Mirza Jee Mantra

I was worried about a person in PPP who wanted to get fame in the politics of Pakistan by taking ethnic and sectarian lines. Some people enjoyed Mira jee’s demagogues against Urdu speaking migrants from India and the MQM a leading urban party in Karachi. He initiated to talk against Supreme Court of Pakistan then he had threatened PML (N) and his private goons burned PML (N)’s offices in Karachi. MQM remained as his better ally in Karachi during first three years while he was Interior Minister Sindh.

There were two broader perceptions some of my friends said that Mirza Jee was playing Zardari’s game to bring MQM down for balanced negotiations and many of friend were of the view that Mirza Jee was playing Kiyani’s game to bring Zardari down for balanced negotiations to settle ISI-CIA rattle. Really my friends had confused me a lot. But fortunately I had an opportunity to visit Badin district in Sindh which is actually originally PPP’s constituency but now it is adopted as Mira Jee’s family constituency.

Some people told me that Mirza was not local from Badin but he came in Badin in early 1990s and hired some rooms in a Hotel for his businesses and politics. He invested in a sugar mills industry and purchased agricultural land there. He was welcomed by local people because he posed himself as Zardari’s close friend. He contested elections as PPP candidate in 1993 and won elections. After fall of the PPP government PML (N) launched an operation against PPP top leaders. Many PPP leaders were arrested or self exiled but Miraz Jee was in hiding in his farm house near Badin town. He contested election in 1997 and won elections he contested elections as MPA on PPP ticket in 2008 and won. During 1990 to 2011 in his political career he was never arrested, attacked, injured….etc but he became successful to come out of Hotel rooms and invested lot in a number of farm houses over murbas of land with swimming and hunting lakes, multiple type of zoos, especial horses, vehicles etc.

It is fact that Mirza Jee is not corrupt and there is no doubt that he had saved a lot from his salary as MPA, MNA and from his father’s pension to invest in his businesses. However people of Badin welcomed him as devoted PPP’s firefighter and senior PPP leadership withdrawn in his favour and accepted him as a young entrusted leader. Yes he proved his enthusiastic relations with PPP and helped a PPP’s senior member and opposed his wife’s brother as an independent candidate. PPP’s senior member won the seat and his wife’s brother lost elections 1997.

Ok I don’t need to go in depth. People of his constituency are well known about his background, corruption, violent behavoiur and his relations with establishment. People of Badin never followed feudal, Pirs but PPP and Bhuttoism. Pir Aali Shah was well followed Pir of the district but his followers even not vote for him but hey voted for Z A Bhutto in 1970’s elections.

Everyone loves PPP’s negotiation policy on national and international level but I don’t think that PPP should confuse its voters. There is history of good and bad Gadaars (traitors) from Khahar to Mumtaz Bhutto, Laghari to Nahid Khan. Mumtaz Bhutto misbehaved PPP federal culture and talked against Urdu migrants and he became “Dahaysar” a person with ten heads etc and Mirza Jee is being labeled as Sher Sindh or Loin of Sindh. Yes he can be Sher Sindh because he served as forest minister and he have a few loins in his farm houses. Sher and Dahaysar Sindh will be good armature and icons for anti-PPP media and FCS but those good Gaddars will be hero of voters. A bad traitor with “ten heads” could not win seat against PPP since he broken party line. Shah Mahmood Qureshi being senior politician and big pir (saint) with a good number of followers is now waiting to join his junior politician a cricket caption Imran. Actually Mr. Qureshi must remind Mr. Khan Govinda’s statement who said that
“Changing professions was very difficult. I won’t call politics a dirty game, but it is not an easy game either. I was sad when I couldn’t match up with the talent in the political world. I realised that I should focus on what gave me name and fame, something that had changed my life – acting,” ,

Shah Mahmood Qureshi is waiting to join Pakistani Govinda Mr. Khan but people and PPP voters in Badin are still confused that Mirza is good or bad Gaddar (traitor)? People wish to know from PPP’s leadership that why Mirza Jee is interested to hunt PPP tickets for his son and why not for else senior and local PPP member. Mirza himself is a migrant in Badin he don’t know that a number his voters are Kuchhis many of them had migrated to Sindh in 1947. People of Badin are jiyalas and true lovers of Bhuttoism they will never use violent and vituperative language against him which he used against Indian migrants. Mirza Jee is damaging PPP’s federal entity and he want to ethno-nationalist but people Badin certainly will decide if PPP will issue ticket to a local senior worker to contest against good or bad Gaddar Mirza Jee family candidate most probably supported by Imran Khan, Falah Insayniat Trust (A Terrorists’ Trust), ISI and its media and Sharifs’. Let PPP allow Mirza Jee to carry Sharif’s on his healthy, wealthy and violent shoulders or PPP leadership teach him party disciplines.



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