Shah Mahmood Qureshi – the man for all seasons









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Let us look at the positives of Shah Mahmood Qureshi’s decision to resign from his position as a MNA on a PPP ticket and subsequently the party. He has done the honorable thing unlike the proverbial lotas of resigning and then to seek reelection. He has also given hope to a number of those who want the PPP government to be removed at all costs. These include the PML-N and Imran Khan who would love to use this opportunity to bash the PPP.

But in his charge-sheet against his party for the last two decades, he has said all that which the opposition and their media backers  have been saying: Corruption and Bad Governance. Off course, there are not many questions to be asked from Shah Mahmood Qureshi as he is a seasoned politician and will have a response for everything. There is just one: Why everything after you were not given the position of Foreign Minister in the cabinet reshuffle on 10th February, 2011? Off course, his ghairat woke up and he has become part of the august company of real PPP walas who have been disgruntled  by the “Zardari League”.

Some questions that one can ask but not ever get a response from Shah Mahmood Qureshi about his hypocrisy are:

  • He criticizes President Zardari on Raymond Davis Issue but is silent on the NRO given to Davis by his real bosses, the ISI! Why all the silence here?

One last question, Qureshi sahab. You had on 1st March, 2011 in Multan said “I am not Leghari”. Can we know exactly what you are planning to do?



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