1744-1818. He also considered destroying the house where the Prophet Muhammad (Peace and countless blessings be upon him, his family and companions till the day of final judgment) was born and destroyed Sufi shrines and sacred tombs in Mecca and Medina, including the grave of Prophet Muhammad and his companions.

All the organizations either political (like Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt) or Jamaat–Islami in Pakistan, India and Bangladesh or violent organizations like Taliban in Pakistan, Al–Shabab in Somalia, Jamaa-Al-Islamia in Indonesia are experiencing the same three stage strategy. These organizations are further sub-grouped in propagation wings, political wings and armed wings. They have the capacity to very dynamically change their color like chameleon addressing the circumstances. They are highly committed to their ideology, and never change their strategy, but may slow down or change their path down the road assessing the opposition’s strength.

Development of a “Rigid Theological” personality:
After enrolling a new starter, the first most steps is the “transformation from a natural to a rigid theological personality”. The Hizb oragnizers target the politically non-committed Muslim youngster. They cultivate in the minds of new starter with “revenge and self-worth” against the semi-practical “mainstream Muslims”. They use the “unfair and negative approach of the non–Muslim states toward the Muslim community” to exploit the resentment in the minds of the new starters.

At the same time, they frequently quote Quranic verses and Hadiths to support their narrow mind set but without explaning the background and circumstances, in which the verses or Hadiths have descended. They preach that “All the innovation in Islam are Jahiliah (total ignorance as pre-Islam era), but at the same time claim that (they have) their self– interpretation is only the true Islam. Those who not believe their self – interpretations are called or named Western puppets and hence helper of the “Kufar System”.

The second very effective and common tool to terminate the independent mindset of the new starter is to compare (the most merciful) Allah’s absolute powers with those He bestowed with among his creations. For example, they say “None of them (in his creations) except Allah.” (La elaaha illallah) in his worship, creativity, innovation, Personality, Abilities and all alike. All the Muslims with out any exception strictly believe the same but mainstream Muslims think that we are not in a position to judge the most merciful Allah if He bestowed any body [such as His messengers, Ashab–e–Kahf and Bader, Holy Mother of the Christ (Blessings of God be upon her), Balam Baoor, Hazrat Khezar (Blessings of God be upon him), Tabot–e– Sakeenah] with some extra-ordinary powers or miracles. However, Hizb recruiters declare all scuh Muslims as infidels and mushrik (polytheists).

This self-worth leads them to a very inflexible and rigid personality. At that stage of mind they devote themselves as saviour of the (self – interpretational) Islam either by preaching and propagating or by gun and groan. They perceive themselves the “sole bid winner” of the propagation and implementation of Islam over the face of earth and advocate their strategy with out any geographic, demographic or political limitations. These “daughter cells” soon multiply and develop their colonies, where they find optimum circumstances like Saudi Arabia, and some other Arab States or the undeveloped areas of North western Pakistan and Afghanistan. Their colony may include a (cerebral) progeny of single cell or thousands of cells that originally interconnected with each other based on the morphology of their organism (Self–interpretational Islam), although they may vary in shapes, cultures, activism and sharpness.

Progression toward a theo-political state:
In the presence of considerable theological inspiration, continual encouragements from their religious leaders, constant geo–political conflicts such as in Palestine and Kashmir, poor and corrupted administrators in their native countries, poverty, illiteracy and unemployment provide the Hizb with a very fertile and progressive environment to exploit the “common man” with attractive slogans and imagination of super natural dreams. Above lined material is more than enough to get attentions of the all segments of society.

The above blended recipe could cater to all type of taste buds, when it is poured with an element of “resentment, vengeance and hate”. This is the Formative Period during which they mobilize the discontents of the society in which the ideology help them to convent the people toward their common grievances. We can further subgroup the formative period into three branches:

• Emotional progression
• Cerebral progression
• Political progression

All three elements of a progression are prevalent in a potential Hizb target society such as Pakistan or even world-wide. They club all these three elements under a single name like Hizb u-Tahrir or Muslim Brotherhood and mobilize the unhappy segment of the society to join them. They use their basic ideology to justify the obligation of their will as a political strategy and radical theory being a chief motivator or central cause for their cerebral progression. Where as they very critically and actionably use “Sad Incidents” for their emotional progression to marginally sharpening the “Public Resentment” to reinforce their claim of grievance. These theo – political groups with well organized structure, well defined goal, clear ideology and having central command are far more dangerous than semi – disciplined, unconstrained and freelance violent groups. Since they have free public availability and very easy access to the multipurpose latest technology like Public or social media, internet, cell phone and all alike.

They develop the gradual thoughts to their members that since we are the sweetheart “True Muslims”, therefore Allah (the most merciful) with us and rest of the all the Non – Muslims and their Muslims allied are in the state of war against the God, Whereas the common Muslim is Ignorant, since he has departed from the (according to their self interpretation) “Muslim Truism”.

They propagate violently that they are striving for Islam and their ideas present true Islam. They never fail to quote the Qur’anic verses, Hadiths and opinions of their favorite Muslim scholars, giving the impression that their ideas founded on pure Islam. They continually use the “Religious Rulings” of their cerebral leaders and never hesitate to claim its opinion for the “Whole Muslim Ummah”. Their struggle based on such ideas “The Caliphate is the only way to change the current fate of the Muslims, Muslims should be in constant war against non Muslims until they obtain glory of Islam. Muslims are obligated to re-establish the Caliphate, struggle for that is martyrdom and the ultimate way is to sacrifice for Islam and Allah (the most merciful) will not neglect one who strives for glory of His religion. Submission and allegiance is to Allah (the most merciful) alone and supremacy of Islam above all. (Key consideration in counter ideological work against terrorist ideology by Muhammad Hanif bin Hasan, page 533)

They are of the view that the existing dominant ruling systems and cultural changes are due to the corrupted western and non Islamic ways, therefore fatal to the proper practice of faith and true Islam. The ruling elite classes of Muslim countries are religiously orphans and western puppets. Hence to be true and faithful servant of Allah (the most merciful) one has to reject it totally and committed oneself to fight against it ideologically or violently. They oppose the long term co – existence and harmony with other (of different in opinion) Muslims and neighboring non Muslim nations, except the total imposition of their interpretation of Islam and those who would likely to live, have to accept their terms and conditions.

They believe that the” center of gravity” of their ideology is not any personality or individual. The individuals who prove their unbroken faith and loyalty to their ideology will be offered a right to lead the state. Comparing his advancement and commitment to impose the ideology, it could be replaced or demoted from the ruling position, if found unsatisfactory performance, since the ideology would be the most powerful pillar of the potential state and it will never die or divorced.

But remember, the magnetic bond is their ideology, which could not be killed, vanished or destroyed. It constantly stimulates them to win the public support and sympathy against their rivals. Unfortunately we all are their rivals and possible victims. Their dream to conquer the “Land Piece” is not limited, since according to their definition, “ all the earth is of God and God sublet His power to them to occupy and establish the glory of His religion” therefore with out their ruling and decisive power they can not impose their ideology. Where they beheaded the people on the name of Islam, where they encaged the 50% women population like monkeys, where they destroyed the human historical and artistically landmarks. Where they rape and loot the rival’s unarmed, innocent and un-disruptive population. Where they execute the offenders in the city’s roundabouts. Where they hang the bodies of brutally killed or died leaders of the rival societies. Where they nationalize the public property for self interest in the name of Sharia. Where they lash the people having no (navel long) beards and not to uprooted the moustaches ignoring and ruling out the principle of the Middle Way (Serat–ul-Wostaa). Where they accounted, man handle and lash a teenager in the Chock of city for going out with his father in law. Where they can ban female education and promote child marriages. Where all news casters will be male but still the viewer will see their back, since photo is forbidden in their definitions. Where driving license, businesses, and other social and human activities forbidden for women and they will serve as “Baby Production Machines”. No political doctrine will be allowed except the ruling regime. When they establish their dream state, they will not stop there, since it is one of the milestones down the road in their way.

March over the “whole Earth”
Secondly they will search, chain and activate their regional affiliates. Draw up a key map of their important ideas, which will provide them the “Belief System” having a comprehensive accommodation of their basic ideology. Then they will establish a “Command and Control System” to monitor and assist the affiliates in the target countries. They furnished their new objectives and goals considering their past but successful strategy. It may take many years but since the ideology is there as a chief stimulator, nothing to worry about.

Now they have a state as a central hub to funding, to propagate and to distribute their ideas. They will extensively use the “Power of latest Communication Technology” to distribute their ideology and to challenge the stability of the regional countries same as the Saudi Arabia have done in the recent past. They promote the ideologically interlinked organizations, individuals and “Community Centers” with billions of petrodollars to spread their Theo – Political regime in the regional countries.

These regional affiliates will motivate the general public against the Government, blaming it for each and every unusual and wildly publicizing the social evils. The do this as a well effective propagation tool to blow up the vagarious and discontented segments of the public. They will gain gradually public sympathy and attention, calming their authentic struggle for change. As a result unease, agitation, violence and disturbance will erupt. Innocent people will pay their lives and property. General population will be scrutinized, and suffer heavy losses and scamps.

The Salvation Army from a neighbouring True Islamic country will mount and conquer the state and set the glory of (the most peaceful religion) Islam. This will continue till the last state over this planet (and possibly in other galaxies) is subjugated under the Islamic Caliphate.



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